Rachel Bockover

Rachel Bockover


"An emotive and multi talented perfomer who has a voice that will send shivers down your spine" (Ginger Murray)SF.
Rachel is a signifigant new voice in music.


Rachel Bockover
Singer-Songwriter, Performing/Recording Musician

Rachel Bockover is a young singer-songwriter with a unique and influential style. The multi-talented singer songwriter, plays several instruments, belly dances, and makes her own music, and art videos for her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/fieonyou78. Already an influential and accomplished alternative-folk performing/recording artist, Rachel is a significant new voice in music.
Music was a constant in Rachel’s family life, given that her father is an audio engineer and composer who played guitar with the late, great Norton Buffalo, and her folksinger mother raised the children with song. With such a musical family tradition, Rachel’s creative talent was always encouraged. At age 13, she began playing piano and guitar in earnest, and writing her own songs, as well as developing as a dancer and performer.
At 16, Rachel stepped out as a singer-songwriter, she continued to write and went on to perform at larger events, including the popular Strawberry Music Festival and the annual Harmony Festival, the most well attended annual arts event in Sonoma County.
Rachel writes introspective, soulful ballads incorporating her unique vocal melodies, along with ethnic rhythms and modern semi-acoustic musical styles. Her style is best described as alternative-folk with alt-rock, Native American ceremonial music, world, Goth-folk, and Celtic elements.
Rachel is currently in the studio finishing her first full length studio album. With an original and compelling style, Rachel Bockover is an artist with a contemporary story to tell and a stark, modern, original sound with subtle ethnic and spiritual touches.


A shot In The Darkness 2006

My Evil Twin 2010

Set List

Covers include
Working Class Hero (John Lennon)
Hide your Love Away (Beatles)
Norweigen Wood (Beatles)
Where Do The Children Play(Cat Stevens)
John Riley (traditional English Folk Song)
House Carpenter( American Traditional)
East Virginia (Folk traditional)
Silver Dagger (American Traditional)
Copper Kettle (Albert Frank Beddoe)

Rachel Also performs many origional songs. She tailors her sets to reflect the time limits and theme/mood of each show.