Radiofix is a popular, dominating, alternative/classic style rock band with inspiring lyrics, hard hitting bass, passionate drums, and screaming guitar leads. When you think of a concert that leaves you stunned and in awe, then you're thinking of a Radiofix concert.


Wailing classic rock style guitar solos, slap-funk bass riffs, and tight drum fills bring together a crazy In-Your-Face mixture of classic rock and modern rock for people of all ages. Radiofix has extreme inspiration from lead singer Daniel Martin's extensive imagery in his lyrics which has steered the direction of the band since they started playing gigs after their first self titled record came out in 2003. Though the band has made crucial line up changes in times past, they have since formed a solid core lineup of extremely talented musicians. Between Corey's jazz/funk bass riffs, Jamie's rock-solid chops on the drums, and Marks raunchy rhythm guitar sound, there is quite an awesome array of musicianship. Sound like a weird mixture? Sure enough these styles, mixed in with Daniel Martin's pure classic rock guitar playing, cause Radiofix to morph their influences, such as: Led Zeppelin, The Victor Wooten Band, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilots, and Phish into a melodic blend. All of this has created the epic "Dogs of Night" story, which has only just begun...

In order to get the full Radiofix experience, you must see the band live. They actively play shows often in Arizona, California, and more. There are many things you'll see at a Radiofix show including a good sized crowd singing their songs back to them, and more energy than you could ever pay for!

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Dogs Of Night

Written By: Daniel Martin

Maybe its not the right time to tell you
Maybe its not the right time to change my mind about it
'Cause i made it up, years ago
And i ain't going back to that rodeo

You told Me you Loved Me, I guess that you lied, but I love you anyway
You told Me you loved Me, I guess that you lied, but I love you, I will till I die

Maybe its not the right time, to break down
Maybe its not the right time, to lose myself
Don't lead me into you counterfeit light
And don't feed my emotions to the Dogs Of Night


Written By: Daniel Martin

I woke up in the morning just to see the sun rising on My old ways
And i realize that My compromise is that my story unfolds that way

And to simplify is out of sight as my red blood turns white

I woke up in the evening, cause i drank myself to sleep this morning
And i realize that my compromise is that my story unfolds that way

The Way You Were

Written By: Daniel Martin

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

All I see is your bind hate fear.

But to what do I open my eyes?

You've got your issues, I've got my pride.

The one you hate controls you.

You never open up your mind.

You're always judging me with your eyes.

Take a good look inside yourself and then decide

I'll always remember you the way you were.

There's a hole thats deep inside of you.

That keeps you tried and true

But to what do you pledge your allegence?

You've got your issues, I've got you innocence.


Written By: Daniel Martin

She waited till it was too late

And then she realized that it was her that changed

She couldn't take the fall.... or the shame

But I pushed her away... Anyways...

And the peace that disguises

And the fall that eludes us

And the peace that disguises

And the fall that eludes us all

I waited till it was too late

And then I realized that it was me to blame

I couldn't take the fall... or the shame

But pushed her away... Anyways...


Radiofix albums can be purchased on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and CD Baby, just to name a few.

Angels & Skeletons (2007)

1.This Very Day
2. Black Cover
3. Last Goodbye
4. Earthquake
5. Distance
6. Dogs Of Night
7. Indecision
8. Simplify
9. Weather
10. TheWay You Were
11. Skeletons
12. Latter
13. Too Far Gone
14. Light My Way

Dogs Of Night E.P. (2006)

1. Dogs Of Night (current single)
2. The Way You Were
3. Latter (single)
4. Simplify (single)

Self Titled (2003)

1. Sometimes (single)
2. Remember
3. Run 2
4. Someday (single)
5. Remedy (single)
6. Truth To Me
7. Black And Blue
8. Second Nature
9. Anthem (single)
10. Realize

The songs "Dogs Of Night" and "Simplify" get airplay on Phoenix radio stations such as The Edge 103.9, The Blaze 1260am, KWSS 106.7FM and more.

Radiofix's music is also featured on The Podsafe Music Network. Radiofix songs get play on Podcasts all across the world which then get distributed to ongoing subscribers.

Radiofix has just completed their new full length album, "Angels & Skeletons". The album was released on September 21, 2007. The band now plans to play all over the southwestern part of the U.S.

Set List

The band is all about live energy and crowd involvement. The Radiofix crowd typically sings their songs back to the band at shows louder than the band can perform them.

Here is a typical 45-60 minute Radiofix setlsit.

This Very Day
Black Cover
The Way You Were
(Cover Song)* [on occassion]
Dogs Of Night
Last Goodbye

Radiofix performs sets ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours if necessary. The band can perform up to 3 hours for exceptionally long sets. The band does an occassional cover, and usually picks one from the following list.

- Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
- Hard To Handle (The Black Crowes)
- Friend Of The Devil (Grateful Dead)
- Won't Back Down (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
- Why Don't We Do It In The Road (The Beatles)
- What I Got (Sublime)
- Santeria (Sublime)
- Creep (Stone Temple Pilots)
- Possum Kingdom (The Toadies)
- Alive (Pearl Jam)
- She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (The Beatles)
- Sh