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Hialeah, Florida, United States | SELF

Hialeah, Florida, United States | SELF
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"The Best Local Albums of 2009, Part Three of Four"

Radio Drama
Radioboxer, which formed right here in the Magic City from the remnants of a previous incarnation called Falaz, has earned a strong fanbase around town thanks to their honesty and sincerity. And of course, because they really rock out. The band crafts alternative yarns built on thoughtful storytelling, while still grinding out distorted chops and meandering through dreamy, noodling melodies.

Recorded in the City of Progress' very own The Shack North Studios, this 12-track album varies stylistically from song to song, but remains cohesive in its unrelenting shimmering. "Radio Broke My Heart" charges along until the chorus whisks you to a No Doubt show circa '92. "Placebo Effect" haunts with breathy vocals and quirky synths. "The Killer" is a song befitting a soundtrack -- Desperado, perhaps. "Don't Shoot at Me" is a melodic acoustic ballad with pointedly clever lyrics. And those are only a few highlights. -- - Miami New Times

"Radioboxer with Lavola at the Annex in Hialeah, August 13"

With Lavola
The Annex, Hialeah
Saturday, August 13

Better Than: Not going to a warehouse party where Radioboxer and Lavola are going to rock out.

The Review:
Saturday was keyboardist Gian Nicolaci's birthday, and this week is bassist Jota Dazza's, so naturally, the Radioboxer gang celebrated the only way the would make any sense at all, with what they dubbed a Keg and Cake Party! Yes, there was in fact a keg, and indeed, cake too. And the whole thing went down at in the band's rehearsal studio and where the recorded their debut Radiodrama, The Shack North, huddled amidst rows of warehouses in Hialeah on Friday night, and featured a pair of performances as intense as the setting was intimate.

Of course, before any of that could be taken in, we had to make our way through the City of Progress, a journey which on this particular occasion, involved an all-lanes detour into a DUI checkpoint in a Banco Popular's parking lot on 103rd Street (which, I guess, is also 49th ... for some reason that no Hialeah city planner could properly explain).

"Have you ever had your license suspended before?" the officer asked me as called it in on his walkie.

"Not in some years," I replied.

"Were you arrested that time?"

"No sir," I answered truthfully. "Not that time."

They never did ask if I'd been drinking, and luckily, I had forgone prelims. All was well in the end of this encounter, though. In another 10 minutes, we were mulling about the parking lot outside the studio, enjoying keg beer, anticipating a great show, and chatting with the other attendees, like another badass local act (and winner of this year's New Times Best Songwriter), Boxwood.

Some time around midnight (the details become fuzzy where kegs and red Solo cups are concerned), West Palm rockers Lavola took the stage. Comprised of vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Julian Cires, drummer Brian Weinthal, and bassist Matt Hanser, this three-piece indie-art rock outfit really do fill out the stage. They opened with a large, atmospheric and very nearly hypnotic guitar loop built on one of Cires' pedals and awash in chorus. Listen to their stuff, it sounded a little like the beginning of "We Were Heroes For the Day," only much bigger, a wall of sound buffeting the crowd. Then they broke into "The Queen is Dead."

Hard, driving, guitar-driven rock pierced by Cires' high-pitched vocals are the norm for Lavola. And it's shocking really, reconciling what they put down live with the fact that they've been performing together a very short time. This is undoubtedly a band to watch.

Following that (and a brief break just long enough to refill your Solo cup and have a smoke or two), Radioboxer kicked their show off. And as ever, the Hialeah-based alt-rockers who won Reader's Choice in our Best of Miami issue last year did not disappoint. No, they straight up killed it.

Led by charismatic vocalist Vanne Dazza, who has all the energy onstage of a small supernova, the birthday boys, guitarist Esteban Gomez and drummer Tekilla 23 ripped into their set with "The Long Goodbye," followed by "GMV" and the anthemic "Go Home." They covered the Pixies' "Gigantic" and Breeder's "Cannonball," with Vanne screaming into a bullhorn. They played the new single they've recorded for their followup album "Elephant Heart" and closed with a two song encore, "Bolero," at the urging of the crowd, And "Placebo Effect."

Warehouse party, keg, brief encounter with the cops that ended well and oh-so-much rock. It was a hell of a birthday celebration, to be sure.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Freakin' love me some Radioboxer!

Random Detail: Jota and Vanne Dazza are presently in Colombia, where they've lined up some radio interviews and other promo ops.

