Radio One

Radio One

 Houston, Texas, USA

Radio One plays great, all original music with a very diverse sound. We draw from the rock, indie and acoustic genres while putting a unique element in each of our songs to push past the borders of what is already out there today.


Radio One draws from diverse musical influences to define their unique,
hard-hitting, alternative rock sound. The band was formed in Houston, Texas by Noah McKechnie (vocals/rhythm guitar), Brandon Henneke (lead guitar), Darren McDuff (bass guitar), and Matt Smith(drums) with the vision of creating music powerful enough to cut through everyday static. Each song takes on a life of its own, uncompromised and strikingly different from the last. Since the release of a self-titled EP in 2008, Radio One's music has been evolving into something that will certainly make their next EP worth waiting for.



Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

Sitting down in an empty room with the white walls closing in
I’m doing fine just loosing my mind but I can’t see the sin, see the sin
The air, is getting thin, guess I’m doing fine fine but anyway
Where are the means to this end, cuz I can’t see the way, see the way

And I keep sinking into myself
I fill these shoes but I have my doubts
When I stare into the mirror, I just see somebody else
Is this life for real

Like a ghost I’m transparent just wonder out of phase
I reach out, pass right through you and just get pushed away, pushed away
No where, to go, no where, to hide
You can’t run from something inside, but I’m about to break, about to break


I don’t know if I’m crazy
But I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout it
Don’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout it
All, the, pieces
Can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout ‘em
Don’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout ‘em
I don’t know if I’m right or wrong but I
Always find my way
Maybe we’re all a little crazy


Maybe I’m going crazy,
I can’t stop thinking about it,
I’m breaking into pieces,
I know I’m going crazy,
Maybe I’m, I think I’m , I know I’m
What’s wrong with going… crazy
Tell me, is this life for real
Is this life for real

The Last One

Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

This is the last one, and its so hard to put away
Mixed emotions scream in whispers, wonder how its over
Of all the things I never had, of everything left undone
With no regrets I’m pushing forward like the morning sun
And I won’t look back

So heres to the last, of the best thing that we’ve had
Beneath the fall of my resolve I fear theres something burning in me
Breaking through the glass, paid in blood we fought for glory
We conquered all there was, but theres always something more

As everything comes into view I start to realize that we’re growing
Slowly, waiting for our life to follow
But theres this something inside of me, that don’t care for sympathy
I wonder if its telling me, telling me
To just go


And in my dreams I’m, arms wide open
Falling through the atmosphere, falling through the atmosphere
I’m racing down to the ground cuz its all I’ve ever known
And when the world comes into focus,
I can feel my body burning, slowly, turning, floating
With one last breath I burst in flames

On My Way

Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

Verse 1
Slowly circling the drain, I’ve never noticed before
The subtle undertones it braids, while slipping to the unseen
Soaking in till its underneath my skin,
I tried to drown it in thought just drop by drop
And just when light starts to fade I stop… It all, it all, it all

And I have to admit that I’ve been here before
Watching myself escape through the same old ploy
If you found that everything could ever be so cruel
What would you do

I found the flaw, my veins they ache,
Can’t bend like this, so do I break
& I can’t help you babe,
Cuz I’m on my way

Head against the wall, the sound, the rain, the fall, the pain,
and I knowI can’t help you babe, cuz im on my way….
Without you

Verse 2
When standing, pondering, my fate, a little thought occurred
With the water rolling down my face, a cut to be so clean
Shaping, what I never had thought before,
A way to charm it all out just drop by drop
And just when I’ve had enough I shout… (Forgive me)

Diving between conversations, I find what I’ve never seen before
Above the brave nuances, just so far enough to seem so pure
And I swear I never thought it would ever end this way
What should I say


So many reasons, to hide behind
These quiet notions deep within the water wait to drown
Out in slow decay, just below the surface, all the while we’re always reaching,
for a moment, for a breathe to
Cry out…

When finally we met my only wish was to confess
To all the sins I have committed with your name across my breast
I guess I just, wanted you to know of all the times I’ve bled for you
As I stand here between this world and the next just singing
I’m on my way without you...

Morning at Midnight

Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

Waking up I always fall on my own feet and its morning at midnight
Slap on my shoes and step out onto the street just to find I’m all alone
I think out loud of complications in my head cuz I’ve got to get out these fears
I start to hum an ordinary secret song instead of lullabies which tell me its all right
But I, feel the cold air sinking in but its too late
To change, my jaded point of view

And I, And I will never walk alone again
And I, And I, can see the dawn before the end

The road beneath me strikes a beat to what I’m singing and it crawls up inside my head
Ever so slowly the lights flicker on above me one by one as if it were by chance
I smile, laughing to myself as everything comes into view
As I’m, singing on this tune


I’m sick of living on like this, I let out a scream of strong defiance
I won’t be silenced and shut behind the door
Take from me what you will, strip me down till nothings left
Cuz I don’t need it anymore

And with that final breath the below me starts to shake under the weight of a thousand feet pouring in the streets
I always knew if I were true, lost the suit and followed through I would never walk alone again



Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

Verse 1
A face so cold, lonely and faded, absent of innocence, inside your wounds
Eyes of the world, heavy and weighted, forever starring down, at all we know
This sober life, this hollow feeling, the avatars you left still feeding
A solemn scene, a fettered gleam gets slowly darker as the dream turn into us

Verse 2
How she moves, into illusion, mindless of absolutes, to flex her muse
A secret thought, growing hungry, screaming from the space, between her mind
These chains will break when making love with open eyes
But I never knew it felt so good to be abused if only
For a moment…

I, don’t want, these words to be the last thing that we say to one another
Hanging high upon your banner
Crying out, down to the world now filled with doubt forever faded, forced to wonder
If I’m, eroding into evolution

Confess to me just one more time
Confess to me just one more time
Confess to me just one more time
Confess to me just one more time
Come to me baby, come to the alter and just pray, for yourself
I know you want it, leave your sins across the floor, and confess to me


Back to Back

Written By: Noah McKechnie - Radio One

Verse 1
The etiquette escapes us from the cage built to contain this,
Cruel attraction to something more
He turns in bed at night, trying to understand it,
But the depth inside don’t lend its, secrets

Hes just another lonely soul

She wakes up slow, puts her hair up, dries her eyes
Takes in a breath, lets out a sigh, before sinking down
All days mix together so shes searching for the mind
To bring a little light into her life

For all they’ve done they’ve only strung themselves along
And the consequence is making them insane
The mold is cast, but it was never fit to last
So now they’re burning up emotions fading fast

Never knowing…

So here we are, against the wall
But we must trip before we fall
Sitting back to back but never feeling whole
We close our eyes, slam the door
Blind to what we’re fighting for
But we’ve been back to back never and knew at all
Never knew at all

Verse 2
A twist of fate, it all unfolds
One final crack to break the mold
A chance for more than just to hold on to survive

They never really said it, but it was always intended
And just for once it, came alive

And through the streets hearts bound in silence begin to beat
As it piece by piece all falls into place
The cost of change to let the world burn up in flames
Leaves them wandering, lost between the days


EP - Radio One 2008

Set List

Real, Back to Back, Enemy Within, The Last One, Morning at Midnight, On My Way, Cure Me, Catastrophe, Evolution 4-5 min each. No covers