Rachel Brett

Rachel Brett

 Los Angeles, California, USA

I'm a 16 year old singer songwriter who writes all my original music and plays acoustic guitar on each song. My music has been described as "Taylor Swift meets Avril Lavigne"


Rachel was born in Missouri but has lived in several states and cities large and small from Washington DC to small town Mississippi. Her music has always been a way for her to connect with people where ever she lived. She has been writing poems and songs since she was fourÂ….seriously!! She has notebooks full of the songs she has written over the past ten years. She recently recorded her first EP of
all original music at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tn. She
played guitar on every song.

Rachel has performed for the last six years with several musical groups in Branson Missouri at venues including Silver Dollar City, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, and Dick Clark's Area 57. She won two Gold Medals for Country and Pop Solos at the American Kids National Finals in Branson.

Rachel is now pursuing her solo career with performances across the Midwest including Six Flags Great America
in Chicago; CMA Week showcase at the Limelight in
Nashville Tn. and the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi Beach.

Rachel recently moved to the West Coast and has performed at several venues. She won Best Performance at a Hollywood showcase for the West Coast Songwriters.
She has just been nominated for the Pop Single of the
year by the Hollywood Music in Media Association.



Written By: Rachel Brett

I always knew that consequences were part of everything
Whether good or bad I thought I could handle anything
But this hurts more than you know
I guess I'll never really let you go

My memory is crystal clear, I remember when you were right here
Tellin' me you're all that I need, why couldn't I ever see

That you're a liar, a liar, liar
You're a liar, a liar, liar

You acted like you were the one that could never be denied
I put up with everything, including your lies
Shouldn't have been stupid but, what can I say
What do you say to someone that lies to your face

Pre-Chorus, Chorus

Go on and turn around, I don't wanna hear a sound
You're capable of hurting, the one person who kept believing
Every alibi, and every lost goodbye, every fake cry
You're just a liar

Pre-Chorus, Chorus


Self-Titled EP, Rachel Brett