Radio-Free Carmela & The Transmitters

Radio-Free Carmela & The Transmitters

 Sarasota, Florida, USA

Pronounced Karma - la


Pronounced Karma - la

Called one of the most consistent purveyors of Americana-tinged rock music in the region for years, Radio-Free Carmela and her band of Transmitters consist of musicians who have individually and collectively been performing in Florida for the past decade to devoted audiences.

Though tiny in stature, Carmela's voice reaches out with a kung fu grip to grab the listener and engage them in each storyline. She has the ability to instantly connect with her audience through a combination of insightful banter and a passionate original songbook. Her fan base ranges from very small children to octogenarians. The subject matter of her songs ranges from love and friendship to world affairs, romantic affairs, offspring, distant relatives and death.

Radio-Free Carmela and the Transmitters have performed at:
Couch Crash Music Festival NYC (2008)
Sarasota Folk Festival (2009)
Stringbreak Music Festival (2009)
Riverhawk Music Festival (2009)
Americana Woman Fest (2010)
WMNF Americana Fest (2010)
WMNF New Years Eve Tribute to 1980 (2011)
WMNF 30th Tropical Heatwave (2011)
59th Florida Folk Festival (2011)
WMNF Woody Guthrie birthday tribute (2012)


World Gone Mad

Written By: T. Kafka

I got a hole in my bucket
and the magic’s falling through
I got a ring on my finger
that reminds me of you
I got a glass full of “whine”
clouding my view
I got a meeting every night
just to save my soul
look in the mirror
and I’m growing old
I got a stairway to heaven
but it’s covered in mold
Oh I’m down on my knees
praying for a miracle
send me one please
in a world gone mad.
I got a nickle in my pocket
that’s my cash
millions go to rockets
turning millions in to ash
I’m an Anne Sexton
Living like Ogden Nash.
I’ve got feelings of rapture
feelings of gloom
Sometimes I want to capture you
and run from the room
Somewhere in the middle
we should all chant Om
I’m down on my knees
praying for a miracle
send me one please
in a world gone mad
It’s a world gone mad
Is everyone insane?
It’s a world gone mad
Who is to blame?
The news is bad twenty-four seven
We worship movie stars
but not the sum in heaven.
I’ve got places to go people to see
the world’s moving too fast
I’m getting dizzy
I’m certifiable adult A. D. D.
I feel so sad as nations wage war.
Taking the lives of the
young and the poor
It’s a world gone mad
what’s a man to do
It’s a world gone mad.
Let the girl tell the truth.
We’re all invisible now
we got nothing to conceal
my tie-dyed theories
under the business deal
There’s a hole in the bucket
and it’s time to heal
I’m down on my knees
praying for a miracle
send me one please
in a world gone mad
Yea I’m down on my knees
praying for a miracle
send me one please
in a world gone mad

Dark Bird Dream

Written By: C. Pedicini

Well I dreamed I spoke
to a dark bird
I understood he never spoke
a single word
with his dark bird eyes
looking through me
I knew to my deepest depths
he knew me
And I dreamed, oh I dreamed
yes I dreamed
I dreamed of the widest rivers flowing
the wind from the tallest mountain blowing
I seemed to be high above it soaring
yet I could see the smallest grasses growing
in my dreams, as I dreamed
oh I dreamed.
I hear the whispers
of the footsteps before
traveling through the shadow lands
take me by the hand
lead me to your distant shore
in this midnight hour I am...... ready
I dreamed I then became
the dark bird
but your heart around my wings kept me grounded
if you let me fly away
I’ll return again someday
in your dreams, as you dream
when you dream.
In this midnight hour
I am... ready

He's Gone

Written By: C. Pedicini

So you stepped outside the line
and I felt naked
and just pushed aside
Now standing here
I wonder why
you took so long
to say goodbye
my heart's desire has moved along
a new flame bright
a different song
I feel like I just can’t go on
somehow though I’ll carry on

Because my light shines bright
It's gonna take some time
I’ll be just fine
He’ll never see me cry
Oh I’m fine

Now it’s time to stop
this foolish game
he said
you know we’re both to blame
You're wrong
I just don’t feel the same
but I admit there’s now real gain
I wish that we could just pretend
and try to get this love to mend
but off you’ve flown
to some new end
finished won’t be back again.

And did you ever wonder why
it took so long
could it be that maybe
this was all just wrong
I’m sure that we can get
through this
I know we’re strong
I’m staring out at empty walls
It’s all too late he’s gone
he’s moved on he’s moved on

Eyes misted from
this sad heartbreak
hold back the tears
but they escape
he let me down he left
I hate the way I feel
is it too late
Will I ever love again
or will I learn to just pretend
It’s not likely that
this broken heart will ever mend

But did you ever wonder why
it took so long
could it be that maybe
this was all just wrong
I’m sure that
I will get through this
I know I’m strong
I’m yelling out at empty walls
It’s all too late
he’s gone he’s moved on
And I’ll be fine
It’s gonna take some time
In my mind my light shines bright
he’ll never see me cry
Because I’m fine.

