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"Sisterhood of the Song"

Sisterhood of the Song-
Sedacca & Campbell bare wares for Ojai

...Sedacca, an Ojai Resident with a serious DIY approach to her career, will perform at a benefit for Danny Wilson of the Tatters, on Sun. Jan. 13th, at the Ojai Art Center. Her self-described "mountain music" was recently released on the CD "Lucky Like Me".

And lucky she is. Sedacca herded together some of Ventura County's beefiest talent for the recording, including Jonathan Raffetto, with whom she co-produced. A community of musicians- comprised of people like Raffetto, Jonathan McEuen, Orest Balaban, Hippie Mark, Charlie Benton and others is a somewhat rare but vital entity in a musician's life. At 28 and only about five years of songwriting under her belt, many of her colleagues have served as mentors and friends to Sedacca.

It is the same friends who provide necessary texture to Sedacca's compositions. Without them, the songs are good; with them, many of the songs are exceptional. Of course the same could be said about nearly every popular music recording in existence. Virtuosos like Prince, Ani DiFranco or Dave Grohl notwithstanding, most musicians need a little help from their friends, something Sedacca isn't lacking.

When she returned to Ventura County after graduating Humboldt State with a degree in art, she convinced songwriter Lisbet Frey to come along. Later, she persuaded another friend to move to Ojai, not a hard sell really, considering the locale and the saleswoman.

Sedacca covers ground on Lucky Like Me, which begins with an optimistic, folksy approach, goes on to flirt with blues-rock and finishes on a blugrass note. It's a CD that took this writer's repeated listening to be properly appreciated - a good sign.

Sedacca draws on her influences (Bob Dylan whose tune "Forever Young", she covers and Bonnie Raitt), without being derivative. But, it is on the country/bluegrass tracks that she shines - apossible by-product of her deadhead days. Songs like the playful "Sideshow Sam; "Buddy Blue" an ode to a woman's best friend; and the more abstruse "Esmerella".

Unlike the aniquated singer-songwriter stereotype, Sedacca doesn't hide behind her guitar. She's strong, gutsy and independent and quite the go-getter when it comes to marketing herself. The potter cum songwriter recently left her day job as an investment banker to pursue music full-time, a move some would call courageous.

She's not scared though. She bought herself an old schoolbus, named it Louise and plans on taking her act on the road in due time. Meanwhile, she'll tour regionally - she already has a full plate of gigs booked into late February.

Sedacca did not hesitate to take part in the concert, which will help Danny Wilson pay medical bills for skin cancer treatment. It's simply what friends do, and she considers him one of the kindest people she knows. Her participation will move past the stage and into the kitchen where she'll be making lasagna for the event, which goes from 2-7pm. She'll be joined (on stage that is,) byRabbit McKay, Bob Jones, Frankie Fuchs, J. Peter Boles and many others... - Ventura County Star

"Hog Ranch Blog"

Thursday I was back along the coast for a CD taping by fellow Wildflower meadow muffin Rachel Sedacca.

Some of you may have seen or heard Rachel and a group of Ventura/Santa
Barbara musicians on the Breakfast Club the past two festivals. She is an
extremely talented singer-songwriter who would be a wonderful addition to
the main stage at Strawberry.

Zoey's in Ventura is a very small venue and Rachel had Danny Wilson of the
Rincon Ramblers on guitar, missing the expected Mitch Gordon who had come up very ill for the previous few days and was very bummed about missing his spot playing guitar for her taping.

Rachel played so many of her own wonderful compositions, some by her friend Lisbet Frey, and covered Bob Dylan, Steve Goodman and even did possibly the best version of The Wind Crys Mary that I've heard, with Danny Wilson on some purely fine guitar fills. A real treat since this was a live taping
was hearing some tunes more than once...way cool. - Reggie

"CD by Micheal Allison"

Rachel Sedacca is one of those few artists who grabbed my attention as soon as the music started to play. Her country/rock/folk style is very infectious, and has an uniqueness to it that I found refreshing. The music doesn't really fit well into any one genre, but good music really doesn't have to.
I found that listing to this album was pure enjoyment. The lyrics are very well written, and the melodies give the songs that extra stickiness that makes them hard to get out of your head. All in all, this is a great album and one that many folk/acoustic pop fans might find the most enjoyable. It's not often that music like this passes my way, but it's always nice to experience it when it does. - Music Dish

"Lucky Like Me - CD Review"

Every song on this CD is amazing, encompassing wonderful lyrics and great acoustics. Each song possesses its very own life and brings with it a sense of joy to the heart. Music is sung with power, love and all out fun. Another great aspect is the CD cover. Brilliant colors and graphics! Pictures and dedications make you wonder about the life of this talented singer/songwriter. Overall, it's the absolute best CD I've ever put money into=) - CD Baby - Abigail Larson

"Road Songs"

Mix a little country blues with a little roadhouse folk and a background of too many years following Bonnie Raitt and the Grateful Dead around and you’ve got the recipe for Rachel Sedacca, Americana singer-songwriter extraordinaire.

