Radio Mango

Radio Mango


Radio Mango is a pop band whose original music is influenced by a wide range of ethnic flavors and styles – from lively African dance beats to smooth Latin and Caribbean grooves to the complex rhythms of the Balkans.


The origins of Radio Mango can be traced to an ad placed on Craigslist in October of 2004: “Singer looking to form band in vein of Manu Chao.” By early 2005 the core of the band was in place, and in June Radio Mango played its first show at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago. Shortly before that performance, the band took the name Radio Mango in homage to Radio Wanhatti, the tiny Suriname station that kept percussionist John entertained during his stint in the Peace Corps. Since then the band has played a number of leading venues throughout the Chicago area, including The Note, the Cubby Bear, Heartland Café, the Kaz Bar at the House of Blues Hotel, U.S. Beer Company, Pontiac Café, and Davenport’s.

Each of Radio Mango’s seven members brings a unique set of talents and influences to the band’s colorful mix:

• Arthur Judys (saxophone, percussion) studied alto sax and piano at the Music Conservatory of Klaipeda, Lithuania, and worked as a music producer and touring musician in Lithuania before emigrating to the U.S. in 1998.

• Dane Tyson (bass) has been performing music on a wide variety of instruments for over 30 years, most recently with the Irish traditional music band Sheela-Na-Gig (bouzouki & bass) and the University of Chicago’s Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (oud).

• Doug Ringwald (guitar, vocals) studied at the University of Illinois and the Musicians’ Institute in L.A. and is obsessed with flamenco guitar. Doug owns and manages his own studio, Firemouth Recording, and is currently an artist-in-residence at Rush Children’s Hospital.

• Gabriel Chapman (guitar, vocals) relocated to Chicago from Senegal in 2003 after contracting malaria. A fan of Paul Simon and Maná, his interest in world music has been fueled by albums he’s collected while living and traveling abroad.

• John Pollack (percussion) has enjoyed making noises for years, and his playing has been strongly influenced by everything from rainstorms to construction well as all kinds of drumming.

• Lara Golan (piano, clarinet, vocals) earned her Masters in music composition from Northwestern University in 1998 and has focused on singing and songwriting ever since. She teaches piano and writes music for a variety of commercial projects.

• Tim Williams (percussion) studied music and sound engineering at Columbia College and currently does live sound and live recording for a number of Chicago area bands. He also plays with Other Brother Darryl and The Retrorockets.
Though their individual musical influences and preferences vary widely, the members of Radio Mango share the common goal of creating original music that is lively, eclectic and full of energy.


Radio Mango has recorded a number of live and studio tracks, including our recently recorded EP, Tune In! All are available for download on our via mail upon request.

Set List

RM has 2.5 hours of material.

Originals include Ainda, Bailar, Chemistry, Come Over Here, Fire Engine Red, Honesty, I Want to Make Love with You in the Morning, Just Breathe, Keep on, La la la la la, Kinga, Piranhas, Quita la pena, Summer's Here, Todo Se Vuelve Claro, Under the Sun, When I Was Still Young, and ¡Ya basta!.

Band has covered the following songs: Oye Como Va ¡V Tito Puente, Tequila ¡V The Champs, Coconut ¡V Harry Nilsson, Diosa Coronada ¡V Carlos Vives, Underneath the Mango Tree ¡V Pato Fu, I Fought the Law ¡V Mano Negra, Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin, Hijaz Mandra