Last Fight

Written By: C. Pedicini

My memory still burns
of that dark rainy night
and the sound of your voice
so quiet and dire
of arguments, wrong turns
down one way streets,
on-coming head lights
the sound of your wheels
tarring the highway,
this would be our last fight.
You left me alone
and I started to cry
the tears burned my face
as a rage burned inside
never again would I be in this place
I’ll take back what’s mine
no longer a tortured tool
for his hands
it’s his turn to die.
The sight of you lying there covered in blood
on that dark rainy highway half buried in mud
as I drove up alone
to the accident site
I could see you hear you feel you
you waited for me
to tell you it’s okay
I’m here dear, oh dear, don’t fear.
Let your torture unwind
let peace fill your mind
let the bright lights
guide you to love.
he hurt me, I healed him
he killed me, I cured him
he’ll never, he’ll never,
never do it again
I no longer need him,
I died along with him
I’ll never, I’ll never,
never live here again
feel this pain till the end
I’m living I’m living, living,
living again
I’m living again,
I’m living again
and I’ll live till the end

When I Surface

Written By: C. Pedicini

I’ll call you when I surface when I come up for air
Though I prefer the darkness I like it better there
And it may seem like forever before you hear my voice
don’t be alarmed I’ve not been harmed
I’m happy here alone.

Why does it seem so cold
did I swim too deep
into the sea I dove
dark water wash over me

Sometimes it felt like hours but maybe it was days
I swam alone in the darkest night or floated on a wave
You called it deep oblivion it feels more like despair
I wished you were my savior but you are not aware.

Why do you seem so cold
you cut my heart too deep
into your sea I dove
dark water rock me to sleep

Don’t ever try to save me or throw a net my way
I prefer to swim alone it’s better this way
deeper than this ocean is how I know despair
I’ll call you when I surface if I come up for air

It can be so cold
we can swim too deep
Into the deep unknown
when I surface I will sleep
when I surface I will sleep when I surface


Written By: T. Kafka

You know I like you I really do
from your curly hair
down to your leather shoes
I’d like to go for a walk
a block or two with you
you turn it on it comes on strong
but when I call you
you're never home
none of us wants to be alone

when your eyes smile
I can’t resist
you need some help I’ll assist,
you go first, I insist
oh I’ll hand you my card
'cause I know I’ll pay
but what’s the price
I can’t say,
how many hearts have you broke
along the way.

Fireworks and Chinese tea
Fireworks in the summer heat
Fireworks reflecting on the sea

count the days until September
do you remember
your promise at the end of the summer

Sticky sweet honey smooth as glass
you could be a politician
talking trash
sometimes you move too slow, sometimes too fast
palm fronds rustling in the breeze
your gaze moves from the gulf
to fix on me
fireworks in your eyes
promise to please

Fireworks and chilled green tea
Fireworks and the summer heat
Fireworks reflecting on the sea

Remember When

Written By: C. Pedicini

Why Should I look back
to those days gone by
I remember you I remember why We wrote our dreams down
in your little secret book
If you still have it
maybe I could take a look
I made choices
yes I know I changed
All those dreams we shared
went flowing down the drain
you’re no better sister
did you really care
Look in your mirror
same little girl still standing there

My world moves faster
then it has to
my chaos my disasters
I read chapter after chapter
of those stories chasing after you
Chasing after me to disagree
fully aware of what its like
to need you to believe
To believe in me

Month to month thru years
we tried and tried
to keep those memories we shared
keep them half alive
Now I sit grounded in the present
as your days drift by
no longer looking back
no longer asking why
When I find I’m thinking of
the things we shared
It doesn’t matter 'cause
you never really cared

Your world moved faster
then it has to
your chaos your disaster
As I write a new chapter
sweet stories filled with laughter
I’m seeing you being free to believe
fully aware of what it’s like
to be true to be me,
to believe in me
to be free to be me.

Try Love

Written By: C. Pedicini

In your haste to win
your fascist race
you pushed aside
both human grace and love
And if it’s you that will be i
n the place
to persuade the human race
instead of killing try love
Did you think I wouldn’t know?
Did you think I’d let it go?
I’m not the only one
who feels deceived.
No matter who wins
with the highest score
if my faith is shaken to the core
I’ll still love.

When both sides say to kill is right to think that they could dim the light
on any persons hope
and if every man could witness
first handthe birth
of just one human t
hen I’m certain they’d know love
If we can plant the seeds
of fear and hate
question someone else’s faith
with ease destroy the human race Instead of killing try love.

Even Leo (Szilard) said “no”
to them when he realized
it could be the end of us.
and if you highjacked my body
to the moon
tied tightly to his missle of doom
well I suppose I’ll blow up in love and if Einstein’s relativity
was simply based on human need then all this time in history
I’m certain we learn love

Well, wouldn’t it be great
if Helen Caldicott
had won that race
and in a made for TV twist of fate the Dalai Lama
was her running mate
when John Lennon’s body
hit the ground
and his spirit was heaven bound
was he singing without a sound
“All we need is love”
All we need is love, love,
love is all we need
all we need is love,
love, love is all we need

Black River

Written By: T. Kafka

Spirit surround me lift me up
oh carry me across this black river this river of gloom
Behind me is the cross roads, beyond the river bend
like a fool, I don’t care,
what’s ahead, but I know I’m done
with the ones behind me

Stars Shining mountains rising
on the other side
set me free, set me free,
oh set me free from this pain
that binds me

Spirits and Goddesses
Gods and Guides, lift me up,
show me the way then lay me down, oh lay me down, oh lay me down I prayI pray

Spirits and Goddesses
Gods and Guides


Noise Ordinance lll (3) compilation (Nov 2012)
Noise Ordinance II (2) compilation (April 2011)
WMNF 88.5 This CD Kills Fascists compilation (Nov 2010)
The Alternate Root Summer Music Sampler (May 2010)
Noise Ordinance compilation Finch House Records (Feb 2010)
Creative Loafing's Suncoast Summer Jam Sampler (May 2009)
Walk The Line compilation Urban Angel Music (Feb 2009)
Chill Out East Coast compilation Quickstar Productions (Oct 2008)
Americana Tourister (Dec 2007)

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