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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Acoustic





“RACING RAIN has obliterated all boundaries in the Indie/Acoustic scene…” - Jeff Eyric, BePop Records

"RACING RAIN …great voices, great songs, great emotion."

“With their great voices, great songs and great emotion, Racing Rain is a must see! ”
Steve Yanovsky
Brand*Alchemy, NYC

- Steve Yanovsky, Brand*Alchemy, NYC

""Listening to Racing Rain makes me feel like I'm in a warm bath…""

"Their songs moved me deeply. The lyrics are often dark and somewhat mysterious and enhanced with the music they take you to another place."
Tamara Woestenburg Blog, Netherlands - Tamara


"…this band, Racing Rain, they're playing some good stuff, yes sir man, I mean really good tunes."
Malcolm Holcombe
Music Road Records - Malcolm Holcombe/Music Road Records

"A Strong Debut !"

i wish i was is…****

An Impressive debut. The songs are musically and lyrically interesting, original and strong. Each listen continues to reward and I am looking forward to hearing more from this band.
- Torry Gates- aka kdogz3

"The Three Essentials that are RACING RAIN"

"...great songs, a unique sound and impassioned singing are the most consistent comments heared after their shows." - Aaron Oppegard, Music Weekly, Lexington, KY

"RACING RAIN--The Stories Within The Songs"

"Their songs tell a story and convey the nature of that story in unexpected ways …often exploring enigmatic subject matter through a voice that's comfortable with the dark.
Emily Weber-The Pearl- Cedar Rapids, IA - The Weekly Pearl

"Rising Above The Mediocre"

I really felt the depth of the writing and how these songs weren't just lyrics 'tacked on' to music or vice versa. The music and lyrics are One -and dependent on each another, as any really good song should be. I also stopped playing only my favorites, 'i wish i was' and 'Hello My Friend' and just let the whole record play. Yes, it's only a six song EP, but maybe that's not a bad thing when you want to hear more.

This is a really interesting sounding band with a strong, original voice and songs that I think will hold up to repeated listenings. Where they'll take this 'sound' of theirs will be interesting to find out. But, if the songwriting, vocals and harmonies are as strong and as original as their debut record I'll definitely be buying the next Racing Rain CD.

fusty tater
- FustyTater Blog-Hamburg, Germany

"Racing Rain"

Racing Rain

by John Zincani

Tired of bands with a single sound, little variety, and precious few elements of interest? Then, Racing Rain is the band for you! This six-song EP, though short in numbers, is long in quality and musicianship. Each song is a universe within itself, yet all flow one onto the other. If this is a sign of things to come, then I can't wait for the musical twists and turns of the full length album.
- John Zincani, i tunes


RACING RAIN' is recording tunes for their new record
"Fallen From Favor"
Scheduled for release Summer, 2013.

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Oliver Stone's film, 'SAVAGES'
and in the award winning documentary,
'American Made Movie'
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Released by DampCellar Music, Racing Rain's EP "i wish i was" can be found on over 30 digital music sites including: iTunes, amazon, cd baby, radio airplay aka jango, etc.

1. hello my friend
2. getting use to
3. don't you feel nothin
4. i wish i was
5. hey darlin
6. beat box
© 2011



RACING RAIN offers a refreshing approach to the acoustic scene. Their signature harmonies highlight songs that are both haunting and driven with lyrics that are stark, poignant and coherently incoherent.

Ali Cook-upright bass, piano, vocals
Carmen Yates-acoustic/elec. guitars, vocals
Christina Kim-keyboards/violin, vocals
Thor Jonsson-drums/percussion, guitar, vocals

The group was founded by songwriter and lead vocalist, Carmen Yates.

Growing up in the distinctive landscape of Maryland's Eastern Shore and surrounded by a family of musicians, Carmen was inspired and encouraged at an early age to write and perform his own songs. After moving to New York City, he continued performing and touring throughout the United States. When Carmen finally joined forces with his long time music partner and producer, Thor Jonsson, RACING RAIN was officially born.

World traveler and classically trained upright bassist, Ali Cook, proved to be equally comfortable with classical bowing or bluegrass plucking. Along with her strong vocals, superb ear and harmonizing skills Ali has become a key component of the band's signature sound.

Christina "Ninja" Kim, first met the group in the studio where she was asked to sing on one of the songs being recorded for the new album. There was an immediate chemistry and it was quickly evident that with her own distinctive vocals, musicality and buoyant energy, 'Ninja' would soon become the integral member of Racing Rain that she is today.

Both at rehearsals and in the studio, the group's collaboration brings new dimensions to the songwriting through their un-orthodox methods, eclectic arrangements and a shared sensibility in retaining the honesty of the songs.

“…this band, Racing Rain, they’re playing some good stuff, yes sir man, great tunes and kick-ass vocals. You better keep a look out for these guys.”
Malcolm Holcombe, Singer-Songwriter/Music Road Records

"I really felt the depth of the writing and how these songs weren't just lyrics 'tacked on' to music or vice versa. The music and lyrics are one -and equally dependent on each another, as any really good song should be."
FustyTater Blog-Hamburg, Germany