Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma


Latin/ Reggae..Take Bob Marley, and Sublime on a trip through Mexico. Radio La Chusma delivers when they land on stage, creating their magic of positive vibes.With an eclectic mix of Eng.,Span.,& Afr. dialects,Radio La Chusma satisfies every friend,fan,and music lover-It's time to reach out to more!


A fresh approach at music, loving, and living, Radio La Chusma mixes the Reggae, Rock and Latin flavor all in one show; grounding themselves to their culturally, deeply rooted music from Africa to El Paso, Texas. Turning heads locally and internationally, Radio La Chusma was created by old-time school-mates Ernie Ernesto, Charlie V, and Julio Ortiz. Now, they emerge much like a family, working together for only one year and creating energetic waves of success. Returning from a four-year stay on the West Coast, Ernie brought Afro-Cuban rhythms, songs, and concepts (not to mention his LP entitled "Radio La Chusma: Sound of the People"). Ernesto rejoined with Carlos on bass and Scott (from The Texicans) on drums. Also joining long-time friends: Allen Vidovic, Angelica Tinajero and Joel Herrera.
When Radio La Chusma hits the stage, their magic is created. Shaking your body and numbing your spine, they reach into your inner spirit with their explosive sounds. "This gives us an opportunity to give insight to those who have influenced us: artists such as Bob Marley, Manu Chao, bands like Led Zepplin, and the Beatles are strong inspirations to all of us...not to mention life in border town El Paso, Texas, which cultivates its' people with many different languages, cultures, and musical styles," states Ernesto.
Just recently Radio La Chusma (playing under the name of El Camino) won local radio station 99.1 "The Bandit" Battle of the Bands, earning them $4000 in gear and the opening act for The Doobie Brothers May 17 concert in El Paso's Cohen Stadium. Radio La Chusma has also played with The Itals, B-Side Players, Grupo Fantasma, Del Castillo, and Nosotros just to name a few of the band's that have been influenced by Radio La Chusma.
"It's time we grow, time to communicate to more people out there," says Ernesto. Currently the band is wrapping on a compilation DVD, which features their first music video to hit track, "Sala Male" and working to book more shows throughout the Southwest region and beyond...



Written By: E.Tinajero

I see it in the sunrise,
the light so bright it burns my eyes.
I feel it in the wind blow,
sense as the seasons come and go.

I taste it in the water flow,
quench my thirst and help me grow.
I smell it in the soil of earth,
yes, one and all she gave us birth.

Yoruba prayer:
Emi ma ji loni o, o, mo f'ori bale, f'Olorun. Ire gbogbo maa'wa'ba'me, Ori mi da'mi da'aiye. Ngo ku mo. Ire gbogbo ni t'emi.

Now that I am waking up I give respect to the Realm of the Ancestors. Let all good things come to me. Inner Spirit give me life. I shall never die. Let all good things come to me.
May it be so.

Sala Male

Written By: arranged by Ernesto Tinajero

This is a modern take on a traditional sacred series of songs in the Makuta style which has its roots in the Congo region of Africa and was developed in Cuba.

Sala Male, male, Sala Male Male kum Sala
(Peace be with you , and also with you)
Kikiri wow wow wow Kikiri wow mi Kombayende
(a call to the spirit of disease and cures)
Con pie na ma, va recholar con pie!
(With only the feet the Chiken will dance.)

Egun-Calavera No Llora

Written By: Ernesto Tinajero

Calavera no llora, yo vengo regando flores, yo dejo mi hueso alla! Con mis abuelos en mi penamiento, yo vengo a hacer la caridad.

Chorus: Calavera no llora, la vela esta prendida.

Yo se que te gusta tu cafe, con pan-dulce, y a veces con ron, aqui te ofresco una canela caliente, un dulce, un tobacco, un pedaso de melon.

Ayudame en mis prebas, en este mundo, y cuando hay peligro, venga a mi auxilio.

verse 1: Don't cry dead ones,
I come bearing flowers, I leave
my weapons over there. With my Grandparents in my thoughts, I've come to give my respect.
Chorus: Dead ones don't cry, the candle has been lit.
verse2: I know you like your coffe with sweetbread, and occasionally with a little rum. Here I offer you hot cinnamon tea, a candy, a cigar, and a peice of melon.
verse 3: Help me in my worldly tests.and when there is danger, please come to my rescue. Remove from me all energy of evil, illuminate my consciosness, until my spirit is with yours.


El Camino Homegrown 2005 (NewRelease)
Radio La Chusma - Sonido de la Gente 2002
Julio Ortiz - Solo Album
Broken Bonez Compilation 1
99.1 "Battle of the Bands" Aired Live
Skate and Mural Videos

El Camino has appeared on:
94.7 fm S.D.,CA "Morning Prayer" featured in 2003
91x S.D.,CA "Morning Prayer" played live in studio
94.7 fm Hero Radio, El Paso,TX, live interview and tracks.
99.1 The Bandit,EL Paso,TX. featured band 2005 Rock'n'Rumble Champs
Telemundo, Mex. "Remix TV"
Asuntos Internos, Juarez, Mex. Ch.5

Set List

Our typical sets are 45min to 1- hour,15 min. We play 1 to 3 sets a night.
We like to start our set with an ancient incantation for a positive spirit for the night. And here we go from roots reggae to flamenco rock, from Afro-beat to Cumbia, and from Salsa to Rock; only stopping to take a drink. We pride ourselves on getting the whole club on their feet.