Racso Daheat

Racso Daheat

BandHip Hop

Extremely original sound very creative topics and concepts. Not your typical wanna be hardcore rapper. Music you can definately make you nod your head and still maintain artistic thought to it's original style.


Racso is Oscar spelled backwards. The reason I chose that as my stage persona, is because on stage I am a complete opposite person from what I am to the "real" world. My "real" world is on stage. How so? Well I can really express what I feel inside thru song and lyrics. My Influences are great mc's like Grayco, Nas, Common sense, great lyricist of my culture, Leo Dan, Pedro Infante, Los Angeles Negros, El Puma and many more. I'm inspried by true events in my life. I don't speak about my life, I tell stories of the people who've I met thru out my life, who have taught me thru their own mishaps and triumphs too. I was born to a country at war, my mother and father nearly murdered, I was sent away to live in a nuns convent for the first few years of my life. I came to the state and lived in a 1 bedroom apartment whom I would share with upto 11 other people. What sets me apart from others is that I am a true latin rapper with soul. I'm not your super thug rapper, I speak from the heart and I speak the truth. I been in martial arts from the age of 7, I guess I have a sick verbal martial arts type of flow. My influences are many.


I am a new artist I have had no airplay. I have done shows and I do have a completed album and I plan to release my first single early this summer of 2010.

Set List

I have a total of 3-5 songs I perform and my set can go from 30-60 mins depending if I am allowed to interact with the crowd or not.