Racing Club Tango

Racing Club Tango


The group has a full orchestral sound that, combined with solo moments, evokes that of the great tango orchestras.


Racing Club has been founded at 2003 in The Netherlands in order to follow the old tradition as well as develop new ways in tango music, by making new arrangement and compositions.
The group has been participating in different Festivals, tango clubs and Theatres in Holland, Germany and Switzerland.
In 2006 , after 3 years of work, the first CD 'El Aguante' is released , with two new compositions of Martijn van der Linden 'El Mangazo' and 'El Aguante' and also a piece great piece named “Angel” from Juan Otero. Actually , 'El Mangazo' is broadcasted every week at the Official Radiostaion 'La 2 x 4' in Buenos Aires.
This song has been recorded first time years ago, by Sexteto Canyengue, with a lot of
recognition from the public in Buenos Aires and Europe.


Cd 'El Aguante', 2006

Set List

Negracha (Osvaldo Pugliese)
Responso (Anibal Troilo)
Milonga Sentimental (Sebastian Piana/Homero Manzi)
Divina (Joaquin Mora / Juan de la Calle)
vocals by Maria Jose. Ortiz
Alma en pena (Anselmo Aieta / Francisco G. Jimenez)
Angel (Juan Otero)
El Aguante (Martijn van der Linden)
Bien Milonga (Ismael Spitalnik)
Nostalgias (Juan C. Cobian / Enrique Cadicamo)
vocals by Maria Jose Ortiz
Rondando tu Esquina (Charlo / Enrique Cadicamo)
vocals by Maria Jose Ortiz
El Mangazo (Martijn van der Linden)

Milonga del Angel
La Resurreccion del Angel
La Muerte del Angel
Michelangelo 70
Concierto para Quinteto

Guardia Vieja
Racing Club
La Huella
Zorro Gris
El lloron
El Choclo
La Cumparsita
Derecho Viejo

Quiteto Real (Salgan)style
Canaro en Paris
El Amanecer
Organito de la tarde
Hotel Victoria