Racing Death

Racing Death

 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

We have been called all kinds of things, avant garde was one of them. Not sure what they meant, but it sounded good to us. We have fast rhythms, shredding leads, and catchy gang vocals. We have played with bands in genres from metal, bluegrass, surf, rock, and more. High-energy, authentic rock.


Racing Death is a good fit for many genres. JJ's Bohemia in Chattanooga, Tennessee has billed us with bands ranging from country to metal, shock-rock to bluegrass. Hailing from Australia to New York, the acts we've performed with have given us a great education on the current face of rock music. Categorizing our style has been a little tough; we get compared to punk bands and Southern rock bands at the same time. We are a good fit to play with many groups, crossing boundaries. We mostly play original songs but can cover anything from the Misfits to Hank. The individuals in the band are all from different musical backgrounds and we are constantly butting heads. But, the sound that comes out is high-energy, catchy, rock and roll, with gang vocals and shredding leads. The band started out with two guitarists, Charlie Reid Ewart and Chris Sumrell, both of whom were new to playing with each other. With the goal of authentic rock in mind, we started writing. Drummer Jamie Jollie was working out of town and wasn't quite convinced he wanted to play with such an off the cuff, hard-hitting band when he was in town. After practicing with several drummers, Racing Death got Jamie to come back around and give in to the pure rock sound. After much convincing, Reid eventually persuaded skilled guitarist and long-time friend, Greg Hembree, to play bass. Greg and Reid have been playing guitar together since they were teenagers. Greg was hesitant to move to bass after playing lead guitar in other bands. However, after hearing some home recordings, he was hooked. After much turmoil, we've figured out how we are going to work together and what kind of sound we are going to have. Since refining the lead guitar, we all now have one main goal. We are going to continue to write authentic, original, music together. We're also committing to performing live regularly. We rehearse several days a week to pull off quality gigs that show our audience our gratitude for their time and hard-earned money. Engaging with the crowd and using our music to relate to the people singing along at the top of their lungs is the reason we invest our time and energy. Racing Death is a group of individuals that are also fans of true rock music. The band is still young but has already come a long way in its short time, garnering a loyal following locally and nationally online. We still have a long way to go.


Racing Death's self-titled, debut album can be heard on our website, We are also heard on Chattanooga State's Internet radio station, 91.5 the WAWL ( We have a music video on YouTube that can also be seen on our website.

Set List


Designer Disease
Blink of an Eye
Bottom Dollar
Face Down
Black & Blue
Feed the Wolves
Rudie’s Revenge
Kill Like a Snake
The Relentless
County Line
Late As Usual
Make a Scene
Live Forever


Mr. Brownstone Guns N’ Roses
Ball & Chain Social Distortion
Story of My Life Social Distortion
Punch, Fight, Fuck Hank III for G.G. Allen
Knowledge Operation Ivy
Attitude Misfits
Voodoo Lady Ween
Bananas & Blow Ween
Don’t Think Twice Bob Dylan
Jonny Comes Marching Home (traditional)