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"EP Review"

Over the years, the term "hippie music" has come to mean meandering jams with guitar solos that can be timed with an hourglass. But during the first generation of the 20th century's most hirsute social movement, the phrase also applied to the tuneage of antic folk loons with a fondness for musical and lyrical absurdity — and that's the tradition the Radical Knitting Circle revives. (Ben Gallagher) sings like a stoned Muppet, while bandmates (Brian Esau), Alex Venetucci and Elliott Leslie support him with a sound that combines whimsy and semi-controlled chaos. The combination's a lot of fun on the likes of "Washing Machine Blues," which references "uranium perfume" that locals will soon be "bleedin'...out their assholes." It's hippie music the way it used to be: entertainingly bizarre. - Denver Westword

"Radical Knitting Circle review at Old Main Chapel (Nov. 12)"

Audience About 100, mostly filling the venue.

Boulder-based Radical Knitting Circle had the crowd giggling during their 45 minute set. Their two vocalists, Brian Esau and Benjamin Gallagher went back and forth singing lyrics that bordered on silly. Gallagher's raspy and low vocals at times were reminiscent of the Cookie Monster--in the best way possible. His vocals complimented Esau's falsetto and forceful wails. Their songs were broken into many pieces, recalling the likes of Head of Femur or The Unicorns. Their upright bass, played by Elliott Leslie, was jazzy, strangely fitting with the synthesizer lines played by Gallagher and guitar solos played by Esau. It is hard to pinpoint a genre for Radical Knitting Circle. Each part of each song sounded like a different one and it seems as though that's exactly what they're going for--an eclectic, quirky set that keeps the crowd guessing.

Highlight: "Stilts" was filled with great harmonies between Gallagher and Esau and the line "The suburbs blow everywhere" got the crowd laughing.

Reminded me of The Unicorns -- quirky lyrics, high and low dueling vocals and fractured songs. - Boulder Daily Camera


Radical Knitting Circle-EP- 2008
Thrift Store Sweater- Consumption & Upheaval-2006
Believe You Me- 2006



Radical Knitting Circle has successfully dragged the river and found the remains of an old soul full of heartbreak and hammered fingernails, lost constituencies and the poetry of a hymn. On finding this fortune, they have pieced together a sound both raucous yet melodic, traditional though progressive. Drawing on the captive imagination of the 20th century American heart, RKC infuses folk-rock, jazz, and the wavering immigrant’s song to create something both challenging and beautifully entertaining for the listener. Lyrical and humorous, with an uninhibited social, political and human commentary, yet always contemplative goes the narrative of their songwriting, performance and exposition. RKC paints a unique and vivid picture of a life less ordinary. RKC is a dynamic and unique quartet of well-versed, ambitious musicians and songwriters who take their craft seriously, not their egos. This talented group keeps the listener guessing, while remembering their audience's prejudice and proclivity - allowing them boogie while arching over backwards in a musical effort to keep them on their toes! RKC often reinterprets their own music as well as the occasional cover, giving their fans an added reason to return for the next show.
With diverse backgrounds comes there diverse musical palette. Brian Esau studied classical guitar before diving headlong into classical Indian music, studying with world renowned sitar guru, Roshan Bhartiya. Ben Gallagher played piano from a young age, dabbling in guitar along the way while tirelessly studying the craft of songwriting. Alex Venetucci, played punk music until he attended Berkely School of Music, studying world rhythms and hand percussion, leaving with a whole new approach to the drum kit. Elliot Leslie joined the group after the other three had been involved in previous projects for years, finally tieing the whole spectrum together with a grounding, melodic and moving low end on upright and electric bass.
Energetic live shows have packed venues such as the B.Side Lounge and Walnut Room, and Mercury Cafe while more intimate shows at the Laughing Goat and Mercury Café have proven equally eloquent. RKC has also garnered local radio play on both Boulder Community Radio, KGNU, and Boulder Free Radio, KBFR, (including live, in-studio performances on both), as well as CU Radio 1190. With an undeniable love of songwriting, performing and pushing their stylistic boundaries, RKC is determined to leave an indelible mark on the local scene and beyond.