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"An Artist Worth the Journey"

For the past few years, I have had the privilege to become good friends with a fantastic artist. Rachel Barlaam took my breath away the first time I heard her voice; and she has done nothing but amaze me since then. What made me love her even more was the fact that she has such a beautiful, humble, and comedic spirit. I always knew Rachel could sing, but it was when I found her online album that I realized she was destined to be a star.

Journey of Healing is one of few EPs I’ve listened to that have left me begging for more. Rachel takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions–bringing you from happy and carefree, to contemplative and inspired. Her vocal stylings exude a soulfulness that is comparable to Joss Stone, while her melodies and lyrics remind you of a more talented Taylor Swift. I’m in love with her tracks “Single Me” and “Jane,” but all her songs are worth the listen. Each tune showcases the diverse scope of Rachel’s talent. All I have to say is look out for this girl because she’s going to take the world by storm. - IamPRyan :: Uncensored Thought, Unadulterated Truth.

"Singing her heart out"

Students from the Beverly Lambert Studio in Fairfield, Conn., have starred on Broadway, Gossip Girl and iCarly. Lambert, a Juilliard graduate, has sung on Broadway herself, as well as in Carnegie Hall. She rarely takes on students who haven't reached high school, preferring to let their voices mature before she puts on the finishing touches.
But for Rachel Barlaam, she made an exception.
"She was one of those rare 12-year-olds that was very focused, and I could tell she was very talented," Lambert said. "The minute I heard her, I said, ‘Yes, I want her.'"
Thanks in part to Lambert's tutelage, Barlaam, now a sophomore theater major, released her first EP, Journey of Healing, in October. She has yet to send the pop record to major labels but has posted the songs — all written by her — on music websites such as ReverbNation and Bandcamp.
Barlaam started writing songs in elementary school. She still has tape recordings from that time, of her and her friends singing "the most random stuff."
"I have a whole old notebook of old lyrics and songs I used to write, about topics that I couldn't even understand," Barlaam said. "It was hilarious."
Now most of Barlaam's subject matter is more relevant to her age — break-up angst, friendship — but one song, "Sing the Cure," deviates from the norm. It was suggested by her father but inspired by her mom. Barlaam, who plays by ear, was working on a song and playing the piano when her dad, Brian, came into the room.
"You know, I just had a thought," he said. "Why don't you try writing a song that's not about boys or a break-up or friends and why don't you try writing a song that has more of an impact, that everyone can relate to?"
She had just finished composing a melody but hadn't thought of the corresponding lyrics, as is her usual writing process. It was the perfect time to take her father's words to heart and dedicate that tune to the cause she cared most about: Cancer, the disease her mother, Linda, had battled and survived.
"So the whole song is about what if you could cure cancer or a disease through music," Barlaam said. "‘We'd create the hospital of instruments — pianos and guitars,'" and then the chorus is, ‘I'd be sure to sing the cure for you.'"
It's Linda Barlaam's favorite song on her daughter's EP. "Not because of my situation," she said. "It's just a beautiful song, and so many people are affected by cancer so it's a beautiful song in general for all cancer patients."
Barlaam's family and friends have been heavily involved with her EP in other ways: Her sister Diana, 17, sings background vocals; family friend David Coe plays guitar; and his son Zac, a sophomore at Colgate University, plays drums and percussion.
This recording was not Barlaam's first: Dennis Quinn, Lambert's husband and a longtime DJ at New York City FM Radio, had already recorded Barlaam in his studio a few years earlier after hearing her perform at one of his wife's recitals. He was doing the announcing and had never heard Barlaam sing before.
His reaction to his wife: "Oh my god, she's amazing." His reaction to Barlaam: "Can I record you?"
It was just Barlaam's voice and the piano, but it helped the team choose what songs to put on her real EP. Lambert said she laid down tracks in single takes and didn't think anything of it.
"We encouraged her to do something constructive with her songs as opposed to them just sitting in a binder in her room," Linda Barlaam said. "Time will tell if anything comes of it, but we will support her in any way we can."
- The Diamondback


Still working on that hot first release.



Rachel Barlaam is a 19 year old pop singer-songwriter from Fairfield, CT. Currently she is a junior at the University of Maryland, where her primary major is theatre. She composed and self-released her first EP in 2011 titled “Journey of Healing,” and recently finished recording her latest single “Let My Heart Go.” Artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Vanessa Carlton have heavily influenced her music.

Rachel began playing piano at a young age, but quit soon after to teach herself how to play by ear. As a result, she has self-taught her own unique style of piano playing, and uses her intricate melodies as the basis for all the songs she creates.

Rachel has been writing music since the incredible age of 6 years old. When she was only in first grade she entered her musical composition into the “Reflections Programs” competition and ended up winning first place in her state with a song titled “Sunshine.” As Rachel grew, she focused her song writing on personal experiences such as friendship drama, intimate relationships, and even her mother’s battle of cancer.

Her first EP “Journey of Healing” contains five songs hand selected songs from Rachel’s repertoire. This CD was recorded with a live band. After her album was finished, Rachel created websites both on bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com. That same summer, Rachel created her YouTube page where she performed a few covers of current artists such as Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. During the summer of 2012 Rachel recorded her newest song “Let My Heart Go,” which can now be purchased on iTunes. The instrumentals on this track feature a well-crafted combination of various string instruments that combine with piano to create an unforgettable melody.

Throughout the year, aside from being a full-time student, Rachel finds the time to perform at coffee houses set up by the UMD Art Scholars Program that she is enrolled in. Last year she began to get more recognition around campus and was featured in the University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper “The Diamondback.” Rachel’s passion for performance also extends to musical theatre. In the fall of 2011 she performed the roles of Mrs. Cohen, Maureen’s understudy, and ensemble in University of Maryland’s main stage production of RENT directed by Alan Mingo.

Ultimately Rachel’s goal is to keep writing and growing as an artist. She has a handful of songs that she has yet to record or produce. Her music aims to combine piano and pop with soulful lyrics that can be seen on iTunes’ top 100. Through her song writing, Rachel will prove that pop songs can be catchy and fun, but at the same time meaningful and heartfelt.