Saluting the great traditions of our 70's rock forefathers, Radiocraft turns up the gain on femme-fronted, no-frills rock n roll that hearkens back to the days when music made legends & great songs became immortal.


RADIOCRAFT brings the balls and the ballads, serving up a mix of AC-DC riffage and love-gone wrong bewailing. There are songs with punch, songs with bitter chord progressions and others with Pat Benatar-esque piss and vinegar. - SA, Real Detroit Weekly

The buzz surrounding Radiocraft started in 2002, along with the release of their debut, In Stereo. Recorded by award-winning producer, David Feeny (Blanche), In Stereo was hailed by fans and critics alike as a rare find among indie offerings and Radiocraft found a permanent place as one of Detroit's more notable bands. Shortly thereafter, they expanded on the melodic refrains and smart guitar work that originally put them on the map and enlisted the aid of rock veteran, songwriter and producer Michael Lutz (Brownsville Station, Ted Nugent Band) to help turn up the gain for the self released 2005 sophomore record, RED. Once again, garnering rave reviews from DJs, critics and fans in both the US and Europe, word quickly spread, catching the attention of European rock zines and indie labels and landing the band in various supporting slots for nationals such as Seether, Saliva and Dark New Day. All along, the efforts of both releases were rewarded with a total of eleven Detroit Music Award Nominations in four consecutive years, 2002-2005. But the challenge now would be to do it one better

In the summer of 2006, RED snagged the ear of famed, Grammy-nominated producer, Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, Bon Jovi, etc). Just three months later, the band found themselves in Seattle, WA, at the legendary London Bridge Studios, beginning work on their forthcoming EP - this time with Mr. Parashar at the producerÕs helm. Bigger, Better and Badder were the collective aspirations for the new recordings - and they have achieved it well.

Still with a grand nod to our 70Õs rock forefathers, but with fatter guitars & a bit more Ôtude, this release will prove their best effort yet. This Spring of 2007 will find Radiocraft poised and ready to reacquaint the nation with what Detroit was known for long before Rap music...great Rock n Roll.


- In Stereo - released January 2003
- RED - released January 2005
- (forthcoming EP - Spring of 2007)

Set List

From 1/2 hour to 3 full hours of material. Set times & lengths vary with each show.

Able to perform 3 hours worth of original material alone.

Catalog of over 35 classic rock cover songs including Led Zeppelin, Heart, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy & Deep Purple, among many more.