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You've seen the bald and spastic guy throwing himself around in front of the stage at the Metal Factory and Tavern 213. He's perpetually clad in long shorts, a T-shirt, and white socks that crinkle beneath his ankles. Sometimes, he's one of the three or four people standing for a show. But even when it's crowded, you'll see him up there in front throwing his head and clutching a cigarette. He's feeling something other people aren't.
He's Death Metal Douglas.
It was 2 a.m. The Fort Lauderdale Saloon (626 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale) and most of the bar had cleared out when his band, Radar O'Reilly, finally took the stage and opened up with a cover of the Who's "My Generation." Amy, the blond, bobbed obstacle between Death Metal's heart and the female population at large, was saddled up on a bar stool in a skirt, a rhinestone-collar necklace, and clunky black heels. A Budweiser rested on the bar in front of her.
I looked into her brown eyes and told her, in so many words, that I've had my eye on Death Metal for a long, long time. "That's funny," she said, and laughed with a contemptuous lack of concern that seemed to say, "Yeah, you and every other chick in this town."
On stage, his fingers twitched over the bass like insects in death throes. Radar's drummer, Buddy Banger, had a tattoo running up his left arm toward his glistening bare chest. The guitarist and singer, Righteous Richard, so named for his Christian bent, was growling up front, his eyes shaded by a prominent brow that deflected the overhead lights. It was loud as hell, and the paltry crowd of 15 was dragging -- it seemed because of the hour.
"Is everybody enjoying themselves?" Righteous Richard asked into his microphone.
And Death Metal followed with a touchy observation: "God, nobody's here anymore."
Where were they all, the adoring harem with their hearts on the line? Or the lovers of stoner rock, who listen to Radar-like bands: Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, and Fu Manchu?
"This stuff that we're doing is up to that level," the 35-year-old sex object asserts when we settle down across from each other at an outdoor table at Maguire's, sans Amy (sweet!), on a recent Tuesday night. "There's an audience for that stuff. They just haven't found us. I saw some of the scenesters at the Queens of the Stone Age show. The same people who won't give us the time of day."
Shortly, Douglas admits that he hasn't always been so invisible, especially with the females.
"Get this," the bald hottie says, underestimating his elusive appeal entirely, "I would never consider myself the biggest ladies' man ever, but I went to four fucking proms, man. Most people I know that are like me didn't go to prom at all."
Surprise, surprise, cheri.
Then the Don Juan of four strings keeps building the case for a powerful strain of masculinity buried in the gray mush of his subconscious. Long ago, he abandoned the sax and turned toward bass. "I started playing saxophone in the early '80s. Even though I was punk, I'd learn, like, all the solos to pop songs, crap like 'Urgent' by Foreigner. To hit the high notes, I had to crunch the reed, and I hate wood in my mouth, aw, yuck! I don't even like to bite into popsicles that have wood sticks. It grew to gross me out. I can't stand wood in my mouth."
His ease with his manhood oozes through every pore of his sheeny, opinionated head when he says the words all women wait to hear. "A lot of people are like, 'I don't like chick flicks.' I'll watch a chick flick, if it's good. I've been meaning to watch this Bridget Jones's Diary. I've seen parts of it. That's a great movie. Then you've got some piece of shit like Autumn in New York with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. This is the worst piece of shit I've seen in my life. All they do is talk about their relationship. Unfuckingbelievable."
Speaking of unfuckingbelievable, Death Metal launches into a tirade about his band's outsider status on the local rock scene. "I keep wondering why I even bother trying to play shows. We played a show at Churchills [5501 NE Second Ave., Miami] where there were like 25 people in the bar, [but] we were playing on the patio to the two or three people that we brought. I threw my bass down and went inside and fucking yelled at a bunch of people and told them what pieces of shit they were for fucking dissing us. 'You people fucking know me and you can't even come out and watch my fucking band,' you know? We haven't played Churchill's since.
"A few people out there say that Radar O'Reilly sucks," he says. "It's unfortunate. We played a couple of shows at Billabong [3000 Country Club Ln., Hallandale Beach] with a couple of bands, and their crowds would go outside... while we played... I don't like that shit. I want to be appreciated just like everybody else."
Disproving the laws of karma, he continues, "I've seen anywhere from 60 to 80 loca - NEW TIMES

