Radio Racer

Radio Racer


Radio Racer takes pop to the next level with an in-your-face live show. Their undeniably fresh music speaks a message, captivating the hearts of fans across the world. It's no doubt, there's a bright future on the horizon for Radio Racer as they continue to gain momentum. They will rock you.


Emerging from sunny San Diego, California, Radio Racer takes pop-rock to the next level. With a front man as passionate as 19-year-old Nick Dillinger leading an in-your-face live show, there's no stopping these spunky teens. Their undeniably fresh music and lyrics speak a message, captivating the hearts of fans across the world.
Their combination of thundering synthesizers and crunchy guitar tones come together with punchy drum beats to create a unique sound that overwhelms you with an irresistible urge to dance.
Radio Racer has released their full length CD "Away from California" in November 2005, a four song EP "Scream Shout Let It All Out!" in May 2007, and yet another 6 song EP “Crash the City” in January 2008.


2005 Full length CD "Away From California"
2007 Four song EP "Scream Shout let It all Out"
2008 Six song Ep "Crash the City"

Set List

All original set list. 25-30 minutes. Playing songs from the 2007 EP, "Scream! Shout! Let It All Out." and the 2008 Ep, "Crash the City"