Racz and Waters

Racz and Waters


'Racz and Waters' is a powerful new line up of award nominated singer/songwriters, consisting of Karen Anne Waters and Ingrid & Tahlia Racz. Not only have they mastered the art of singing, they bring to the stage an empowered performance to match. Let their songs and voices mesmerise & enchant you.


'Racz and Waters' is made up of two kinds of magic.

Two of it's members, the Racz sisters, were born to sing together. Both award winning vocalists in Classical, Operetta, Country and Rock, Tahlia and Ingrid also give to their audiences a performance that keeps people coming back for more. Their connection on stage is a rarity which only few siblings have possessed.

To complete the trio, there is the beautiful songwriting and Guitar stylings of Karen Anne Waters. Introducing herself to the guitar only four years ago, Karen soon found herself songwriting and co-writing with the likes of Karl Broadie, Troy Kemp, Matt Scullian, Nicki Gillis, John Kater(Jonahs Road), Suzy Connolly and many more.
It is funny to think that Karen was brought up without popular or even classic rock music, but it's because of this sheltering that her approach to songwriting is unique and completely her own.

Ingrid: "Working with Karen has completely opened me up as a songwriter! i thought i was destined to be a self-helpless muse forever and never see any of my songs come to life. But here we are with songs, beautiful songs! just coming out and they are honest and true. Having done covers for so many years, it is a fantastic feeling and such a great sense of accomplishment. Not only can we move people with our voices, but with our words and melodies too. And to have Tahlia on board is terribly exciting because she can sing anything!! She can take my words and make them sing!"
The amalgamation of Karen, Ingrid and Tahlia, is the birth of something truly special. Play on!!



Written By: I.Racz/K.A.Waters

Take my hand by the waterside
Don't be afraid to fall in too deep
We'll take this love of ours
And sink it like a stone
Safe in here, safe with me....

For I'll wait for no man!
I've felt the fire he brings,
Knelt to the song he sings
And he sees me....
as someone who needs him
But I'll...wait for no man.

The steps you take by the waterside
Take you further away
from the love i have inside
Don't think you've got the time
To keep me for yourself
When you hesitate
With steps you won't make....


The tide is comin' in fast
Will you jump in
Or turn round and run from a love that means everything?!.....

(Ch x 2)

Revenge has no name

Written By: I/Racz/K.A.Waters

There was a time i wanted to kill you for myself...but no more.
This is a story about me keeping my hands clean and a boy who got what for.

Way back then when we weren't so good
I used to think about things that one never should
But then she came along, that's when it all went wrong, so wrong.
Not for her and not for me
But the boy who loved too carelessly Mmmm

Coz now she sees what i can see and now she'll make him pay the price Oh so dearly

You thought she would be so naive
But she won't play the games that you played with me
And you won't see it comin'
The hell and fury of that womans scorn!
She'll leave a scar that cuts so deep on the boy who loved so carelessly Mmmmm


You...You thought we would
Love you like an angel
' '
But you're...you're no good
And now she's gonna do what i wish i could....

Slash your tyres, make you lose some sleep
Tell all the secrets that she swore to keep.
Take you for a ride, don't think she's on your side!
Someone elses name she'll scream
Tonight, revenge is oh so sweet Mmmmm

Coz now she sees what i can see And now she'll make him pay the price Oh so dearly
Revenge it tastes so sweet to me
It's all for her and all for me

On the boy who loved so carelessly Mmmmmm

Kings Horses

Written By: K.A.Waters/I.Racz

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Couldn't put me back together again, together again.

Of all of the diamonds that hung in the sky, which one shone brighter for you and I, for you and I?

I wish that i may
I wish that i might
I wish with everything that i've got
On me tonight, for..

I'm taller, I'm stronger
I feel my life coming on.
I'm not bitter, life is so much sweeter
Coz i'm, i am here moving on, moving on.

With all of the love you let pass me by
Giving to me age old reasons to cry, reasons to cry...

The wax on your wings is coming undone
But I'm free like a bird, I'll fly to the sun, up to the sun...




(repeat Pre and Ch out)


Written By: Karen Anne Waters

You fall at my feet like a lover that's been
Been away for way too long and
You beg for forgiveness while offering sweetness
That i have not had now for so long

Will you fall, fall
Will you fall....
Will you fall, fall, just fall.

As you fall on my skin i am left daydreamin'
Dreamin of all the days gone and
Promise so bright that it lights up the sky
With colours i've not seen for so long.


Na na na na, na na na
Na na na na na, na na
Hiii yeah...

