Radio Junkies

Radio Junkies


Brothers Adam & Michael Scharff front a riveting power-pop rock band. Catchy as hell songs, even one about Christopher Walken..


Radio Junkies influences range from Barenaked Ladies to Crowded House to R & B groove to catchy,instantly hummable Brit-pop .What sets them apart is the powerful twin driving engine that is the Scharf Brothers, Adam & Michael. As interchanging front men, they establish and maintain a driving force throughout the band shows !!Quirky yet catchy songs with tight musical interplay.



Written By: A. Scharff/ M. Scharff

He was sure he’d be a star
Thought he was a winner
Thought he’d come so far just to find he’s a beginner
Thought he’s make his mark
Gold record at 19
Burning up the charts
With rocker hair and ripped jeans…and fanzines

But he was wrong (x4)
so wrong
Look inside, you could be wrong too

She was sure she broke his heart
She thought about it everyday
If heart breaking were art she would be Monet
But then she saw him with that girl
Big fat Cheshire grin
It hadn’t even been a week
“When did this begin?”
she trusted him

You work and you sweat and you’re breaking your back just to squirrel it away so you’ve got something saved for that “maybe” day
But you were so fly you did not realize it’s the prize in you’re eyes not the pie in the sky that’s got it going on
And like the words to this song…you were wrong

At first he didn’t stand a chance
A scragled hair common man
If she were gonna have romance it would be with a different man
Now you can see it in her eyes
The best part of her day
Is when he is by her side and he looks that way
Now she loves to say


Crazy for Her

Written By: A.Scharff/ M.Scharff

She and me, me and her
digging on life, and love and God, ain't we in it
she is free and that't makes me good to go
here, there go for her

She Holds my hand and I am still
She Holds my hand and I am still, crazy for her

I can see most of the time
that here is where I am supposed to be
I feel real, really fine
Feel Intensely Near Everything she does

Scary (Christopher Walken)

Written By: A. Scharff/M.Scharff/ H.Stone

Out in the yard raking it up
I hear a sound and I look up
there in the trees surrounded by leaves
Christopher Walken’s staring at me

nobody's as scary
scare me
nobody can scare me
like Christopher Walken

Out on a date me and my girl
feeling great on top of the world
from out of the blue and behind my back
it's a bon a fide Christopher Walken attack

nobody's as scary
scare me
nobody can scare me
like Christopher Walken

Lying in bed ten floors up
safe and sound no need to lock up
scratching upon the window pane
Christopher Walken’s gone insane

nobody's as scary
scare me
nobody can scare me
like Christopher Walken


Radio Junkies- Volume 1 CD
CD single- "Scary(Christopher Walken)"
Compilations- Shuteye Records- Low Watt"
national college/alt compilation
Midem-Gotham Records- UK 2003 compilation

Set List

2 45's,Mostly originals."Scary","Wrong", "All Good", "Happy Guy", "Mother Mary", "Fine", etc 30+ originals,
Covers' -"Nuclear"- Ryan Adams, "Save It For Later"- English Beat,"In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel,"California" Phantom Planet","Martyrs Bar" Ellis Paul,""Supersticious"Stevie Wonder, "I Spy" Guster, "Eleanor Rigby" Beatles