Rachel Sierra

Rachel Sierra

 Los Angeles, California, USA

"If Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani melted into one, Rachel Sierra would still blow the pop-star hybrid out of the water. Sierra's got soul, she's got power, and she funnels it all through song, bringing together the essence of blues, pop, rock and disco-funk." -A. Azzopardi (Music Connection)


Recalling sounds from the analog era – synths, big drum sounds and more –
PUSH ME is the sonic embodiment of freedom and fun. Rachel’s impressive
command of the language of music is evident throughout: “JAMMIN’” sets the
tone with a Disco-Funk bass line and sexy Mick Jagger inspired high notes.
“MOVE” and “HYPNOTIZE” are quintessential Rock-n-Roll anthems showcasing
Rachel’s dramatic vocal range. The title track and first single “PUSH ME”,
flaunts a seductive vocal hook driven by a sinister fuzz bassline and
organic electronica .The album is well rounded by a sultry, bluesy side
with the eerie and soulful “LIVING WITHOUT YOU” and the classic R&B ballad

Rachel says of the album, “It’s really diverse and will appeal to both pop
and indie crowds. We blended the sounds of Disco, Rock, Blues and R&B …
and then some.” For upcoming shows and availability of the Push Me LP,
please visit:


"Move"- Single Released May 17th, 2011
"Jammin" - Single Released March 22nd, 2011
"Push Me" - Single Released January 18th, 2011
"Push Me" LP- Full Length Album Released June 1st, 2011
"Push Me"- Official Music Video Released August 5th. 2011

Rachel Sierra has been interviewed on Fox Sports with JT the Brick, and has an interview coming out in Sesac Magazine Aug./Sept.

This artist has "ADDS" and "SPINS" on various college and independent radio stations across the nation. For a complete list of cities with saturation please contact our agent.