Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson


Female fronted, teen pop rock / pop punk. Very radio friendly, catchy, hooky and uptempo. Similar to Avril Lavigne, All American Rejects, Simple Plan.


Rachel is a 17 year old singer-songwriter living just outside Ottawa, Canada. Although young, she's not exactly a new-comer to the stage having been performing since she was 10. She joined her first band at the age of 14 singing covers of ACDC and Led Zeppelin. Since then, her musical tastes have grown to include a wide variety of styles. Rachel's appreciation of music over different genres has contributed to her development as a vocalist with range, power and depth.
Two years ago she started collaborating over the internet with songwriters and producers in various cities.
A talented up and coming song writer with an instinctive ear for melody and harmonies, Rachel has received honours on garageband.com with four songs named Track of the Day, and both 'Joshua' and 'Never Good Enough' featured as Tracks of the Week.
Rachel is experimenting with different lyrical directions, but strives to write songs that people can relate to, connect with, and have fun to.
Rachel is looking for band mates and collaborators, feel free to drop her line.


You can listen to Rachel's music online at the following sites: