We're a four piece that blends 60's rock and roll riffs in the vein of MC5 with quick punk tempos and modern rock melodies.


Formed by members of Our Father (Valhalla Records) and Burning Love (High Anxiety 416) in 2008, Rackshot has gained a large amount of local interest in a relatively short span of time. Playing dirty, punk influenced rock and roll, the band is able to reach a wide audience, playing both small punk clubs and larger venues such as Lee's Palace.


1. Demo 2008 (Self-Released)
Radio play on The Grind (punkradiocast.com)

2. Gentlemens Club 7" (Self-Released)

Set List

1. Dirty Love
2. Lionshare
3. Wasted
4. Jilly's
5. Bad Habits
6. Hispanic Nights
7. Man's Ruin
8. Roses in Bribery
9. Grim Ripper

Our set is typically 25-30 minutes long.