Radio Monzter

Radio Monzter

 Peoria, Arizona, USA

My music is Weird Love, Electric Disco, Liberation and Dance. I have a powerful meaning and message spread across catchy beats and original music. Love for others and love for yourself is complicated. it's messy, imperfect, awkward and sometimes difficult. Love is weird. Let's celebrate that.


I have been creating music in my Laffatorium for several years. By 2009, i had finished my fourth album, creating music that was catchy and fun. However, the music wasn't enough. i was still a kid playing with my sound machine, excited at every bit of noise that would come out. it was that same year that my sound machine crashed and i lost everything i had ever invented. i spent two more years figuring out my style and my sound. i perfected it and tweaked it and pulled it until i loved it. in February of 2011 i began to work on Weird Love. This is when i transformed into the Radio Monzter: Fearless, Relentless, Powerful, Unstoppable. Freedom is my message and Dance was the vessel in which to transport this meaning. My music has been infectious since then and i couldn't be happier. Weird Love is Sanctuary. It is who i am and what i believe in. Listen to my music and you will understand completely.


-Out Of This World
-FeelGood (Ft. Effin A)
-Bionic Man
-Frankenstein (Ft. Effin A & Matty M@)
-Weird Love