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This Old Truck

Written By: Tony E. Medlin

This Old Truck

This old truck,
crossed bridges as I burned them.
Been to Mama's so many times
it'll drive there by itself
This old truck,
carried skeletons to my closet.
I think it knows me better
than I even know myself

This old truck,
helped me haul a lot of ashes.
It gets me home in one piece
after howlin' at the moon.
This old truck,
takes me to church on Sunday,
and back for Decoration Day,
the second week of June.

In this old truck,
I cheated on my first wife.
She caught me when she saw it parked
at a cheap motel.
I drove it to the graveyard
when I went to Daddy's funeral,
It carries me to the job site
and takes me out when I'm raisin' hell

Maybe you believe in somethin',
in-between the nothing,
a grave of darkness and loneliness
where you can't see or feel
All I know is when I'm gone,
don't bury me in a coffin
just drop us in the crusher
and prop me up behind the wheel.

Turn us into rebar,
then bridges, bars, and churches,
Then turn us into a tanker ship
that hauls the gasoline
We're more than just two tons
of flesh, rust, and rubber.
No one else will ever drive it
there'll be a ghost in the machine.

Make a rocket from our cold, flat steel
the earth will be my steering wheel,
only Mr. Chevrolet could imagine how I feel
She'll hurtle through outer space
like an intergalactic NASCAR race,
floor it cross the finish line
and slingshot around the moon.

We'll cruise through the gates of heaven
with a six-pack full of memories,
peeling rubber down the streets of gold,
make angels stop and stare.
I know one things for certain,
when we travel on to Glory,
I sure as hell ain't gonna stop
unless there's parking there.

It's more me,
than GMC.