The Long Goodbye
Go Home
Elephant Heart
Last Hero
Placebo Effect

By the Way: Fooled you, coppers. I was arrested that time my license was suspended! Or was I...? - Miami New Times

"RADIOBOXER: Sensacion Bipolar"

Diversión inesperada: eso es lo que puedes esperar de esta banda estadounidense que visita Colombia esta semana.

Si buscabas armonías que destemplaran el actual universo de Gagas y sexo vía reggaeton probablemente Radioboxer sea la alternativa. Aunque no aseguremos una salud mental estable tras oír cortes como Placebo Effect de su primer trabajo Radiodrama, será inevitable dividirse entre la voz delicadamente rasgada de Vanne, su vocalista líder, y la aceleración que imprime el resto de la banda, acoplados en un desenfrenado rock que no genera indiferencia alguna. Radioboxer tiene mucho para asegurarse un lugar en el mainstream actual.

Oriundos de Hialeah (Florida) su corta vida les ha permitido ser catalogados como una refrescante promesa por diferentes medios de comunicación. Y llegan a Bogotá en promoción para demostrar que las épocas de Miami Vice vuelven con más acción y sensualidad.

- Camaleon


Radioboxer is an indie rock / pop band formed at the end of 2008 in Miami.

The band consists of Vanessa (vocals), J Dazza (bass), Gian (keyboards), Esteban (guitar), Santos (guitar) and Tekila 23 (drums).

Vanessa describes their music as “not exactly a Latin rock band rather something trapped between Latin sounds and indie rock“ while J Dazza describes their music as “electronic-driven with hints of country [and] straight-forward rock sounds…”

Their debut album Radio Drama is being released independently on 2009 and has been said to be “clever and unexpected variety in styles coaxed to meld together in harmonious union”.

Radioboxer’s music has been defined by the local media as “A very talented patient at the psych ward with multiple personality disorder” and they’ve also been dubbed “one of Miami’s Coolest Bands”.

Keep a lookout for them- they seem to have a winning formula for success.

Enjoy their video for ‘Radio Broke My Heart’ below


yours in musical madness
- Musical Mover

"A Night with RADIOBOXER"

A friend recently asked me to swing by Tobacco Road and check out an event that promised to feature great live music and flamboyant theatrics in a charming and intimate setting. If I was at any point on the fence about this, the decision was finalized with the mentions of a waived cover charge and a delicious cake. Done deal.
Upon arriving, it appeared I had stepped into an odd wedding set up with musicians doubling as actors. A saxophone-toting minister, a disheveled bride strumming an acoustic guitar, a very dapper drummer (and perhaps best man) and a fiery groom were all setting the scene. Their music was relatively harmless and seemed to serve as interludes for the clusterfuck of yelling, stomping and reconciling that followed. Soon enough, my beer was just about done, and so were they. I’m pretty sure someone got
Throughout this folksy soap-opera, the second band of the evening, Radioboxer, was lugging their equipment through the crowd in a marginally-admirable attempt at being
clandestine and attentive. I say marginal because their unfettered air of untamed bad-assery was pretty hard to ignore. Without getting too into it, I felt like I was looking at The Strokes Lite. Between their calculated image and their name encroaching dangerously close to Radiohead, I tried my best not to let my prejudices sink them before they set sail. Besides, if they were so great, why hadn’t I heard of them? Before that sentiment finished materializing itself in my mind, they blitzed on-stage. The onslaught
was on.
From the very beginning of their set they held a very modest crowd by the throat. The attack was helmed by their front-woman, a bubbling mixture of chemicals reaching critical mass. The sinister charisma was undeniable. She was definitely one of those people you develop distant crushes on, but don’t pursue, because they could, you know, crush you. She utilized streamers; confetti and a megaphone transform a small group of wide-eyed curious onlookers into a formidable, dancing riot. The group reminded me of Metric, for a lot of great reasons, led by an Emily Haines acolyte, if she were Venezuelan. Many of their songs were simultaneously aggressive and infectious, none more than their set closer, a gem I later learned was aptly titled “Placebo Effect”.
The set was short and sweet, in the same way that a rollercoaster ride or death by a firing squad can be described in the same way. The night was over, and I left Tobacco Road overwhelmed, thoroughly impressed, and shaking bits of confetti out of my hair. It didn’t even matter that I didn’t eat any cake. - Kalibreonline

"5 questions with Jota from RADIOBOXER"

When the owners of Wemerge magazine, Dawn and John, proposed that I write an article on Radio Boxer for them, I gladly accepted. I've been following the band for a while and appreciate what they do.

