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The best kept secret in music


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"Trifling" isn't generally considered to be a positive adjective, but when I call this self-produced debut by the Radio Junkies, led by brothers Adam and Michael Scharff, trifling I mean it in the kindest way. Trifle is, after all, a wonderful thing. A simple to create mix of fruit, custard and sponge cake, it's one of those deserts that is terrific in small portions, though it's a bit too sweet and rich if overdone. Volume 1 is like that. With 10 tracks weighing in at just over 30 minutes, it's a perfect serving of Radio Junkies. Any more of their classic AM pop with acoustic Americana overtones might be too much, one jangle or sweet harmony over the line, but this is just right. It's hard to pick standout tracks because they're very consistent, but "Scary (Christopher Walken)" is perhaps the most notable (it stands out enough to have been included on previous compilations), if only because of the combination of wit and a familiar subject. Overall, though, this is a half hour of happy, poppy music for happy, peppy people - lots of fun in a sensible serving. Track List:All Good * Sentimental * Wrong * Happy Guy * Scary (Christopher Walken) * Crazy For Her * Fine * Mother Mary * Stuck In The Rain * Nothing To Hide [Pick this up at] - Shaun Dale

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AMG EXPERT REVIEW: On their debut, Volume 1, Radio Junkies play Big Star-influenced power pop that would fit well alongside Matthew Sweet and Teenage Fanclub. But whereas Sweet focuses on impressive guitar arrangements and Teenage Fanclub experiments with all of the facets of the pop song, brothers Adam and Michael Scharff of Radio Junkies use catchy choruses and kooky wordplay to create quirky songs like "Sentimental" and "Happy Guy." The coolest song on the album has to be "Scary (Christopher Walken)" — and it is downright hilarious. With rootsy acoustic guitars and groovy harmonies, Radio Junkies' music is upbeat, radio-friendly fare that could pose a serious threat to the Barenaked Ladies' corner on the market of goofball pop tunes made for television and movie soundtracks. - Charles Spano

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Upon the first listen , you feel as if you've heard the songs before in the sense that this album is a fine example of some very hooky, catchy pop songs. Upon second listen you find yourself singing along. Brothers Adam and Michael Scharff helm the Radio Junkies. With an insistent backbeat, instantly memorable melodies, ringing muscular guitars, and tight arrangements, the Radio Junkies echo such hallmark artists as the Beatles, Matthew Sweet, and Teenage Fanclub. The first track “All Good” has an almost Owsley feel,…great guitar sounds but the production could be a little meatier. “Sentimental” has a fuller sound with some amazing vocal work, while the third song “Wrong” is reminiscent of “Creep” by Radiohead until it kicks into the chorus, which has a nice swingy type vibe. Then comes “Happy Guy” which could be the theme song for a TV sitcom. These guys seem to have this strange knack for writing very simple lyrics that forces the listening audience to snap their fingers and tap their toes while singing along. The disc's highlight, “Scary (Christopher Walken)” demands radio attention; with lyrics like “a bona fide Christopher Walken attack” and “scratchin' upon the window pane, Christopher Walken has gone insane” how can you not have fun listening to this track. “Crazy For Her” shows off lead singer Adam Scharff's vocal talent while even throwing in a little “hip-hop” break. “Fine” provides a catchy downward spiral of half-step vocal harmonies lending to it's power/pop feel. The tempo picks up with another vocally sweet number called “Mother Mary” which includes a tasteful mandolin solo. Closing out with “Stuck In The Rain” and “Nothing To Hide”, these brothers from the Northeast prove that the “songwriter” still exists - Lesley Daunt


Radio Junkies- Volume 1 CD
CD single- "Scary(Christopher Walken)"
Compilations- Shuteye Records- Low Watt"
national college/alt compilation
Midem-Gotham Records- UK 2003 compilation


Feeling a bit camera shy


Radio Junkies influences range from Barenaked Ladies to Crowded House to R & B groove to catchy,instantly hummable Brit-pop .What sets them apart is the powerful twin driving engine that is the Scharf Brothers, Adam & Michael. As interchanging front men, they establish and maintain a driving force throughout the band shows !!Quirky yet catchy songs with tight musical interplay.