And we ain't talkin' Texas: I need to respond to a segment that appeared in the cover story about Death Metal Douglas by Courtney Hambright ("The je ne sais quoi of DMD," November 11). Austin Carl took some uncalled-for shots at my band, Radar O'Reilly. It's one thing to say we suck (always consider the source); it's quite another to impugn our reputation and effectively tell every club owner in town we're not worth booking. We play our hearts out and put everything we've got into shows. We have a great working relationship with a lot of local bands and clubs (all due to Death Metal Doug's tireless support for the South Florida music scene). We thought we had a good relationship with Austin until he mysteriously blew us off.
I guess having Radar provide sound, work the door, book three to five great local acts (such as Trapped by Mormons, Pandabite, Creepy T's, Vibradunct, Backlash, Mr. Entertainment, and the Numb Ones) while stuffing his cash register full of money was just too great a burden for Austin to bear.
As the songwriter in Radar O'Reilly, I have to have to take issue with the line about "there's no continuity." This is the mother of all throwaway terms, used by twits to cover up the fact that they know nothing about music. To fault a band for wanting to work in a couple of different styles, rather than one blanket sound, is one of the most serious problems with music today. Call me a classic-rock head, but did people complain when Led Zeppelin or the Who would go from a balls-out rocker into blues number into a trippy psychedelic tune? The temptation here, of course, is to say that Radar O'Reilly is no Led Zep or the Who! I agree, but we do try to follow some of the time-tested formulas of quality rather than worry about "continuity." DMD RULES!
Righteous Richard
Pompano Beach

Few local bands can claim a stronger love/hate relationship with the world than Radar O'Reilly. It's hard to say where exactly it fits into the heavy metal world, though due to its outspokenness, it may be somewhere near classic/stoner rock. At least it ain't nü-metal, emo, or pop-punk. I'll tell you this (since I'm no longer allowed to talk about the tits at Gumwrappers): Radar O'Reilly has been quiet since this fine journal reported on some locals who were not "keen" on Radar O'Reilly bassist Death Metal Douglas' commitment to South Florida's music scene. Now it's your chance to be the freakin' judge! Whatever it is that the Radar does — be it play too long, love too hard, or dream of snappier garments — it's gonna be live, and it's gonna be loud. That's all you need.
Radar O'Reilly performs with Friendly Fire and Pyrohypnotik at 10 p.m. Saturday, January 21, at Gumwrappers, 3233 N. Ocean Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. There's a $5 cover for men. Call 954-565-9264.

With its low-end rumble courtesy of bassist Death Metal Douglas, Radar O'Reilly has pounded onto South Florida's music scene. And now, it's time for Douglas to do some pounding of his own. This Saturday night, the Billabong Pub (3000 Country Club Ln., Hallandale Beach) hosts the bassist's birthday bash, featuring performances by Radar O'Reilly, Mr. Entertainment, and several other local bands.
Along with the stoner rock of Radar O'Reilly and the impossible-to-pigeonhole-but-somewhat-punk music of Mr. Entertainment, you'll get to hang in a beer lover's paradise. Heck, we even named the Billabong for Best Beer Selection in last year's Best Of edition. While you're there, get a glass of Hoegaarden. You won't be disappointed. Unless, of course, you're one of those freaks who prefers Budweiser or Miller to other beers. If that's the case, there's really no hope for you. But, hey, it's all about the music anyway, right? Call 954-985-1050. -- Dan Sweeney

- New Times

Heavy-metal assassins Radar O'Reilly answer the morbid yet thought-provoking question:
What songs would you like played at your funeral?
Righteous Richard: The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away"
Death Metal Douglas: Mission of Burma's "Einstein's Day"
J.Germeister Jeremiah: AC/DC's "Sin City"
Asked about the choices, Jeremiah explained: "They're just good, beer-drinkin', rockin' party tunes!" -- Audra Schroeder
Catch Radar O'Reilly and Back Lash at 10 p.m. Saturday, June 12, at Club M, 2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Call 954-925-8396, or visit www.radaroreilly.com.
originally published: June 10, 2004

New hope for the local music scene comes in the form of an ex-strip club.

