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"Local Hip-Hop Artists Bring A Message To The Mic"

Indianapolis-based rapper Ramel "Radamez" Williams says positive rhymes are just one part of his repertoire.
As leader of the Concrete Beats crew, Williams lists his specialties as party songs, club songs, serious songs and political songs.
"I hate putting labels on myself," he says. "I'm a mixture of everything. There's so much to talk about in the world. I can't stick to one topic."
In his song "The Archaeologist," Williams takes time to scold critics for "separating the music."
Williams grew up in the large housing development LeFrak City in Queens, N.Y., an urban setting that sometimes provides a roughneck context for his lyrics.
"I researched the whole 'hood, I scrutinized the block," Williams rhymes on "The Archaeologist." "I dug up the bones and came up with a million 'Pacs."
Williams says characters and situations in his songs may appear bleak, but that doesn't prevent the storytelling from reaching a positive destination.
"If you're angry about something, you can kind of flip that negative and turn it into a positive," he says.
"That's really what I'm about. I really don't want to put out any type of real negative stuff -- although I have in the past."
Still, he describes his childhood as being free of drama.
"I really think I was protected in a bubble of some sort," he says.
"I just see myself walking through the neighborhood and there's all this stuff going on around me: Shooting, killing, the selling of drugs.
"But it never affected me at all. I went to school and I did what I had to do."
Before moving to Indianapolis, Williams attended Emporia State University in Kansas and starred as a track and field athlete.
Presently a first-year firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department, Williams says emotional growth is heard on 2007 album "Innovative."
"I'm putting out the reality that I'm going through," he says. "It's a little more of an uplifting, triumphant kind of thing."
Williams recently entered a promotional partnership with East Coast company 101 Clothing.
When mailing orders, the company includes Radamez CDs as freebies. In turn, he wears 101 gear when he performs.
"I'm looking to help the company expand, and help them to help me expand," he says. "That's the ultimate goal." - Indy.com

"Unsigned HYPE"

HYPE: “Last but not least, we got to ask you the famous Hype question. Do you fell your music will have an impact on the industry in 20 years??”

Radamez: “Music speaks for itself, it’s hard to say. Some people don’t like going backwards to the old stuff, when the new stuff sucks then they go back to the old stuff to reminisce on what was once good music. Some like new material and want to go forward and prefer progression. I hope that people will grasp the concept of the music I am creating. It’s hard putting out good music when everyone wants to just hear beats and not listen to lyrics. I am giving out information through music, not just club music, although I do want ot make you dance. I’m like Peter Parker with split personalities. I’m this humble, nice, laid back dude, but then I become Spider Man clinbing and flying all over the damn stage and studio. I get ferocious on the mic. I’m like another person. I change everyday so songs are going to be different. I may wanna get crunked with a message , then I may want to talk about religion and social issues on the next song. You never know. I want to provide different emotions and events through music such as: anger, love, happiness, reality, fiction, and non-fiction. That’s when you have an impact when you can get any kind of emotion out of people through your music whether they like it or hate it. That’s when you’re an artist when you can provide all of that. I’m hip hop, so yes it will have an impact in 20 years from now. My music is like shit. If you throw it on the wall something will stick, right? It took all that to answer your question riiiiiiiiight! Lol”

- The H.Y.P.E.


1st album "Listen To What Radamez Sez" released Feb 1, 2004 more like an angry mix tape. A collection of songs that entailed struggle and pain of the present condition Radamez was in. Angry at the music industry for only excepting 1 style of music for POPularity.

2nd album " The Unxplained" released October 10, 2005. An album filled with versatility and triumph to figure out who radamez is. The evaluation of finding self and separating from other artists. 250 copies sold.

3rd album " Innovative" released March 16th 2007. the best album to date from Radamez. Shows growth and maturity. Songs of change, assertivness and expression were put into an album that defined and found the voice of Radamez. 800 copies sold.



How does one make music that not only speaks to your body, but also speaks to your soul? What does it take to make music that has the ability to transcend time? How does one make music that feeds the minds of people, despite the differences in gender, class and geography? The answer is not a complicated one. You simply make music that comes from the heart. During a time of dance-themed songs and repetitive subject matter, Radamez has managed to answer all those questions with his release of “Innovative”.
Radamez, born Ramel Joseph Williams, prides himself on making music of substance. He draws inspirations from Jay-z and Lauryn Hill, which has enabled him to bring a unique style and abrupt aura to the studio and the stage. He writes lyrics as if he were asking himself, “How can I feed the hip-hop nation?” He breathes life into this notion with his carefully crafted album, “Innovative” Radamez empathizes with those who have dreams of having more than their finances will allow on the song “Ucanthadat”. He offers hope to those who may be struggling with the pressures of life on “Turn the Page”. “The Archeologist”, the leading track, lets the world know what Radamez is bringing to the rap game. “Innovative” definitely has all the necessary ingredients to entertain, inspire and provoke thought.
Radamez’s story may have a familiar sound, but his execution of life definitely distinguishes him from others. He was born and received many of life’s lessons in Corona Queens, New York. He later moved from Queens to Kansas, where he pursued a college education and received a great deal of accolades for his performance in the sport of Track and Field. Upon graduation, with a B.S. in Psychology, Radamez returned to New York with hopes of finding employment in his field. Unsuccessful in this endeavor, he then moved to Indianapolis, where is passion for music resurfaced.
Described as his most notable release to date, “Innovative” is actually not his first release. “Innovative” is his third effort, which is preceded by “Listen to What Radamez Sez” and “The Unexplained”. Radamez values growth and continues to evolve with each album. He has managed to introduce his unique style of hip-hop to various venues in the Indianapolis area such as IBE’s Star Quest, Spin Night Club, Ice Lounge and Slamology. He has also traveled to various states such as Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and others, giving audiences his brand of conscious hip-hop.
An artist first, Radamez is also President and co-owner of Concrete Beats LLC, an Indianapolis based production and entertainment company. Radamez along with CEO/producer Seany D and other label mates have been able to guide Concrete Beats to a podium of popularity. Radamez is an exceptional example of hip-hop’s potential for growth. He plans to venture out into other facets of the entertainment industry. A management company, clothing line and acting are just a few of his aspirations. Future projects include releasing “Innovative”, the DVD, in which he is teaming up with GRIND TV. Radamez is set to offer his fourth release in the spring of 2009.