Rachel E. Hackett

Rachel E. Hackett


Rachel E. Hackett's acoustic guitar-driven songwriting blends moving music with introspective, insightful, and often humorous lyrics, drawing listeners into the strange and wonderful world of her thoughts.


Rachel was born and raised in Portland, Maine, and now resides in Washington, DC. Her lyrics are often informed by her childhood spent at the oceanside, and by her enjoyment of the natural landscape. Simultaneously, Rachel loves to examine and critique inter-personal, social and political landscapes, portraying a unique and unapologetic perspective. Musically her work is influenced by contemporary folk artists including Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, and Dar Williams, though her music also has hints of blues, country, and rock 'n' roll. In addition to writing all of her own songs, Rachel enjoys setting the poetry of others; two of her most popular settings are of poems written by Sylvia Plath and e.e. cummings.


"All Too Clear"

Written By: Rachel E. Hackett

If you knew how long she'd been waiting
Each day was an ocean liner, headed for somewhere far
And the body that she loved was aching
To jump ship and swim to shore, where the waves crash and roar,
And she's satisfied.

But the water said, stay at the rail,
I feel safer with you there, sing as though you had no cares,
For I don't feel like letting you dive into me today,
The moon don't affect me, there's no tide, no beginning,
And no end in sight.

She smiled so hard
That her eyes disappeared
And when she looked into the mirror
She saw everything that she had feared.
She tried to ask herself how did I get here
But she knew it was all too clear,
And she was tired of explaining and blaming,
And fighting the urge to just forget about what lay beyond
The ocean.

She wonders, what is the goal here?
Is it to unfurul my sails, work hard and get there, or,
Is it to find the perfect fuel,
To keep my motor running full blast, so I can sit back,
And think about the past?

And what does one do with an ocean?
Is it there to be crossed, someone's land found, someone's land lost, or
Is it there to be enjoyed?
Or is such a selfish view the way beauty
Is destroyed?

She smiled so hard
That her mouth disappeared,
And when she sang into the microphone,
She heard everything that she had feared.
She tried to ask herself why, did I come here?
But she knew it was all too clear
And she was tired of thinking, and drinking,
And fighting the urge to turn around and say
I don't like it here.


Before becoming a solo artist, Rachel was a member of Catnip, an acoustic duo that released the CD For the Sky in 2000.
Her first and only solo release to date, All Too Clear, became available in the fall of 2002.

Single on Oasis Acoustic Sampler "Hazy Eyes," from All Too Clear

Set List

Set list: Mostly songs from All Too Clear, with a few from For the Sky and a few new, unreleased works.

Set length: As long as you'll let her play.

Covers: Rachel rarely does covers, though she enjoys playing her original settings of others' poetry. Occasionally she will indulge in a unique version of "House of the Rising Sun" (traditional).