By Jason Budjinski
Article Published Sep 14, 2006

But like any venue, the G has its critics, the most vocal being the band Radar O Reilly, Broward's purveyors of unapologetically loud rock. New Times spoke with the band's bassist, Death Metal Douglas, who complained that Garrow made him lower the volume on his amp. But his two bandmates had their own grievances as well. All three band members sent their comments via e-mail.

"People who don't like their rock loud have absolutely no business booking live rock bands — end of fucking story," the band wrote.
Guitarist/vocalist Righteous Richard took issue with the time slot Radar O Reilly was given. "The third and final show we played, Chrissy and Dean decided to put us on at 2, even though we were supposed to go on at 12... We had people that came as early as 11 (possibly the only ones spending any money at the bar). Luckily, Friendly Fire saved the evening by letting us have their 1 a.m. slot."
Drummer Sense Sensational pulled no punches while summing up his band's view. "Dean had it in for us right after we played our first show," Sense writes. "I think he was jealous of us because he's a talentless wannabe."
Asked about Sense's comments, Garrow replies: "Who?"
Sensational let on that his friend TV (of the band Childproof) had his own issues with the G. A day later, he sent over his own e-mailed gripe.
"Death Metal Douglas asked my band Childproof to play his birthday," TV writes. "After waiting around three hours, we finally started sound-checking. Chrissy, a woman dressed like a stripper, bitches at us to 'Turn that guitar down!' Jason, our guitarist, is actually somewhat hearing-impaired in one ear. So even if he would've listened to her, he couldn't hear her. She made no attempt to address us politely and obviously doesn't know what a sound-check is."
Vision says it was a simple case of a band being disrespectful. "When I asked him to turn his amp down, he stood there looking at me," she says. "Chris Lee was next to me. I asked him, 'Am I being disrespected here?' He nodded. I asked another person who agreed. So I told the band to take their stuff and go."
Childproof was sent packing; they weren't allowed to play that night. Though it's nothing TV has lost any sleep over. He has no intention of going back to the club.
"I really wonder why you're writing about Scumwrappers," TV writes. "It's the shittiest, shadiest, crappiest venue in town and no one even goes there. Is this feature for a 'Worst Of' issue? I might pee my pants if Knickers Down gets the cover."
Relax, dude. Check the front page — your pants can stay dry. Besides, it's Vision who has the most to worry about; it's her livelihood on the line.
"All I wish right now is that everyone would unite instead of attacking each other," Vision says. "Our scene is so dire, the last thing we need is infighting."
Right. That stuff's best left to Internet message boards. Sure, the G may not be the Ritz. But it's here. It's ours, it's what we make of it — just like every other local music venue. Again, roll your eyes if you must. Keep being jaded. Just don't complain when the only clubs left charge 20 bucks at the door. Besides, there's plenty of music on the Internet.

- New Times

Letters from the issue of Thursday, December 2, 2004
And get your knife outta my back:

I am responding to Courtney Hambright's November 11 cover story written about me and my band Radar O'Reilly ("The je ne sais quoi of DMD"). We are shocked and disgusted by the comments made by Austin Carl, who books live music at the Billabong.
None of us would make a big deal if he had just criticized our music. Sure, I would go around saying the guy is clueless and would not know Killing Joke from Killdozer. Would I care that much? Not really. He crossed the friggin' line and went way further than that. Why not just tell every club owner in the area that not only do we suck musically but also we are inconsiderate stage hogs, we don't bring in a decent-sized crowd, and no band will gig with us? Sounds like "blackballing" to me. The guy vindictively slaughtered us on four different levels in one short paragraph, and some people expect me to take that? What stone did this asshole leave unturned? Do we beat people up? Do we ritually screw chickens before performances? What else?
The truth of the matter is that of the three shows we played at the Billabong (between December 2003 and February 2004) two were packed, and he made an assload at the bar. We provided sound, booked the bands (without force), and packed the place, and Austin Assclown decides to bump us (twice) from previously booked shows. Then he would not return my calls! He would not book us again because his indie "cronies" had enough of us outsiders cramping their superficial style. The guy runs into me recently and acts as though we are old friends. I considered playing the Billabong again, and now this?! We were nothing but nice to him, and this lowlife has screwed us not once but twice! The guy is a total backstabbing piece of shit!
Death Metal Douglas
Fort Lauderdale
- New Times

The show kicked off with FAWKES ARCADIA, a young punk band boasting a 3-piece horn section in their set. The punk/ska blend has certainly has potential; with a little more time in studio these guys will certainly be a force in indie music for years to come.

