Rachelle Lynn

Rachelle Lynn

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Rachelle's music is bursting at the seams with great hooks and meaningful lyrics. Her musicality is a breath of fresh air and her style is unmistakably her own.


Rachelle Lynn's professional career has been on the rise ever since opening for international superstar Nelly Furtado April 2001 at just 15yrs old. Furtado personally handpicked Rachelle to perform at the McPherson Theatre in their hometown Victoria, BC. Rachelle’s transparency and down-to-earth demeanour won over the audience. The overwhelming applause and standing ovation gave her the courage and affirmation to pursue her musical aspirations and she set a personal goal to one day record her own cd of all original songs.

Since opening for Furtado, Rachelle continued to write prolifically and developed a unique sound that is unmistakably her own. In June 2004, Rachelle performed at an outdoor concert before an audience of tens of thousands in Reykjavik, Iceland. While there, she was filmed for an Icelandic documentary, received radio play and performed an original pop classical piece (Atlantis) for then President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson at his home.

Rachelle has maintained a mentoring friendship with Furtado throughout the years and in 2007 she asked Rachelle to open for her at GM Place for her “Loose” tour. She gave an outstanding solo performance accompanying herself with her keyboard and received a thunderous applause from the audience.

In summer 2008, Rachelle embarked on her longtime goal to record her first full-length album of original songs. She recorded her cd, “Green Lights”, with her band at Bryan Adam’s world-class recording studio, The Warehouse and had it mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Adam Ayan (Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Carrie Underwood etc.) at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine.


Green Lights

Written By: (music & lyrics) Rachelle Lynn

Suppressed fears and bottled tears
Held hostage in this cage for years
Breathe and learn to feel again
Holding in the pain and strife
Tried to tame emotions
I’ve buried so deep inside

I’m done feeding this lie
That I’m not good enough to try
So sick and tired of playing
Endless games of living life like a victim

We don’t have to walk too far to see green lights
If we open up our eyes
We’d see we’ve missed a million signs
Every road a journey that has acted as our guide
(Every road a journey that has brought us here tonight)
Trust your heart, a step of faith
Follow all the green lights

Memories flooding me
The past so vast like the sea
Fears trying to hold me back
Remembering no matter what
Or where I am or might end up
To love myself through all the good and the bad

It’s never easy to let go
It’s all a part of learning to grow
The courage others have shown me
Realize I can stand up on my own

Never Saw It Coming

Written By: (music & lyrics) Rachelle Lynn

Looking back on younger years
I was young and reckless
I thought I had life figured out
Until the day I met you

You were bright so full of light
You seemed to hold the key to life
Though we were nothing alike
I felt so drawn to you

Never saw it coming
Never saw it coming
Suddenly my world
Changed before my eyes
Never saw it coming
Never saw it coming
Suddenly you meant all the world to me

You make me want to be something more than I ever thought I could be
Whenever I'm with you lift me higher you inspire
oh everything you are
There's no one else quite like you that's for sure

Keeping others at arms length
I wasn't very trusting
You helped me open up my heart
And learn to let the love in

I used to feel empty inside
I was always searching
Now that you are in my life
My joy is overflowing

I Love You So

Written By: (music & lyrics) Rachelle Lynn

Standing on the edge of something so steep
I can't see where it leads
But I know how I feel

This freedom tastes so good its unreal
And I think I know why I feel this way when I'm with you

When my world was crashing down and noone else was around
You were there always to comfort me
You took me by surprise when you held me that cold winter night
So safe in your arms as you let me cry

Oh you know how to hold me you know how to love me
Oh you know how to move me you know how to soothe me
I want you to know, I want you to know
I want you to know
I love you so

I was hiding half my heart
Thought no one could love every part
You melted my guard and proved to me
That you just might be the man
Who truly understands
And who loves me and wants me for all I am

This Side of Heaven

Written By: (music & lyrics) Rachelle Lynn

Brilliant light a million stars
Like a child I reach for heaven’s door
I know you’re there
Somewhere out there
World’s apart, feel my heart cry out

This waiting seem to last forever
But the faith I have makes it better
Knowing you will come to take me home

I’m waiting on this side of heaven
Living life the best I can
I’m waiting on this side of heaven
Until I am with you again

Imagining the feel of your touch
Perfect love guiding me to the unknown
No more fear, no more tears
Sweet release freedom fills my soul

This waiting seems to last forever
But the faith I have makes it better
Knowing you will come to take me home

I’m waiting on this side of heaven
Living life the best I can
I’m waiting on this side of heaven
Until I’m with you again
Knowing I don’t have all of the answers
Needing grace day by day
Knowing you’ll come back someday for me
Until that day
Until that day
Until that day
I’ll have to wait

Love Could Find You

Written By: (music & lyrics) Rachelle Lynn

Ran away, tried to prove you could
Control your life
Took it all, leaving everyone you knew behind
Far away, far away gambling and playing with fire
And you dance, and you dance
Dangerously on a delicate wire

When you're down and broken
Laying in the open
Every road has led you
Prepared you for this moment
There's no use in running
Hiding from emotion
'Cause sooner or later

Love could find you
Love could find you
No matter what you've been through
Love could find you

Rolled the dice far too many times
All you've left is pride
And your friends turned their backs on you when your luck ran dry
All alone, all alone
Heart tells you to go home
But your pride, oh your pride
Keeps you dark and makes you blind

You've hit the ground
Hit the bottom the weight has pulled you down
Realize how much you need someone more than ever now
On your knees, on your knees
Pray to God for a second chance
You're desperate, desperate
Get the monkeys off your back


Released her first full length album of originals, "Green Lights"
in December 2010.

Released an EP in 2001, "Live @ the Mac!".
It includes three originals and a cover of "Over the Rainbow". It received airplay on CBC radio.