Radio City

Radio City

 Emporia, Kansas, USA

Like Nickleback never happened.


Radio City is a rock band from Kansas.

Radio City is in no way influenced by the rock band Kansas.

Radio City is aware that Wyatt Earp lived in Kansas.

Radio City has been described as “Tom Petty meets The Replacements.”

Radio City does not agree or disagree with this statement.

Radio City is like Nickleback never happened.

Radio City performed at the 2009 Kansas City Roller Warriors Valentine’s Day Bout. Their significant others were not amused.

Radio City released an EP in 2009, titled Tonight’s Not The Night. They made it themselves. This inspired regional music critics to make profound observations such as, “It sounds like they made it themselves.”

Radio City nonetheless convinced SideCho Media/SideCho Records to distribute the EP through various digital media outlets.

Radio City heard themselves on the radio a couple of times.

Radio City has appeared at approximately 100 shows since the release of the EP. They performed relatively well at exactly 74 ½ of these shows.

Radio City recorded a full length LP with producer Jason McEntire, at Sawhorse Studios, St. Louis, Missouri, in August 2010. It is titled Say Hello To The Weekend. Jason was very patient.

Radio City is friends with Bright Giant and Hotdog Skeletons. They are starting a gang. The gang is going to kill hipsters. Wyatt Earp killed hipsters.

Keep it real.

RC. The Noose. Emporia, Kansas. November 5, 2010.


Speaking With Nothing to Say

Written By: E. Murphy

When he was a young boy
Bouncing easy on his father's knee
The world it seemed an open book
The print was wide and easy to read
Then he grows into a young man
And he despises all the words that he reads
And the pages fade, the lines go grey
Scatter like the leaves from the trees

And I pray someone could free him
But there ain't enough time in the day
While we run from those that need us
We are speaking with nothing to say

When she was a young girl
Her mother's words were ringing so true
One day you will grow to love someone
Love them in the way I love you
Then she grows into a woman
And she's abused by everyman that she trust
Til her faith in love or god above
Crumbles as her hearts starts to rust

And I pray someone could free her
But there ain't enough time in the day
While we run from those that need us

We are speaking with nothing to say

Who are we
At the end of the day

Jesus says to Judas
"Are you gonna make a martyr of me?
Well a friend in need is a friend in deed
Still you long to see me strung from a tree
And your guilt is never ending
And you're exposed for everybody to see
And your days go on like a day to long
You'll be swinging on a limb next to me

And I pray someone will free you
But they're ain't enough time in the day
While I'm kept from those that need me
You are speaking with nothing to say"


Tonight's Not the Night (EP 2009)

Say Hello to the Weekend (LP 2011)

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