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We're the first "Mash Up" Band. A west coast version of the Gorillaz meets the Beastie Boys. A Beautiful blend of Punk, Funk, HipHop, Classic Rock and Psychedelic...


RADIO: Communication of audible signals, enclosed in electromagnetic waves.

FLASH: To give off light or be lighted in a sudden

RADIOFLASH was founded by Jaime Seibert and Moses Perkins in Los Angeles, summer of 2005. The project started as a playground for musical expansion that parodied American politics and pop culture. Jaime a former child actor who appeared on such shows as Little House on the Prairie and several national commercials for McDonalds and Burger King, Moses a film graduate with a B.A. in Film and Television Production with a minor in Music collaborate together as RADIOFLASH.

Employing vintage and modern technology, they've created a sound combining four decades of music:
?EUnderground hip-hop, rap, and rock from the
90's, old school rap and cock-rock from the
80's, funk and political punk from the late
70's, and psychedelic from the 60's. Their
beats are densely layered with samples,
sequences, scratching and sonic

Radio Flash live show is dominant, successful, and controversial. They pioneer the music community with genre-bending, training as future heirs of the pop kaleidoscope.


MUSICAL SCORES: Wes Craven's, "The Breed."
The History Channel's , "Battlezone," and "L.A.
Forensics 2." <~~ ?Eon-going)?E


DJ Serafin, DJ OH D, DJ Barnes <~~ ?Eon-going)?E


Daily rotation on XM 90.
Single "Suburban Rhapsody" Spun on 93.5 KDAY
College 88.9 KXLU
"Power of The Rebel" Spun on KROQ &
Indie 101


Rotation all Mondays at The Beauty Bar, Tuesdays at Area, Wednesdays at The Light House, Fridays at Mood, Privilege and Hyde Lounge, Saturdays at Privilege and Sundays at Hyde Lounge.


Trend spots, underground clubs and frat parties in Los Angeles and one
Mexican bordello, so far.


Single - "Suburban Rhapsody"
LP's - "Take Over the World" - Chondo.Net, CD
BABY, Napster

Video - "Suburban Rhapsody" - Myspace, YouTube,
Music Plus TV

All of our songs our spun on XM 90
''Suburban Rhapsody" is spun on 93.5 KDAY

Set List

Set list ranges from 15minutes to 1hour with over 50 songs to to "Rock" crowds with.

We do both Mash Up and Original music. Both we'll received by any crowd...