Rachel Marie

Rachel Marie

 Temple Hills, Maryland, USA

23 y/o female Singer, Songwriter and Producer in love with the creative process...


23 year old Rachel Marie Moore, also known as "lilmaria" or "LM", has been singing and writing almost all her life. She was born and raised in Maryland and parts of Washington DC. Rachel started out singing with her family often at church and in performing arts grade schools. She is a graduate of Jacksonville University with a degree in Music Business.   less



    Written By: Rachel Moore

    (Verse 1)

    Sitting here thinking bout yesterday

    When you still had my love

    Now it seems so far away

    But you still you still

    Hit me like you got something more to say

    But you words they ain't enough

    What we had in the past is faded, it's faded

    if you want I'll give the truth

    (You meant the world to me..)

    It was fun but now it's through

    (No turning back, back)

    If you want I'll give the truth

    (You meant much more than I let on)

    But its done the blames on you

    (Nothing changes the fact)


    Baby that you

    Broke me, you used me up deceived me, u killed my trust u changed me,

    I'm not the same me welcome to the new me, to the new me

    (Verse 2)

    I guess the old girl that you played was foolish

    She shoulda seen past all your tricks

    But then again let's recall whose losing

    ‘cause baby you still you still

    Paying for mistakes, all the while I’m cooling

    Good luck replacing THIS,

    tell me was it really worth it,

    Tell me was she really worth it

    (Pre Hook)



    Nothing like unexpected heartbreak

    Nothing like good loving going to waste

    Nothing like unexpected heartbreak, heartbreak

    I let you go only for my heart’s sake

    (If you wan't I'll give the truth, truth, truth, truth, now we're done the blames on you, you, you, you)

    (Broke Me, You used me up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up)

    (Welcome to the new me, new me, welcome to the new me, new me)