Radio Hanoi

Radio Hanoi


If you took everything that was pure and raw about Weezer's first two albums, and combined them with the innocence and self awareness of Green Day circa 1992 - 2001, you would have Radio Hanoi.


Radio Hanoi is Ronnie Riggar with help from friends and family along the way. I didn't really want to make this a biography written in third person, so I'll just tell you the story. After my old band broke up in early 2006, I wanted to create music again on a more personal level. I bought an old 8 track recorder and laid down a few tracks. They turned out pretty good. It wasn't just all acoustic songs, there were some rocking jams too (I know there's a stigma attached to being a solo musician, so no, it wasn't sappy acoustic ballads). After a month or so, I found the name Radio Hanoi in a book I was supposed to be reading for a Summer college class. The book was called The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. It's a Vietnam war book, kinda. One of the characters was describing a mission and referred to the mountains as being tuned in to "Radio fucking Hanoi." I read that and fell in love with the name. It hit me hard. I knew I had to use it. So I called my project Radio Hanoi. I took my couple of songs I had and enlisted some friends to play them with me at shows. That was fun for a while. But it got boring. I didn't like being in a band. The thing is, I don't really get along with people when I'm making music with them (you could say I don't get along with people period). I told the other guys that I wanted to go back to playing solo again. They said "ok", and I went back to performing and recording solo. That was in April 2007. I ended up releasing a full length CD in August 2007 under the name Trumpets & Sirens. Fast forward to November 2008 (I was finishing and graduating from college in between that time). My dog Rocko died, and I was inspired to record some new songs. Those songs turned out to be the Forever Curious EP. I released it on my label Fish Bowl Recordings. Since then I have updated all of my recording equipment, officially launched my studio, Fish Bowl Studios, and released a new EP, Fish Bowl Sessions: Part One. That's the story, I hope I told it well.


You Should Know

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

I want to remind you of all of the things that make me so proud of you / It's really all the simple things / The act of kindness / and never putting yourself first / It's why I will always love you / I wanted to tell you I think you're great / You never ever made one mistake / You take care of me / I don't think you see how I appreciate everything / It's why I will always love you / and you should know

Life As A Lion

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

Taking it all in / I let the world swallow me / Breathe in the fresh air / Staring out as far as I can see / Making muscle with protein from all the fresh meat / This is the life I know / Leaving my family and staying strong / and playing along / When I know I'm really scared / Is that alright? / My veins pump the blood / To my brain and to my feet / I will shuffle my legs through the street / I guess it's called a pride / But I'm not sure why / and if I were truly nude / I'd be completely see through

Freak Myself Out

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

Sometimes I freak myself out / Don't tell me an alternate route / My brain will hold me back / Lock my door / Paint my wall black / I don't mind / I'm scared all the time / I want to hide away / Keeping safe every day / People say to lighten up / They say they've had enough / I don't mind / I'm scared all the time / I'm alright / I'm scared of the light

Little Gray Bird

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

Yesterday I saw a little gray bird / Lying dead under the ever green tree / He laid smiling and perfectly still / and he looked just like me / And now it's every day / things keep getting in my way / Each time I come unglued / I'm reminded that the day will soon be through / 'cause yesterday I saw a little gray bird / Lying dead under the ever green tree / He laid smiling and perfectly still / and he looked just like me / I worry and I stress out / about things I shouldn't even care about / It's something about myself I hate / I should chill out before it's too late

Forever Curious

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

Spending my day on the window pane / Watching the world outside / Not knowing what it is or how to relate / Watching the seasons go by / Lying in bed / or on the floor / or on a pile of clothes / Getting excited when the wind blows / I know I'm loved and it shows / Time goes by! / Waking up when you do / Getting close to your side / Thanking you for what you do / and keeping the love alive

One Of The Many Apples From The Tree

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

You don't know about my past / You don't know where I come from / All you know is what you're told / and that is getting old / All the challenges I faced / All the steps that can't be retraced / Decisions based off of a word / and a voice that can not be heard / I used stylized rhetoric to get you to notice me / Now I don't want to be seen / Close your eyes and pick another version of me / This is fact based on fiction / Lies based on the truth / I could never do the work for you/ 'cause you don't need me to

Under An Autumn Sun

Written By: Ronnie Riggar

I cry because I'm lonely / I cry because I'm sad / I cry because of what you had / But most of all I cry because our time as come to an end / It's something I don't understand / it's something I can see / Why did you have to leave me? / But I trust in the fact that we will someday meet again / The time has come where I will have to say goodbye / I cherish all the memories / and thank God I had you in my life / The years you spent on this earth filled us all with joy / You made me the happiest boy / With you, a part of me has died and it's time for me to be a man / I cry because my heart hurts / I cry for everyone / I cry because you are gone / and I know that you fought hard until the very end


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Forever Curious / CD-EP / November 2008 / $4.00
Fish Bowl Sessions: Part One / CD-EP / January 2009 / $5.00

"One of the many apples from the tree" and "Forever curious" from Forever Curious EP have received airplay on Ann Arbor's WCBN.

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Enough material for a 45 minute set.