Sedacca specializes in road songs of travel and the places she’s seen, and why not? She covered 5,600 miles of American roads one spring in her converted 1971 GMC school bus “Patience.”

Folk rocker Rachel Sedacca plays a May 10 CD release party at the next Musica Del RÌo House Concerts. This Saturday, May 10, Fred Munroe of Musica Del RÌo House Concerts hosts Sedacca for a 7:30 p.m. CD release party.

“We’ve never hosted a CD release party at M·sica Del RÌo before,” said Munroe. “We heard Rachel was releasing her second CD Patience Pays this spring and the wheels just started rolling. When we’ve listened to Rachel at Linnaea’s Cafe or Last Stage West with her many friends wedged in by shoehorn, we got an idea–‘Rachel, we have a free Saturday in May, let’s have a party.’

“Because it’s a release party, everyone gets a CD as a thank you for supporting Rachel and live acoustic music with their $20 donation. "Patience Pays" is just out this month. Her debut Lucky Like Me is also well worth your attention and everyone gets to choose which CD they want to take home. Bring a friend or your partner and that way you can take home one of each.”

Sedacca will be joined by Mark Parson on the fiddle and guitar, and Danny Wilson on the mandolin and acoustic bass. Call 466-6941 for reservations, or go online at www.musicadelrio.org.
- SLO New Times - Glen Starkey

""Patience Pays" CD Review"

In today's violent world, it is hard to find true serenity. Even the most popular video games and television shows reek of gore and horror. Yet there are still a few symbols of peace and honesty. The arts don't neglect these two virtues and Rachel Sedacca's music is a good representation about how music can soothe the soul, yet tell of the tribulations that many of us need to face.

When one first listens to her songs, the influences of Bonnie Rait can certainly be heard. Her voice is both strong, yet mellow enough to calm us as we listen to her tracks. To add to the calming tunes, a violin sings on its own in the background and acoustic guitar chords chant around her lyrics that say, "Give me paper roses, I'll tell you why. It's just like my love, paper roses never die." The song itself, "Paper Roses," is a tribute to devotion that many of us have offered people in our past, present and future.

But if you want to hear something a little more upbeat, "Valentine" is one of her most popular songs on her myspace page. With hundreds of plays, it tells about how she was looking for her lover all her life. Like a lot of artists she, "Spent too many years on the road" and she's ready to make a brand new start with her beloved. This song moves away from the acoustic instruments a bit to showcase a wonderful electric guitar lead that many listeners will always appreciate.

If that wasn't impressive enough, Ms. Sedacca is currently on tour! If you're in the California or Washington area, she is definiely one you have to check out. Some listeners have even compared her to Janis Joplin, but she sounds like...her! Please go to her page at http://www. myspace. com/rachelsedacca and tell her Euphoria's music reviews sent you!
- Euphoria Music Reviews

"With new CD and tuned-up bus, Sedacca's ready to hit the road"

Few mistake Billy O's in Ventura for a bus stop, but that may be the case Saturday night when Rachel Sedacca alights from her 1971 GMC school bus, making a scheduled layover long enough to host a CD party for her latest, "Patience Pays."

Sedacca's bus connection is more than a title — she lives in one. So when she tours, there's no packing, no unpacking and no Bates Motel scenarios.

Also, there's no rent (but obvious gas issues) for this strong-willed, independent young lady having a blast.

For Saturday's gig, Sedacca will be ably supported by several of the best local musicians. The album is good, too — always a plus. In addition to her originals, she covers Bob Dylan and Grateful Dead songs. When the gig is over, another will begin: a band scramble featuring all the musicians doing their jam-band thing.

The show is $20, which includes a signed copy of the CD plus dinner. Cocktail attire is suggested.

The Oxnard-based bus babe discussed the latest during a recent e-mail exchange.

Does patience really pay or is it a sign of a weak mind?

Patience is crucial for me. I've always been a "now" type of kid, so it's been a real exercise in perseverance to build a music career from scratch over the past 10 years. As an independent musician, I've worn every hat there is from booking agent to sound guy, wardrobe to bus driver, artist to tour bus mechanic. Without my foundation of patience, I'd have given up or gone crazy years ago.

What's your take on the new album?

