Radio Electric

Radio Electric

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Radio Electric, a three piece rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is making it their goal to restore the honesty to good old fashioned live rock and roll. A familiar high-energy sound is delivered with a kick in the nuts.


Winnipeg based rockers, Radio Electric, are telling the world why Canadian music isn’t something to be taken lightly. The energy coursing through Konnor Sullivan’s searing riffs and vocals, Chris Nault’s down and dirty bass and Jason DeVries’ percussive onslaught takes cues from Canadian rock legends The Tragically Hip, Big Sugar, Rush and Neil Young; and mixes it with modern up-and-comers like The Trews. With a deep rooting in the blues writing of bands now classified as “classic” rock, the band deftly bridges demographics and entertains crowds of any age with both live performances and studio recordings.
Radio Electric’s debut recording, “File Under Rock” is available for purchase at many independent record stores and conveniently online at the iTunes store.
Currently the band is playing in support of the release of the record, while always developing and writing new material.


The City

Written By: Jason DeVries and Konnor Sullivan of Radio Electric

Just in time for another round (catch my eye), same old bar in this same old town (give it a try), time to pack and head somewhere new (what's your deal?), a lit cigarette and thoughts of you

Take you on the City
You want to get high
Bedroom eyes don't tell no lies, tell no lies

Just take a seat and we'll lay it down (take your time), I kinda like the way that sounds (slow and fine), feelin' crazy cause you make me wild (tubular), We can rock it like it's going out of style

Take you on the city
You want to get high
Bed room eyes Don't

Take you on the City
You want to get High
Bedroom eyes don't tell no lies, tell no lies, tell no lies

Let It Bleed

Written By: Radio Electric

Gas tank is empty, I'm running on fumes,
Got to keep it rollin', in Motel Rooms,

Let it Bleed
Let it Bleed to the bone
Let it bleed
Burnin' Out drinkin' Alone

My Motivation Lies at home
And when I get there I'll be aching for the road

Let it Bleed
Let it bleed to the bone
Let it bleed
Burnin' Out drinkin' Alone


Radio Electric - File Under Rock
"Get Up" on the top 40 on 92.9 Kick fm in Winnipeg

Set List

- Original Material - approx 60 min

Get Up
Too Close to the Sun
Takin' Names
Feel that way
Meant to be
Feelin' Free
Look to the West
Just Ain't Enough
Going Home
This is the End
Ain't got your Money
The City
Let it Bleed
Wakin' Up to Find
Mind if I throw you a Bone
- Covers -

Big Sugar - Dear Mr. Fantasy
Neil Young - Cinammon Girl
Beatles - Norweigan Wood
Jimi Hendris - Red House
The Guess Who - These Eyes