They were followed by THREE IN ONE, who really engaged the crowd with their female fronted take on alt-rock. Good crowd interaction kept everyone interested and made them a top contender in this competition.

Third up was RADAR O REILLY. This high energy band with a pleasantly-spastic bass player and super intense drummer caught the crowd off guard and woke the drowsy crowd. With ‘Apparent Minutemen’ influence, this three-piece was well on their way to the next round

unless SEA OF BLACK could prove otherwise. These veterans are seasoned music pros from way back. They rocked hard and put on a great show for everyone in earshot.

The next two slots were filled by MOONLIGHT VANITY and THE LIFESTREAM. Both bands interacted with the crowd, many of whom were there to see them. They drew some heavy fan votes and also made a fine play for the next round “In the Trenches” in the Bodog Battle to end them all.

MOON MANNY BAND closed the show. They had recently lost their bass player, so the lead guitar player filled in on bass duties and traded that job with the lead singer/rhythm guitar player from time to time. They maintain excellent musicianship and were a fine closer to a night of exceptionally talented artists.

When the smoke cleared the two winners were announced. We would like to congratulate RADAR O REILLY for placing second and our top qualifier THREE IN ONE who simply stole the show and proved they are ready to take their act to the next level, “IN THE TRENCHES”.

WILD CARD WINNERS are still being considered and will be announced following the tally of crowd voting for the fan favorite. Please visit www.bodogmusic.com for wildcard winners and check your band profiles to see if you advance as a wildcard.

Thanks for all of your efforts in making this such a successful event and keep watching for updates and event information in the coming weeks.

Your partner in truly independent music,

Berlin – London – Philadelphia – Toronto – Vancouver

© 2006 BodogMusic(TM), All rights reserved. 7223 Bands enlisted, 165291 Fans enlisted
- BoDogMusis.com

By: Mike Sokoloff
From the very first guitar lick to the final cymbal crash six hours later, excitement filled the air of a packed house at Revolution. This was City Wide Warfare where over 1000 supportive fans migrated to see 12 of the very best bands this region has to offer.
RAGING GEISHA kicked the show into full swing. The bands signature sound, sexy front lady, and elevated energy set a high standard for the 11 bands to follow.
THE REMNANTS came out next with defiant fists in the air. The ever confident foursome plowed through a mind numbing set filled with rage, energy, sultry vocals, and punk rock attitude!

Third on the bill was RADAR O REILLY and not scared of a little competition, they stepped it up big time. With a flurry of fans sporting shirts and waving banners, Radar jolted them with some intense rock ‘n’ roll!

The one and only hip hop group of the night was up next. THE MADD ASSASSINZ had the place bumping! Tons of fans supported them by wearing their t-shirts and ‘putting their two’s up.’ They were mighty impressive, but 8 bands still remained!
Throughout this competition SEASONS LOST has brought a mass of people to the shows and tonight was no different. The band then proceeded to pulverize the audience with their hard rock, killer licks, and awesome front man until the place exploded into a massive mosh pit.
Bringing it down a few decibels, THE SOUNDBOARD took stage next. Aware of the intensity of this competition, they knew they had to give it their all to be considered a top contender, and they did! They poured their hearts out to a receptive audience and mesmerized the standing room only crowd.
A real show stopper was BIG BANG RADIO. They offered up an amazing serving of music and ability, style, and an energized front man, which was just the right combination of ingredients the judges were looking for.
KARMA had a lot to live up to after that set, but that didn’t worry them in the least. True professionals in this game, the band stunned audience and judges alike with a marketable sound that has made them huge stars in South Africa and beyond.
SELF RUN WILL then took center stage with guns a-blazin’. The bands remarkable sound had 1000 pairs of eyes glued to them as audience members danced, sang along, and had a terrific time while helping lead singer Mike celebrate his birthday in style.
If energy is what the judges were looking for, then PYROJET was the band to bring it. These four veteran punk musicians have molded their sound into something precious while their stage show gets the crowd hyped up. All in all, they are ready for the airwaves,.
PULSE did a superb job of keeping the momentum going, even as the very long day started winding down and some of the audience started clearing the room.
The musical portion of the evening was closed out with A NEW START. Throwing shirts and beach balls into the crowd, the band gave their all with a pop punk set that enthralled their fans.
When the smoke cleared, only one winner was announced. We would like to congratulate BIG BANG RADIO who simply stole the show and proved they are ready to take their act to the nationwide finals!
Thanks for all of your efforts in making this such a successful event and keep watching for updates and event information in the coming weeks.
Your partner in Independent Music,
Berlin – London – Philadelphia – Toronto – Vancouver

