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Current Issue: VOL. 2 - NO. 6 June 15th – July 14th, 2006

By: Melody Geear

Radium is an idiosyncratic band consisting of unique talents, notable influences and a classic rock sound to boot. Armed with a left-hand guitarist, jazz trained drummer and bow playing bassist, the phrase “typical rock band” does not apply here. Their sound encompasses influences like Rush and Led Zepplin and mixes it with such current bands as Tool, Placebo and The Mars Volta.

Driven by such songs as “The Lonely Couch”, Radimus’s explosive power as a rock trio is truly evident. Obsessive lyrics, determined beats and raw vocals lend to a full and hopelessly arresting sound. Lyrics to “Footwork for a Grave” show the potential of classic songs that can’t get out of one’s head. Emotive vocals lay the foundation for a dark and stimulating journey. The influences of Tool ring true on “Nightmare”. Forceful rhythms and raspy guitar are reminiscent of the band during their darker nineties period. Radimus’s tracks also have a unique true-to-live sound unlike many over manipulated recordings out today. This allows a truer sense of their real talent and intrigues the listener to check them out in a club.

All round, Radium packs a powerhouse of pure talent and a combination of creative and eclectic musicianship. Classic rock and alt-rock fans alike will relate to this distinctive band.

- Northeast Intune Magazine


Radimus EP self released 5 song demo


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the five years of their existence, Radimus has evolved into an intense, creative rock act. The band formed in New Paltz, a small upstate New York town, somewhere between New York City and the legendary Woodstock. Much like Radimus itself, New Paltz is no ordinary town. A place of progress and change, it made national headlines when Green Party mayor, Jason West, became famous for pushing the boundaries of politics and standing up for his morals. Radimus' music reflects the core values of this town, with the band even playing a show in the mayor's home. Each of their songs is a well crafted piece of musical energy, flowing, progressing into new melodic dimensions. Dual vocals further increase the flavor and potential of the band, with Evan Chapman gracefully singing in the higher registers picking up where Dan Curci leaves off. There is no simple formula, as each song is an entity of its own. The boundaries and limitations of modern music do not apply here, only imagination and feeling.

Radimus recorded their first EP in early 2005 at Soundcheck Studios in Highland, New York. It was mixed and produced by the band independently. The response of the EP and their live shows has been overwhelmingly positive. While touring the local music scene, they have opened for an assorted group of bands, such as E-Town Concrete, Flywheel, and The Radiators. No matter who the crowd, the music is diverse enough to satisfy all kinds of musical tastes. The major influences of the band would be The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley, while comparisons have been made to Coheed and Cambria and Tool.