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Rachel Frazer


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Wandering Soul

Written By: Rachel Frazer


Oh, Wandering Soul
Where exactly are you going?
Wandering Soul
Can you hear the Father calling?
Wandering Soul
The Spirit beckons softly
It’s time to come home
Let Christ be your guide
Dear Wandering Soul


I thought I could make it
I thought I could prosper
I thought I could manage it all on my own
I thought I was stronger
I thought I was wiser
I thought I knew more about life than I do


I am lost
I soon learned that I am blind
And I’m reaching out in nothing
I don’t know where I am going
This path is just too wide and vague
I can’t do this on my own


My spirit is wounded and weary and dying
I can’t seem to find you, I’m tired of crying out, Father where are you? It’s time for my wandering soul to come running
I hear you, Sweet Spirit
I know that you’re calling me home