- BoDogMusic.com

(CHURCHILLS, MIAMI / NOV. 12th, 2006)
By: Mike Sokoloff
NoVanity started off the second night of In the Trenches with a kick. It hasn't been that long since they played their first real show, but they are sure to satisfy anyone who needed a metal fix. They were followed by ThreeInOne, who kept the crows satisfied as they rocked it hard with their heavy riffs and nice stage show.

Radar O Reilly kicked the show into full gear when they took stage, combining relentless drumming topped with sick bass effects, killer guitar, and screeching vocals.

THE MADD ASSASSINZ played fourth, and the crowd really packed in to watch them. They gave an excellent performance with five members blending soulful harmonies and smooth hip hop with clever lyrics.

The SoundBoard followed and proved that they had what it takes to be a top contender in this competition. The five-piece had the crowd in the palm of their hands with their catchy hooks and excellent song writing.
Up next was hip hop outfit Southern Dollars. They put on a good show and utilized their thirty minutes to their full advantage.

A NEW START was next at bat and they made a good impression on the crowd with their pop-punk, before the mono-syllabically titled F closed out the night. This band has been around for over 20 years and always is a crowd pleaser with their excellent stage show and comedic songs.

When the smoke cleared the two winners were announced. We would like to congratulate The SoundBoard, Radar O Reilly, and A NEW START for placing second, third, and fourth, and our top qualifier THE MADD ASSASSINZ who really proved they are ready to face the other top bands in the city at the next level, CITY WIDE WARFARE.

Thanks for all of your efforts in making this such a successful event and keep watching for updates and event information in the coming weeks.

Your partner in Independent Music,

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We are busy tring to complete our first CD after over 5 years as a band. We have enough material for 3 CD's easily. The raw demos are on the mp3 part of our website radaroreilly.com that takes you directly to our Myspace site. We think they sound pretty killer so far.



Radar O’ Reilly is 3-piece rock band that consists of Righteous Richard (vocals, guitar), Death Metal Douglas (bass, vocals - who was on the cover of the Broward New Times in Nov '04) and Sence*Sational (drums, vocals). Radar O’ Reilly has been at it since the middle of 2002 and could be defined more by what it is not rather than what it actually is. This group is proud of the fact that there is nary a trace of nu metal, pop-punk, emo, rap rock/metal or indie rock (well maybe a slight touch) to be found. "Classic Rawk", "Jam Band" and/or "Stoner Rock" fit the motif rather nicely. Fans of hard rock acts such as Monster Magnet, Deep Purple, The Flaming Lips, Queens of the Stone Age, Urge Overkill, Cream, The Who, Led Zep, Cactus and many others (too numerous to mention) may be the ever-lucky populace to benefit from the Radar vibe as it penetrates the sonic astroturf!! Richard ,Douglas and Sence's vocal harmonies put most area acts to shame.

The group has performed at various hi-profile schmoozefests including the CITYLINK FEST, the F*ck the Patriot benefit, The "62 Musicians for 62 Years" Dave Daniels of Churchills Birthday Bash, the Miami Rockfest, Bodog Battle of the Bands(finalist) and (last but definitely not least) the annual Death Metal Douglas Birthday Bash.