I contacted Jota on the phone and we rapped while I had my tape running. By the end of our conversation I'd gatherd so much great stuff I decided to publish it for Rev. Look out for the piece in Wemerge around mid October. By request I am handing off the introduction to Jota :

"Its a great day for bass players all over the world. As one of us gets the interview instead of the charismatic singers, skilled attention seeking guitar players, lunatic drummers and introvert enigmatic keyboard players. Some people call the bass player "the loser of the band" but RevMiami knows better. We are truly the hidden treasures of rock and roll. Except Flea from the RHCP, that motherfucker is every fucking where." (having said that, all members of Radioboxer are integral parts of the band and I love them.)

Steve: I understand you guys have a show in November at Cinema Paradiso, is that a show you will be playing indoors?

Jota: Yeah, that’s correct. We played there around May of this year for the Auteur Explosion and we played outside. But there was another band that was playing inside and it was really cool. Since then we always wanted to play inside cause we’re always looking for cool places like that to play.

S: It is a really neat venue. I know you guys typically have gimmicks for your shows; do you have anything special planned for this show?

J: Yeah we definitely are, I want to see if we can use the projector. We have some other things in mind, we usually don’t ask for permission but we have to check it all out with the people in charge because it is such an elegant venue. We will check about the confetti or the balloons and go ahead and use it.

S: I was looking at your Youtube station and found all of these cool promotional videos you did for the show at the Annex. Who came up with the idea to make those vids?

Jota and Radio Boxer
J: I usually come up with the ideas for advertising stuff; since I studied production I have a good idea how to make them. I actually don’t work in production and exercise my degree but I know how to do it and I like to put the videos together and stuff like that. We always try to come up with different stuff to promote, and the other members of the band roll with the punches and come up with some cool stuff too. Somebody will come up with an idea and if we like it we go for it, and we do get a lot of help from our friends which is nice.

S: I really enjoy them; they are all so different but tie in together nicely.

J: Initially they were for the album release. We’re actually going to make some more but expand the concept for our mini tour. We are playing in St. Petersburg on Halloween, Hard Rock in Las Vegas November 19, and Los Angeles on November 21. So we have these couple of shows in these other cities, we want to organize it as a mini tour and come up with more videos to promote in those cities. We want to post those videos in a blog and try to get the local press to notice them, to create a buzz. The Halloween party in St. Petersburg is going to be amazing because we have some people there that are helping us out so we’re really looking forward to taking our act outside of Miami.

S: What other plans do you guys have going on locally?

J: We’re playing Saturday September 26th at PS14 with Huma Rojo, they are a really amazing band. On October 9th we’re going to be on the local morning show on NBC. November 14th we’re at Churchill’s. Later in the year we’re doing a radio show called Sound Theory, it’s a live program where bands play live. We’re going to do a theatrical drama, like a soap opera on the radio. We’re going to have a story and put our songs there, but we want to do something different, which is what we always try to do. We try to find a balance between playing a good sound and doing something different, because you get bored of playing the same songs. People get bored too, last year we played once every weekend. So we try to give people a little extra so they pay more attention and we have fun in the process of doing it too.

S: It sounds like a good plan. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

J: My pleasure, thank you too. - Revmiami


Radio Drama (2009)

Magic City Ruse (2011)



Radioboxer is an indie rock / power pop band formed in 2009 in Hialeah FL. The six piece is lead by the wildly charismatic Vanessa on the vocals, J Dazza (bass), Gian (keyboards), Esteban (guitar), Santos (guitar) and Tekila 23 (drums). Within less than a year the band became a main player on the South Florida’s underground scene due to their unique sound and their extremely energetic and highly theatrical live performances.

Their debut album RADIO DRAMA was released independently on 2009 and has been described as “a very talented patient at the psych ward with multiple personality disorder” by critics due to its diversity of influences and rhythms passing from punk to pop to Latin and country in a seamless fashion.

The band follow up "Magic City Ruse" (out on April 1 2011) is a different more pop oriented direction which the band affectionately named Bi-Polar Pop. Radioboxer signed with Flower Blade Blade Records on 2011 and have continued to grow their fan base reaching thousands of fans around the world.

“Radioboxer Is One of Miami's Coolest Bands”
"Best Band Of Miami Award 2009"
-Miami New Times

“ A little bit No Doubt, little bit White Stripes, and a whole lotta fun. “
-NBC (miami)

“The most intriguing thing about Radioboxer is that they are willing to defy traditional boundaries”

“What do you get when combine the influences of bands like Modest Mouse, Aterciopelados, and Pink Floyd? The answer is Radioboxer.”
-Miami Herald

"A very talented patient at the psych ward with multiple personality disorder"

“Not only is their music energetic but their performances will blow you away.”
-Metropolis (MDC Wolfson Campus)