Rachel Barlaam

Rachel Barlaam


Rachel Barlaam is a 19 year old pop singer-songwriter with a self-taught piano style and a contagious sound. She combines catchy melodies, soulful lyrics, and powerful vocals to create honest music about life experiences. Her music is relatable, personal, and leaves an audience asking for more.


Rachel Barlaam is a 19 year old pop singer-songwriter from Fairfield, CT. Currently she is a junior at the University of Maryland, where her primary major is theatre. She composed and self-released her first EP in 2011 titled “Journey of Healing,” and recently finished recording her latest single “Let My Heart Go.” Artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Vanessa Carlton have heavily influenced her music.

Rachel began playing piano at a young age, but quit soon after to teach herself how to play by ear. As a result, she has self-taught her own unique style of piano playing, and uses her intricate melodies as the basis for all the songs she creates.

Rachel has been writing music since the incredible age of 6 years old. When she was only in first grade she entered her musical composition into the “Reflections Programs” competition and ended up winning first place in her state with a song titled “Sunshine.” As Rachel grew, she focused her song writing on personal experiences such as friendship drama, intimate relationships, and even her mother’s battle of cancer.

Her first EP “Journey of Healing” contains five songs hand selected songs from Rachel’s repertoire. This CD was recorded with a live band. After her album was finished, Rachel created websites both on bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com. That same summer, Rachel created her YouTube page where she performed a few covers of current artists such as Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. During the summer of 2012 Rachel recorded her newest song “Let My Heart Go,” which can now be purchased on iTunes. The instrumentals on this track feature a well-crafted combination of various string instruments that combine with piano to create an unforgettable melody.

Throughout the year, aside from being a full-time student, Rachel finds the time to perform at coffee houses set up by the UMD Art Scholars Program that she is enrolled in. Last year she began to get more recognition around campus and was featured in the University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper “The Diamondback.” Rachel’s passion for performance also extends to musical theatre. In the fall of 2011 she performed the roles of Mrs. Cohen, Maureen’s understudy, and ensemble in University of Maryland’s main stage production of RENT directed by Alan Mingo.

Ultimately Rachel’s goal is to keep writing and growing as an artist. She has a handful of songs that she has yet to record or produce. Her music aims to combine piano and pop with soulful lyrics that can be seen on iTunes’ top 100. Through her song writing, Rachel will prove that pop songs can be catchy and fun, but at the same time meaningful and heartfelt.


Let My Heart Go

Written By: Rachel Barlaam

Verse 1:
You had me good, maybe I miss understood
I thought I could decode all your signs
You seemed so real, which was your appeal
I began to feel our two hearts align

It seemed from the start you wanted to know me for me
But you can’t force things that aren’t meant to be
And it’s hard to love in a world that is falling

Oh you have led me on to this
Boy you put on quite a show
Since the moment that we kissed
I’ve been facing low blows
If you wanted me to be yours
That is what I’ll never know
But I don’t want to close these doors
So I’ll let my heart go, my heart go, my heart go this time

Yeah X3

Verse 2:
I’ve come to terms, with all that I’ve learned
You quickly turned on me and you left.
Was it something I said, or was this all in my head?
All our time spent I’ve now second guessed

You put in the time to know me as more than a friend
But I guess all good things come to an end
And it’s hard to move in a world that is stalling


Yeah X3

Now I’ll try to conceal my heart ache but letting me go was the biggest mistake
Goodluck finding your way in a world that is fake all the time

Yeah X3