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Rachel Leigh

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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"Email from audience member"

“I owe you a great deal of thanks for lifting my heart out of the malaise of illness I'm currently suffering; I couldn't have asked for a greater remedy from any doctor. Your song "Waiting in the Streets of Georgia" resonated with me as though you were reading from the very walls of my heart, and nearly moved me to tears.”
~Anonymous Audience Member
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"Tonda Legarde Nashville Photo Shoot"

See link for photo. - Ferenc Ecseki Photography

"Rachel Leigh Performs at REV Coffee"

"Become part of the movement. Rachael Leigh continues her residency at Rev Coffee! Please stop by and check out one of Smyrna’s finest.

Rachel Leigh's ultimate goal is to share her love of music with you. Her soulful sound is a unique balance of emotion, sensuality and individualism with strong lyrics and catchy hooks. She had the opportunity to share this passion with audiences nationally and internationally, having played in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and various locations in Indiana (and soon to be SMYRNA, GA).

For more info on Rachel Leigh, please visit her myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/RachelLeighRocks." - REV Coffee

"Rachel Leigh Waits in the Streets of Georgia"

Last month, I ventured around the hills and dales across the great city of Atlanta into Decatur to hear a budding talent woo the crowd at Eddie's Attic as part of the Open Mic Shootout. Rachel Leigh won top honors for the night. She'll advance to the next level of competition in Open Mic Shootout this Thanksgiving with a chance to win $1,000 and some serious recognition. Tickets for this incredible event on Saturday, November 27 will go on sale Friday, July 31 at 3 PM. These tickets will go like hotcakes. This event is like an "American Idol" for singer-songwriters.

Eddie's Attic has established itself with a 17-year tradition for hosting outstanding songwriting talent. It has been a springboard to national success for artists such as John Mayer, Sugarland, Michelle Malone and many others. Perhaps the young artist from Frankton, IN will be among the next to join those ranks of achievers.

At age six, her first piano teacher said that she would never be able to learn piano. She studied Telecommunications and Theater at Ball State in Indiana, but after graduation she headed west to LA and began communicating her dream of finding her wings as a singer-songwriter. Rachel says it's best not to listen to those discouraging negative voices. She played her first solo gig when, as a junior in high school, and suffered a terrible episode of stage fright. Fortunately, her persistence and determination have paid off. In college, her school decided to fund her first music video. Her teacher, Michael O'Hara, Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Ball State, caught wind of her musical skills and provided a big push of supportive encouragement.

Her song writing skills have recently taken a more other-centered approach. At first, her music served as an outlet to vent her emotions, but today Rachel finds herself asking "How can my music make a positive change in peoples lives?" Evidence of this is found strongly in her song "Waiting in the Streets of Georgia," in which she shares her struggle to find her place in a new city. The emotion and power of that sound have been connecting with others too.

Waiting in the Streets of Georgia
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Leigh
Copyright 2009

"Here I am
Waiting in the streets of Georgia
Trying to stand
Nobody will help me up
A crack of thunder
Flash of light
I'm hungry, thirsty
Day and night
I can't go on
While you just pass me by."

Here's a comment from a new fan who encountered a recent performance at REV Coffee.

"I owe you a great deal of thanks for lifting my heart out of the malaise of illness I'm currently suffering; I couldn't have asked for a greater remedy from any doctor. Your song 'Waiting in the Streets of Georgia,' resonated with me as though you were reading from the very walls of my heart, and nearly moved me to tears."

For Rachel, good music is a combination of both heart and soul and produces a story that touches the heart. She also respects those who find the courage to truly be themselves and express their uniqueness. Perhaps that's why she connects with the music scene in Atlanta so well. Rachel comments that Atlanta provides some great venues for an artist to grow and spread their wings. For Atlantans it's about what the music feels like, which means people listen, come to concerts with the attitude that they will listen, receive and accept what they hear compared to LA, where it's what the music looks like and Nashville, where it's what the music sounds like.

The song "All in My Head" holds special significance for Rachel too. When she was living away from home in Los Angeles she began having migraine headaches with stroke-like symptoms that affected her speech and vision. Originally, the doctors thought it might be a tumor and then told her "there's nothing wrong with you, it's all in your head." She grew up in a family that is very much involved in the healthcare field and didn't waste any time seeking help when she first noticed pain, but it seems that no one could help her. She's received more information on the cause of her medical condition today and is starting to take medication to control the symptoms as she seeks the resources for a clear diagnosis.