This is an album I have dreamed of for years. Had it not taken as long as it did, it wouldn't have included some of my favorite new songs or tell the complete story. The title track, "Patience Pays," tells of the Young & Beautiful tour in the spring/summer of 2006, my trip as a solitary vagabond and the 5,600-mile journey around the Wild West. The first track, "Wheel of Fortune," tells of this crazy dream and how it's like playing my favorite game, "Wheel of Fortune," every time I stick my neck out.

Clearly, a bunch of rock stars have helped out.

This album has an all-star cast of characters — accomplished artists in their own right. Producer Steve Temmel has been my right-hand man on stage for several years now. He's the lead guitar, Dobro and kitchen sink of the project. Danny Wilson played the mandolin on my first album, "Lucky Like Me," in 2001 and I'm happy to have him work on this album. Mark Parson's amazing work on the fiddle takes the songs to a different level. "Your Best Friend," a song written for my brother Dave, is especially sweet with the fiddle parts. Hippie Mark graces the album with his famous harmonica work and the best kazoo solo I think to be recorded west of the Mississippi.

Why cocktail attire for the party?

It's so rare that we all get to dress up, I thought it'd be fun to break out the sparkles and feathers. I want the night to be special, not just another gig. I have worked so hard to get where I am now, I suppose it warrants the dress duds.

What's up with the jam-band scramble on Saturday?

With so many of my friends being musicians, I thought it'd be sort of weird to have another whole band come in when we're all already there! I thought it'd be a great opportunity to showcase some of my talented peers; it's how our circle grows ever bigger. Many of my friends will be there alone or with parts of their band; many are already friends and it'll give 'em a chance to scramble it up and play together just for fun!

How'd you choose that cool Bob song to cover?

I covered Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" on this album because it's such a great song. Bob's brand of sarcasm has always struck me as so insightful. I think most people can relate to the sentiment of the song.

Oil is $100 a barrel and gas is almost $4 a gallon, so how's the giant bus thing working out?

It's not just my mode of transport; it's also my home. I can't be touring nationally and living out of a suitcase. My bus has my own mattress, a full kitchen, a bathroom and even a front room where I can entertain guests. It keeps me grounded, always being able to go "home" to the bus. I couldn't imagine doing what I do out of a car or something. I know I'm not saving money, but I don't have lodging expenses and I make my own meals in the bus. I come from a long line of bus folks; it's been part of my education as a traveler and vagabond. I'd get on our family school buses to Grateful Dead shows and music festivals when I lived in Humboldt. I had some of the best times of my life on tour with my friends Lee and Cassie in their bus, The Cramalot Inn, out of Chico. Believe me, we did cram 12 people and two dogs aboard. During that time that I was totin' around my first guitars, scribbling down lyrics and chords. This is how I built my repertoire. Now I've got two albums and new juice to hit the road. I'll have the bus at the CD release party to show it off.

You have a reliable mechanic, I would assume?

The guys at HJK Performance in Santa Paula put this engine in, and I've made it 5,600 miles without any major problems, so I'd call that reliable! Since we changed out the engine, transmission and rear end, the bus has run like a champ. I'm not saying it's without problems, but they're mostly minor things that I learn about as I go. It takes us back to the patience thing. If I melt down and lose it every time something happens with the bus, I would have given up long ago. I've learned so much from having a bus, mostly about patience and perspective.

When you tour, do you take the bus, or does it take you?

Both! Definitely a symbiotic relationship. She keeps me grounded and somewhat organized, and gets lots of love and attention from people who get a peek inside.

What have you learned on the road?

Well, I learned how to tighten my alternator belts, and how to change out all the belts on the side of the road. And the dust that collects under a school bus can turn to mud during the rain, which acts like glue to a throttle cable and gives you a great runaway bus story.

How does a single DIY artist survive in the music biz?

Still figuring that out. I guess it's like dealing with anything — with patience and one day at a time.

And Rachel music sounds like?

Groovy, bluesy folkabilly. I've been told I have a very unique quality to my voice and I have to agree. My influences are Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Nancy Wilson and of course Janis (Joplin). But I don't think I necessarily sound like them. I've heard Natalie Merchant.

And the grand master plan is ?

See the world! I'm booking dates for the "Patience Pays" Northwest fall tour right now. Starting off at the Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite on Labor Day, I'm going up through Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, then through Yellowstone to Jackson Hole. I plan to wind up in Phoenix for the Folk Alliance Regional conference at the end of October. I'd like to return to Japan. I headlined a country music festival and some other events there in 2003 and it was a blast. Maybe next year?

