Racoon Bandit

Racoon Bandit

 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

Music PEI Group of the Year 2012
Music PEI Rock Recording of the Year 2012
Music PEI VIdeo of the Year 2011
ECMA Nominees for Alt-rock Recording of the Year 2011
Canadian Music Week Showcase Artist 2011 & 12


On Racoon Bandit's 2011 album 'Into the Hills'

Its an incredible effort, one of those debut albums that obviously comes from a band interested in a long professional career Toro Magazine.

Racoon Bandit are picking up steam in the non-steam era. The folk-rock outfit formed in 2009 in a well-lit porch in Charlottetown, PEI when songwriters Fraser McCallum and Adam Gallant both tumbled back onto red soil. Winners of Music PEI's Group Recording of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year in January, 2012 is looking like a bright year for this rising group.

Together with drummer/songwriter Roger Carter and bassist Scott Gallant, the full quartet blends poetic lyrics with a driving rhythm section, punchy harmonies, and gripping guitar flashes. Equal parts alt-folk and indie-rock, the Bandit sound evokes comparisons to early-Neil Young, Wilco, and
Arcade Fire.

Racoon Bandit recently released a vinyl EP,'RacoonBandit/ SisterJack', their third self-produced release in just over 2 years. Their last album, Into the Hills, came out in 2011 on Collagen Rock Records (Two Hours Traffic, English Words). This full-length collection of folk and folk rock songs that ranges in texture from wistful ballads to punchy pop-rock to alt-rock shuffles. It made The Broken Speaker.com's top 20 of 2012 list at #19.

Nominees in 2012 for the East Coast Music Awards and winners of the 2011 Music PEI Video of the Year, Racoon Bandit has shared the stage with many greats including April Wine, Two Hours Traffic, Hannah Georgas, Said the Whale, In-Flight Safety and Erin Costelo.

For more, http://www.racoonbandit.com


Train song

Written By: Racoon Bandit

Train Song

Sittin’ in this train yard, waitin’ on the line
Passengers they look you up and down
All aboard the green car, you dunno ‘til how far
But we’re gone, another swallowed town.

Sittin’ where the track bends, attention span is thin
Conversation dies as it begins
Talk about a green Earth, and just how much the war’s worth
We’re gone, she thinks I’m full of sin


Cuz it’s a homeward song
As we float along
We got nothing to lose
And the hills slip by
The old train sighs
We got nothin to lose…
Except for those, 21st Century Blues….

Sittin’ playin’ cards now but I dunno the rules
These old Germans, they laugh and win and stay
But I got tricks up sleeve, my opponents up and leave
The Jack of Hearts will seem to rue the day

Sittin’ writin’ postcards, 2 weeks overdue
Dozin’ off as farmtowns whistle by
I can’t comprehend, what to say, whom to send
They’re gone, send to me, myself and I


Bloody Bone

Written By: Racoon Bandit

Bloody bone

We were in the country, in a mansion ‘round the bend
4 of my favorite enemies, and one of my worst friends
Silver and gold there was lots on the line
A poker game of the dirtiest kind
We were holed up….

Across from me sat Jackie. A lawyer who smoked grass
Next to her the Howard boys, twins from Halifax
To my right, ma’ cousin Joe, darker than a country crow
Good ol’ card game…..

Cuz everyone I know they left this town,
But some of them are comin home
I got all these subtle thoughts,
Subtle like a bloody bone.

The other crooks were strangers, I didn’t like ‘im much.
Folded on the river. Folded with a flush.
The Howard boys put up a stink, when country Joe spilt both their drinks
Tempers risin’…

One-a them strangers stormed out and Joe was lookin sick.
The lawyer’d poisoned him, Jack was nimble, Jack was quick
Cousin Joe fell dead right then, hadn’t even played his hand.
Watch your back now…


The stranger took the next round, strokin’ his moustache
Pulled a gun on Jacky, he wanted all her cash
The Howard boys both ran two steps, the stranger shot one in the chest
It’s a hold up….

Out upon the river, Jacky knocked that stranger down.
A Howard twin held both his legs, I couldn’t watch’im drown
I looked that lawyer in the eye and said ‘Jacky, hey let’s settle’
She shot down the Howard Boy, said ‘I’ll be Hansel, you be Gretel!’


Same ol' boat

Written By: Racoon Bandit

Same ol’ boat

Away sleepin on leakin' ship
Same ol boat, across the Atlantic

Always livin' with an open heart.
Knowin when to start, and where to draw the line.

Chorus (Instrumental)

I’m not worried bout a single one
A single one, with nobody to hurt.

Always lovin with an open heart.
Knowin when to start, and where to draw the line.

Watch that first step, it’s a doozie.
Watch out now, here we go, you me.

Hold onto your hat

Written By: Racoon Bandit

Hold onto your hat

Hold onto your hat, babe
You need something I can’t give you
Keep on runnin’ in the race
Keep a clean face

Hold onto your hat babe
You need something I can’t give you
Keep on looking out both ways
Make a clean break


Well you wake up in the morning and its half past 3
Ya got no time yer runnin scott free
Yer momma’s in the kitchen’ makin bacon for yer pa
She’s been workin for the man, he’s been runnin from the law

Hold onto your hat babe.
Hold onto your hat. Babe.

Hold onto your hat, babe
You need something I can’t give you
Keep on looking out to space
Seeya. Farewell.

You're a lover and a sinner and your father's son, you remind me more of him than anyone, you talk a lot, don't say too much, and all I know's you got that evil touch. Hold onto your hat babe.


I’m gonna call you out
Day by day
I’m gonna call you out, I said,
Call you out


-Katie Cruel music video (April 2, 2012)

-RacoonBandit/Sister Jack Vinyl Ep (December 17, 2011)

-Twist in the Wind Music Video (December 17, 2011)

- Into the hills LP (March 26, 2011).

-Campcraft EP - August 2009.

-'What Child is this' recording featured on The 13 Days of Christmas (Compilation Dec 09)

-The PEI Mixtape, Herohill.com (November 09)

-HAT Music video (Decemeber 09)

Set List

2 sets available; soft with keys/acoustics/folk-songs or louder, full band set (and blends of the two, where applicable).