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Radio Hanoi

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Blurb about the Forever Curious EP"

Melodic hooks that stick in your head with touching and meaningful lyrics. More artists today should sound like Radio Hanoi. - Michigan Daily - Lindsay Chmielewski


If you would like to order a CD, email Ronnie at - each price includes shipping!

Forever Curious / CD-EP / November 2008 / $4.00
Fish Bowl Sessions: Part One / CD-EP / January 2009 / $5.00

"One of the many apples from the tree" and "Forever curious" from Forever Curious EP have received airplay on Ann Arbor's WCBN.



Radio Hanoi is Ronnie Riggar with help from friends and family along the way. I didn't really want to make this a biography written in third person, so I'll just tell you the story. After my old band broke up in early 2006, I wanted to create music again on a more personal level. I bought an old 8 track recorder and laid down a few tracks. They turned out pretty good. It wasn't just all acoustic songs, there were some rocking jams too (I know there's a stigma attached to being a solo musician, so no, it wasn't sappy acoustic ballads). After a month or so, I found the name Radio Hanoi in a book I was supposed to be reading for a Summer college class. The book was called The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. It's a Vietnam war book, kinda. One of the characters was describing a mission and referred to the mountains as being tuned in to "Radio fucking Hanoi." I read that and fell in love with the name. It hit me hard. I knew I had to use it. So I called my project Radio Hanoi. I took my couple of songs I had and enlisted some friends to play them with me at shows. That was fun for a while. But it got boring. I didn't like being in a band. The thing is, I don't really get along with people when I'm making music with them (you could say I don't get along with people period). I told the other guys that I wanted to go back to playing solo again. They said "ok", and I went back to performing and recording solo. That was in April 2007. I ended up releasing a full length CD in August 2007 under the name Trumpets & Sirens. Fast forward to November 2008 (I was finishing and graduating from college in between that time). My dog Rocko died, and I was inspired to record some new songs. Those songs turned out to be the Forever Curious EP. I released it on my label Fish Bowl Recordings. Since then I have updated all of my recording equipment, officially launched my studio, Fish Bowl Studios, and released a new EP, Fish Bowl Sessions: Part One. That's the story, I hope I told it well.