Radio Dogma is the best rock band in northern Arizona and from what where told by our out of town viewers from as far as portland ,OR to Miami, FL that we rock the stage with our original sound and presence, great music is the life blood of Radio Dogma!!!


Radio Dogma is music at its finest from our wide range of influences from funk, rock, metal to a jazz,progressive,blues.
Radio Dogma is a long awaited dream ,as four friends for many years watched each other in different bands and projects just waiting for the right time, just like a fine wine the time has come for Radio Dogma to give the world what its craving for that is some good rock and roll!
Radio Dogma now of two years has tested the waters in the northern AZ scene and is ready to take on bigger and better venues, with two CDs under there belt and another in the making Radio Dogma is shooting for the stars!
Just like our Influences we all come from a deverse back ground VOCALS: Nathan Trujillo was born in the desert highlands near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has resided everywhere from Miami to Los Angeles. At any given time, Nathan has always been involved in one or more musical projects - either assembling a band, working in the studio or both. A performer since his early teens, Nathan has developed a very refined vocal technique. He brings unmistakable emotion to his lyrics and razor sharp dynamics to his singing approach. DRUMS: Eddy Barattini hails from Rochester, New York. Eddy is a powerful and skillful player, having taken up drums at a young age. He pursued the craft further while attending Hollywood's renowned Percussion Institue of Technology. With European and World tours under his belt, Eddy brings sheer virtuosity and unbridled charisma to the stage. GUITAR: Andy Schulz is from Boston, Massachusetts and brings a healthy dose of the region's famed humor and attitude with him everywhere. Andy has been playing and performing professionally for most of his musical career. He is a graduate of the esteemed Berklee College of Music in his hometown. Andy has extensive experience in Sound Engineering and his hobby is riding his Harley. BASS: Damodara Giazzon, affectionately known to friends as Dom, is a transplant from the Hawaiian Islands. Born in Wailuku, Maui, Dom lived all over the island chain while growing and attended an international school in Baguio City, Philppines. Dom has been playing bass since age 15. He lists Jaco Pastorius and Eric Wilson as his biggest influences.


Radio Dogma"frequences" released 2006
Radio Dogma "Acoustica" released 2007

Set List we bleed ( originals )
2.shallow ways
3.over and over
4.dont save me
5.beautiful pain
6.come back two me belong to me far away
9.coming home
10.paradise i crazy
13.alone free
14 laughter
17.sunday morning
18.under covers
21.sunday morning with you

1.pretty vegas
2.crazy (seal)
3.I dont want to be
4.suck my kiss
6. get inside of you
8.this love
9.crazy (knarls barkley)
10.crazy bitch
11.cold hard bitch
13.vasoline in the box
15.meant to live
16.feeling to damn good
18.walk this way

and many more the set list changes from show to show and depending on the gig determines weather
we play originals or a combination of both, really its all about the originals and the show!!