Super Fresh, Awesome lyrics and different concepts.


I, Radames Nickolaz Betancourt, was born in Chicago Illinois, on May 16Th 1983. My mother is a teacher and my father is an International Painter and Sculpture. It is, of course, from them that I’ve inherited my passion for Art and Singing.

At age 16 I started modeling for John Robert Powers, I started booking tons of gigs and my parents were a little bit concern since I had to travel a lot and well, back then I needed to focus on other things like school. I ended up moving on and leaving the Modeling world behind. When I was 17 I signed up to study Radio Broadcasting at a local neighborhood Youth Radio Station. This was an amazing experience for me, soon enough I was interviewing Movie Stars, Established Recording Artists and I even had my own Radio Show.

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of record label A&R‘s, Managers, Promoters, Producers and of course tons of Singers. When I was 18 years old I decided that I wanted to give singing a shot . I started saving every penny I had, I got myself a Part Time Job and when I had enough money I booked my first producer.

I started doing studio work- here and there I’d record some tracks for different DJs. That’s how I ended up Singing Dance Music. My first single “Walk Away” was leaked on the Internet before I even had a chance to release it. The song became an instant hit online that producers from all over the world wanted to work with me. Then soon enough I recorded more tracks, I released Why, Internet Baby, No Es Amor, Baby and a Spanish Cover Track from Desireless 1987 smash hit track ‘Voyage Voyage’. I’m currently working on my full length Album which releases this year.

I recently took some time off from my music to complete my Television Communication Production certification. I wanted to experience the “Behind The Scenes field” since one of my future goals is to produce and host my own Television Talk Show. I’m welcoming 2010 with a New electrifying ItaloDance track titled “Forever” produced by my awesome friends Studio 68. I’m also releasing a couple of music videos and doing some touring. I want to thank YOU for all the love and support! Lets continue making something good out of my creations.


Walk Away was my first single. Soon after I released a bunch of other tracks like my hit song "Internet Baby", Why?, No Es Amor, Vuela Vuela, The Spanish Version of Desireless smash hit (Voyage, Voyage) I also released "Baby" and my soon to release song "Forever". A lot of my tracks have been played all over the world and gotten a lot of good reviews. In Poland I released a REMIX contest for "Internet Baby" The Record Label received over 3,000 entries from producers all over the world.

Set List

I usually have a 30 minute set. I start of by singing Walk Away, Why, Internet Baby, No Es Amor, Baby, Vuela Vuela.