Rachel has tried out for "American Idol" twice and gained the confidence through that process that she definitely has a place in the music world. Today, she spends her time teaching children and adults piano, performing at concerts, leading worship services and continuing to sharpen her craft. She's not messing around either. Rachel has enlisted the vocal consultation from Jan Smith Studios in Druid Hills. This is where people like Usher, Rob Thomas, Ciara and Diana DeGarmo go for vocal consultation.

As of today, she's written hundreds of songs and is working on an electronic press kit and album; however, it's an expensive endeavor to record, master and produce five songs. This October, she's got a show out in LA and a commitment for several West Coast radio stations to play one of her songs on the air. Rachel is looking for community support to finish production on her latest album to be released this fall. If you are interested in giving financial donations, investment opportunities, production assistance or to book her, please contact 323.449.9409 or rachelleighmusic@gmail.com. - The Rodi Connection


"The End of Me," Full-length CD, 2006
Produced by Eric Fortin
"I Want You to Know," Single, 2007
Produced by Bryan Hall
"Either Way," Single, 2007
Produced by Eric Fortin and Bryan Hall
"All in My Head," Single, 2008
Produced by Sal Oliveri
"All in My Head," Music Video 2008
Produced and directed by Robbie Luttrell
"Waiting in the Streets of Georgia," EP, 2010
Produced by Tim Brantley
"Waiting in the Streets of Georgia," Music Video, 2010
Produced by Rachel Leigh



Everyone has
a story to share.

Soul Songstress Rachel Leigh invites you to become a part of hers.

Growing up in the farmland of Indiana, the classically trained pianist took to songwriting at age 6. Her first piano teacher told her mom that she would never be able to play. Apparently, God thought otherwise.

"By 14, I had written my first real piano/vocal song and got the nerve to perform at my high school variety show. I was probably terrible! Songwriting was thick in my blood and I knew God was calling me to do it...yet I had this fear. Every time I shared this gift with others I had major stage fright." Still, Leigh persisted.

"I just kept doing it (songwriting and performing), facing my fear of playing in front of people, and by my senior year of college I knew that God was calling me to full-time ministry through music."

Leigh has since performed with the likes of Montell Jordan, Tim Brantley and Christian Lewis. She was a part of the Fusion Band worship team at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia until recently moving back to her home state of Indiana. While she has been interviewed by MTV2, Comedy Central and the Style Network and has gotten to perform in cities across the US and overseas her heart's cry is not for riches and fame. Its for something deeper.

"I do what I do because I love people. I want to see a change in people. I want broken hearts restored. I want people to see who they truly are. I want people to get the deep, unfailing love that Christ has for them. I want to share this hope with them. I want to go to the ends of the earth, into the great darkness and and let the light within me shine. I want to take a simple message that our time is extremely valuable and let others know that every moment, every second counts and that it is never too late." Leigh is passionate about creating and building upon a movement of love. She has partnered with Not For Sale fighting to end slavery, serves with her church's adult and youth worship teams and has volunteered her time teaching music to homeless shelter children.

"My true ministry is evangelizing to the lost, abandoned and broken. Music just happens to be the vehicle to bring the change."

Leigh is prepping to begin touring in support of her latest project entitled, “Waiting in the Streets of Georgia." Through these songs she transparently shares her struggles and trials in hopes that others will be touched by the finger of God.

Show List:
B.B. Kings, Universal Studios, CA
Rumba Room, Los Angeles, CA
Sambuca Restaurant, Nashville, TN
12th and Porter, Nashville, TN
Café Coco, Nashville, TN
Blue Bird Café, Nashville, TN
Dunn Brothers Coffee, Nashville, TN
Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA
REV Coffee, Smyrna, GA
Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
Doc’s, Muncie, IN
Hebrew’s Indy, Indianapolis, IN
Season's 52, Indianapolis, IN
Cockpit Theatre, London, England
Victory World Church, Norcross, GA
Muncie Alliance Church, Muncie, IN
White River Christian Church, Noblesville, IN
Healing Waters Church, NC
Other various festivals and locations

Eddie’s Attic Open Mic Winner and Eddie’s Attic Shoot Out Performer
Performed with artists Montell Jordan, Christian Lewis and Tim Brantley
Interviews with MTV2, Comedy Central, Style Network
Opened for the LA Mentoring Coalition Charity Concert
Partner with Not For Sale working to abolish slavery
Performed in cities including London, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville
Worship Leader at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA
Worship Leader at White River Christian Church in Noblesville, IN
Vocal Training with Jeannie Diva and Jan Smith Studios
Top Artist April 2009, Women of Substance Radio