Radar Club

Radar Club


Very energetic with a strong appeal to anyone remotely interested in rock music of any sort. We are truly trying to create something original, but recognizable enough to not stray from the average listener. It's definitely rock, but more so it's the creation of 4 completely different musician's.


The Radar Club's Music can be explained as; A conglomeration of east and west coast continental influence with a touch of across the pond to round it out. Essentially, 2 friends from NY moved to the Portland area to meet 2 friends from OR. When this occurred, a fuse of styles derived from the last fifty years of poignant music created... an amalgamation of our individual influences covering a full spectrum blend as diverse as a stadium rock sound accompanied by smooth soulful flair with an exceptional pop sensibility. This in effect has created not only a unique sound and an amazing presence but a live setting second to none.


2009 DEMO

Set List

Our set list typically includes various songs from our catalog including, Rosylyn, War, Bullshit and sune. Our sets can vary to accommodate any bill. We have hours of music that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of any venue time allotments, as well as demographic.