Radical Phoenixx

Radical Phoenixx

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Music Artist & Performer recently featured in JAY- Z’s “PICASSO BABY: A Performance Art Film” - Currently working on her Solo Music Project & spreading awareness of her movement which embraces individuality & tolerance of all people called "PROJECT RADICAL”. This group includes all people who support her music & endeavors as a creative. Her music is a patchwork of her love for different music genres & styles all brought to life in her voice, dance movement,
& fashion to reflect who she is.


Born with a style all her own, Jordann A. Fisher, known as the "Radical Phoenixx", hails from the Bronx, NY. With her daring mother, who's originally from Jamaica, she relocated to West Palm Beach, FL and continued her career of dancing, choreographing, singing, and modeling at XCL Productions & Entertainment. You will commonly hear stories of Jordann performing impromptu for family, and bystanders alike at an early age with pure vigor and exuberance. In her teenage years she was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor, which presently presents medical challenges to this day. Through all of her medical setbacks she has emerged even more determined and leaps towards a future dictated by herself, not her ailing health. With a fighting spirit, she commonly reminds herself she is the determining factor of her lifes outcome . As you peel the layers of Radicals life and personality you discover a world of creativity, triumph, determination, and most of allraw talent. From fashion to social rights Radicals ideals are far from the norm. Providing a canvas of storytelling through the art of entertainment is her life passion. Radical Phoenixx's journey is one not to be missed; she invites you to join her along the ride as she knows through God's grace, the outcome will be a victorious.


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