Rachel Black

Rachel Black


Rachel has a big beautiful voice that goes along with her energetic, fun personality. Her music is a soothing blend of urban flavors including R&B, hip hop and gospel. She has opened for many National artists including Dave Hollister, Bow Wow, and many others.


Growing up with a opera singer for a mother Rachel has studied classical music all her life along with soul music. Rachel counts Chaka Khan, the Emotions, Stevie Wonder, and Prince as her main musical influences. Her influences can be heard in her sound. A combination of old school Chakka and new school Alicia Keys. Along with the voice, Rachel's songwriting abilities and impressive 4 octave vocal range make her a can't miss talent. When she performs, it doesn't matter what the age, the audience is touched by her voice, her soul, as well as her beauty.



Written By: Rachel Black

Verse 1
I lit a candle
waitin for you to get home
got your dinner ready and a little somethin' MORE
thinkin bout the things we said
its swirlin' round in my head
we can always do better and give a little MORE

Let's go back to how it used to be when all that mattered was you and me

I wanna give ya MORE
I need to give you MORE
so much MORE

Mercedes Boy

Written By: Rachel Black, Therian Johnson

Verse 1
I was mindin my own business when he rolled up on me
revvin his V-8, 64 candy Chevy
He tried to wink
blew me a kiss
I rolled up the glass(he could only wish)
Then I looked around
pushhed the petal down
got my sprees spinnin round and round

321 baby let's ride
till the wheels fall off, allright
turn up the bass
let the wind hit my face
don't wake me I'm dreamin'

Do you wann ride in my mercedes boy
tell me what you wanna do
wit me
if you wanna ride in my mercedes boy
there are so many things that I wanna do to you


Rachel will be releasing a maxi single this spring on her own Indie Label, The Black Label. Airplay by the Minneapolis and Chicago area radio has already been promised. Three of five tracks on the maxi single can be listened to by clicking on the audio field. The first song, "Mercedes Boy", is a remake of the late 80's Pebbles hit of the same name. Instead of the original verses Rachel flips the script into a modern day street race between Her 600 Benz and His 68' Chevy, flirting back and forth. The second song, "Keep on Pushin", is a testominal song where she encourages you to "Keep on pushin' on /gotta keep goin' strong /I won't tell you wrong/ believe me that my word is bond". The last song, "More", is a promise to her mate that she'll give him "more". MORE meaning more of her time, more of her love, more of her everything because when it seems like they're fading away she sings"lets go back to how it used to be/when all that mattered was you and me". Please take a listen to each of the songs and...guaranteed you'll be wantin MORE!

Set List

Her typical set list would include:
More, Mercedes Boy, Keep on, Dance with me, Changed, Where do we stand?
Ribbon in the sky(Stevie Wonder), Sweet thang(Chakka Khan),and Best of my love(Emotions)
Her sets can be any where from five min. to 45 mins.