You don't fall the same way as you did yesturday
You didn't stay round for too long
Come back again my fair-weather friend
Don't stay away now for so long.

(Ch) x 2

Passion's Fire

Written By: K.A.Waters/ I.Racz

Tell me what shade of red do you see when you look at me.
What feelings do i inspire?
Do I fill you with a lover's rage
Or do I ignite passion's fire?

All that i want, all i'm asking for
Lead me to places I've never been before
Light up the dark with a flamin spark
Worth... dying for
With you x2
You, oh passion's fire.

When you look at me with those eyes of green and not of blue,
It's your old soul that withers and dies.
Open your eyes, feel the tranquility.
Let your soul breathe in passion's fire.


Passion's fire won't hurt you,
As you run your hand through the flame.
It will warm you, cleanse you, it will annoint you,
It will let you be....

(Ch) x2

Hurry up and Leave

Written By: K.A.Waters

Watching the sunlight as you leave drinking my green tea,
The smell of your cologne it lingres as the sky turns pink.
There ain't no better way to start our day
I can't think of a better way......
To start the day.

Then you being one with me
As we move in our own melody
How i love to watch you leave...
Won't be long till' you're coming home to me.
Hurry up and leave.

It started out at 4am as you kiss my lips hello,
Hello, hello, hello
The smile in your sillouhette said: "Angel, I have to go."
There ain't no better way to start our day
I can't think of a better way
To start the day.


I ain't wishin' you goodbye
No, coz I can't wait till I see you here tonight.
Hurry up and leave
Come back to me
Hurry up and leave...


Written By: I.Racz

Music arrangement K.A.Waters


I gave you my word
said I understood
But I cry...I still cry.
You said that you loved
But you didn't mean me
So what dies...inside?

I still grieve for you
The arms that kept me close,
Safe and warm
Not so long ago...

Where did you go,
Where did you wander?
I wasn't to know
I'd be left with the lightning & thunder
I can't follow you now
I'm lost in the dark
I don't know how I've fallen this far
And what would've given...
Now I'm Forbidden.

You gave me the world
All the seven wonders.
You tried...I know you tried.
But the demons inside
Wouldn't let you go
They fight...you and I....

So I'll pay the price!
Someone has to
So the lonely nights
Will not belong to you!

(Ch) (solo)

I still feel you here
Gently as I sleep
The way we were
When you were here with me....

But where did you go
Where did you wander?
I wasn't to know
I'd be left with the lightning and thunder! ! ! !


Forbidden, Forbidden...........


Written By: I.Racz/K.A.Waters

Standing here, surrounded by the ocean
Standing here with the sand between my toes
And I'm looking back on this land where I have risen
Looking back on this land that I call home.....

Pink sky it shimmers in the morning
Kurrawong welcoming the day
The sun kisses everything around me
Daytime dreaming echoes yesturday.

And I feel...so alive
Right here...under the Southern sky!

Serpent river cut through red dirt
Land of fire, Land of rain
Open your eyes and you will see the Dreaming
No divide under this desert sky.

So many faces colouring the future
So many faces have made us who we are
Together we can build a tomorrow
Together we will stand as one


Iam the Dreaming
I was there in the beginning,
I put red upon the Rock, and I am
I have seen the skyline fall, surrender to the flame, and I am
The voices of my children
calling out my name, and I am
Standing here
Under the Southern Sky....!!

Open you eyes and you will see the Dreaming
No divide under this desert sky
Serpent river
Cut through red dirt
Land of fire
Open your eyes!


Tahlia and Ingrid
(previous Folk band 'Fellowship of the Strings' aka 'The Fourth Realm)
Album - 'Fellowship of the Strings' 2005

Karen Anne Waters


Racz and Water


'Racz and Waters' are planning to record an EP in early January 08, so stay tuned!!!
3 song demo currently available.

Set List

Forbidden - I.Racz (music arrangement by K.A.Waters)
Dreaming - I.Racz/K.A.Waters
All Fall Down - I.Racz/K.A.Waters
Waterside - I.Racz/K.A.Waters
Passions Fire - K.A.Waters/I.Racz
Fall - K.A.Waters
Hurry up and leave - K.A.Waters
Like Fire - I.Racz/J.Collie
Kings Horses - K.A.Waters/I.Racz
Disappear - I.Racz/K.A.Waters/T.Racz
Revenge has no name - I.Racz/K.A.Waters
Are you out there? - Dar Williams
Fall at you feet - Crowded House
Runaway - The Corrs
Comes a time - Neil Young
Forever Young - Bob Dylan