Rad Bromance

Rad Bromance


Rad Bromance, The #1 All-Male Lady Gaga Tribute Band is a band of 5 guys that dedicate their time to make Lady Gaga rock covers for you. Live shows include lots of energy, silly string, toilet paper, flamboyancy, cock, and even a gorilla!


Rad Bromance, being a Lady Gaga Tribute Band obviously take influence from Lady Gaga, but when arranging the songs in a more hard rock form, we take influence from a wide variety of artists from Motley Crue to A Day To Remember. We all met by touring across the nation in a group called The School of Rock All-Stars playing classic rock covers like King Crimson, Zappa, etc. We wanted to do something more modern and that would get us girls so we started Rad Bromance. Please check out all of our pictures, music, and anything else your heart desires at http://www.myspace.com/radbromance.



Set List

Any song from Lady Gagas Discography. Set changes every night.