Radiolucent plays "take-no-prisoners" Rock'n'Roll Country music. The louder the better! Bleeding hearts and honest music make us what we are.


Radiolucent plays Rock'n'Roll country music that will leave you stomping your feet, throwing up your hands, and screaming "GIVE ME MORE!" They believe in the crowd being just as much a part of what they are doing as they themselves are. Playing everything from heavy hitting numbers such as "Weird Little Girl" to laid-back, bluesy tunes like "Rivertown", they try to give a little something for everyone's taste.

Set List

Sun Don't Shine
Stayin' in the Dry
Save the Drama (for Obama)
Won't You
Love Like This
Man That I Am
Honkey-Tonk Heart
Weird Little Girl

Sets are usualy 45 minutes to and hour long.

Our only cover song is usually "Helter Skelter" by the Beatles.