— E-mail music writer Bill Locey at blocey@pacbell.net.
- Ventura County Star

"Rachel Sedacca - Luna Guitars Artist"

Yes, confirms Rachel Sedacca, she really did write a song about the gold rush and the Oregon Trail. Inspired by a movie she'd seen, Rachel penned the tune in 1998 and it went on to win awards from American Songwriter magazine. The California singer and songwriter took up guitar after receiving one as a gift from a neighbor and is largely self-taught.

Since launching her professional career in 2000, Rachel has traveled as far afield as Japan to perform. Her first album hit the airwaves in 2001, introducing fans to Rachel's versatile style and evolving songwriting skill. The artist names among her influences and inspirations the incomparable Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and the Grateful Dead.

As if her musical ability wasn't impressive enough, Rachel is one of the few performers who has successfully taken the business end of her career in hand, as well. She's booked and managed solo tours for herself, mastering the challenges of marketing, promotion and logistics, while also charming audiences. In addition to her two-week stint in Japan, she has traveled extensively in the U.S. Look for her on the road in the converted school bus she dubbed "Patience."

Rachel says her Luna Dragonfly is a hit with fans wherever she goes. "I love the inlay work on my Dragonfly," she enthuses, "the iridescent flip finish and the sound! I love talking about my guitar and my fans always ask me about it." The Dragonfly's unique finish "really trips people out," Rachel says. "They come up and say, 'I thought your guitar was purple. Now it looks green!'"

Next up for Rachel is a new CD - "Patience Pays" - with a summer 2007 release date. Following that, a fall tour is in the works. For now, Rachel says, "I appreciate the fans because they are what it's all about! I love to hear from them!" For an email link, visit Rachel online at www.rachelsedacca.com. - Luna Guitars Website

"Pasadena Weekly"

Everybody has to start somewhere. In the case of Ventura-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Rachel Sedacca, that place was her family's home. At an early age, she says that her older brothers would work lights from the stairway while Mom, Dad and the dog provided an audience.

Fast forward a few years, and the venues have improved considerably, as her upcoming Sunday night gig at Coffee Gallery Backstage will affirm.

Sedacca took her initial instrumental training on piano, but eventually gave that up in favor of guitar.

“Guitars are much easier to carry than a piano, after all,” she points out. All the while, she was honing her vocal skills, taking cues from Motown and country tunes. She started out playing with the Arcata, Calif.-based electric rock band Full Sun, singing lead and backup harmony.

Influenced by the likes of Bonnie Raitt and inspired by years of Grateful Dead shows, she gradually developed her own style. Nowadays, her repertoire consists of folksy ballads and bluesy country songs, all infused with an upbeat sense of humor nurtured by time on the road. No dark moodiness here.

That road has proven to be a long one; she's toured all over the West, from California to Utah and back, playing clubs and festivals big and small. By creating Internet buzz, she even landed a gig in Japan, to a highly positive response. Sunday night's show, where she'll be joined by Steve Temmel on guitar and vocals, promises to be a ton of fun.

Sedacca's CD, “Lucky Like Me,” is available at CDBaby.com and record stores nationwide.
- John Sollenberger


"Lucky Like Me" 2001 Independent, debut CD release. Available at cdbaby.com, itunes

Oasis Country Compilation CD 2002

Rise Music Compilation 2004

"Remember" La Conchita Compilation 2005
Streaming tracks at www.rachelsedacca.com/music

"Date Street Sessions" 2006

"Patience Pays" 2008
Available at cdbaby.com, itunes



Rachel has built a diverse repertoire of favorites and americana flavored originals. Inspired by the jack of all trades style of Bonnie Raitt, Rachel also points to the years of Grateful Dead shows steeping her in an eclectic musical tea.

Rachel has now booked, managed and performed several regional tours as a solo act, earning her crucial experience in the business of music, promotion and logistics of a working music career. Her internet presence led to a two week tour of Japan in 2003. For a crowd of over 2,500 people, Rachel performed for the annual charity walk-a-thon at the amazing Nagoya Castle park and as headline act at the Country Jamboree in the mountains of Gifu, north of Nagoya.

Rachel's "Young & Beautiful" national tour took her over 5,600 miles around the wild west in the spring of 2006. Behind the wheel of her 35 foot, 1971 GMC schoolbus named "Patience", Rachel's 23 date, 11 state, 7 week tour was the long awaited achievement of one very determined artist. Rachel is excited to be currently working on her 2nd full production studio album "Patience Pays" for release in the March of '08.

Currently booking the "Patience Pays" NW fall tour with her brand new sophomore release, Rachel Sedacca is undeniably a good time guaranteed for all types of audiences and an artist to watch.