Radio Fix

Radio Fix


Radio Fix began in the summer of 2006 and has since taken strides as a band. We recorded our four song EP with Jimmy "Lonesome" Goodman, who previously worked on The Strokes' "Is This It" album. Since that time, we have been playing the North-East from New York City to Boston.


Before auto-tuners and beat fix, music was raw and edgy. It was an expression of one's inner most thoughts and feelings. Before the internet and the digital change of the industry, band’s hustled the
streets, striking personal relationships with their fans. Since the summer of 2006, Radio Fix has made it their mission to take music back to the glory days of the past. Back to the clubs, back to the
underground where music has always meant more.

With a love of classic early rock pioneers, yet an appreciation of more modern songwriting in the vein of the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Lou Reed and The Strokes, singer/songwriter Matt Lopez got together with guitarist Matt Nelson and together, they formed Radio Fix.

The rhythm section of Nate Marsden and James Janocha bring a solid back-bone and extensive background in music due to their diverse
experiences and eclectic musical tastes. Radio Fix combine melodic, yet fierce guitars with powerful, driving bass to emulate a distinct mix of underground 70’s rock with a relentlessly energetic groove.

The band took that sound into the studio while recording a four-song EP with Jimmy “Lonesome” Goodman of Leopard Studios, who previously worked with The Strokes on their “Is This It” album at his studio TransporterraumNYC. The band has since used this EP to tour the Northeast while implementing new tracks which are set to appear in
their 2009 debut album.

With every day that passes, Radio Fix grow both as musicians and as comrades. With each show that ends, they leave with new friends and fans. And with each set that they play, they leave fans jaded and wanting more.


Leopard Studio EP

Set List

Our typical set consists of 9 original songs that fill a 45 minute slot.

Keep Your Mouth Shut
Best As One
Fake It Well
Pretty From the Window
All I Need to Get By
Kill This Low
They'll Never Give Up
Drink Today and Borrow