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Radio Radio

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN
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Radio Radio offers a unique sound, a fieverish halfway between electro and hip-hop. Enlighted by their chiac accents - a hybrid form of language owned by the Acadians from East of the country - their mixture of sounds has become contagious with thick, old-school grooves with incessant flows.


Following the great Belmundo Regal adventure, which allowed Radio Radio to travel from Europe to Mexico and the United States, the trio found inspiration in Lousiana, in a chalet named Floating Light, as well as under a starlit sky, near a lake in Nova Scotia. From the reflection of the stars on the water, evoking a spaceport, emerges the groups third opus, Havre de Grce.

Havre de Grce is without a doubt Radio Radios most eclectic album yet. With the help of musicians encountered over the course of the past five years, the band came up with a refreshing fusion of rap, acid house, blues and country. In Louisiana, a magical place where the locals and Radio Radios universes coexisted symbiotically, accordionist Horace Trahan brought a festive touch, typically cajun, to the song Yen a qui connais. On the other hand, Acadian poet Georgette LeBlanc, winner of a Flix-Leclerc award, lends her voice to Galopes very catchy chorus. Elsewhere, we can hear the work of Karkwa percusionnists Julien Sagot and Stphane Bergeron, Mamoru Kobayakawa (guitar, bass, piano, vocals) and Eloi Bertholet (drums, sax, vocals) as well as the voices of Poncho French and Pierre Kwenders.

As Radio Radio explains, this album is synonym of a grand return home, of comfort:

Through the sea's turbulent winds, we see a warm light on the horizon, a deep and peaceful space calling us. The Havre de Grce hauls us with its magnetic force, its natural caress.

It is time to catch our breath, to feel each pore open and close, each vein flowing into infinity. At the end of lost paths, broken-down pendulums, endless days and nights, the cards are laid out on the table. It is time to sit down around a fire in the chiefs' smoke. The body, like a battlefield, regains its strength in the eyes of the sacred light. Salt on skin, revival calling us and mirage now reality, it is time to reconnect at the Havre de Grce.

Havre de Grce marks the beginning of a new exhilarating odyssey. The ultimate destination remains unknown, but one thing is sure: get ready to celebrate once more with Radio Radio in 2012!


Since their first releases Tl Tl EP (2007) and Clich Hot (2008), Arthur Comeau, Gabriel Louis Bernard Malenfant and Jacques Alphonse Doucet haven't ceased to impress journalists and public alike with their hip-hop/electro-flavored catchy hooks. After being short-listed for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize for their second album, Belmundo Regal, the Acadian trio has won many awards, such as an Independent Music Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album (2011), a Miroir for Best Hip-Hop/Urban Performance at the Festival dt de Qubec, a Flix for Producer of the Year with Sbastien Blais-Montpetit and a Rvlation Musique 2010-2011 Radio-Canada title. Over the past few years, Radio Radio has become a must-see act, having cumulated performances at, amongst others, the FrancoFolies de Montral, the Festival dt de Qubec, the Festival International de Louisiane, SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon as well as numerous festivals in France and Belgium.


Guess What?

Written By: © 2010 – Radio Radio – Belmundo Regal

Guess What?
© 2010 – Radio Radio – Belmundo Regal

She makes more money than me
She drives a finer car than me
Just wanna cry

Mon nom c'est moi
J'aime driver des cars
So, quoi c'tu crois?
J'su un gars
Mais quand j'botte des chats
Ej pleure pour leur âme
Parce j'su gay comme ça
J'ai une sensibilité
Ouellement élevée
Ej care about du stuff
So I guess j'su gay
J'ai une collection de bas
Pis j'aime des parcs à fleurs
Comment j'm'ai rendu là?
J'ai suivi mon coeur
So guess what?

So du jazz à tous les jours
Quand j'su après d’cooker
J’aime des chandelles
Pis des lights à dimmer
J'su into des lavages
Pis shiner mes souliers
J’pense que j'su d’même
Parce qu’ma mère m'a élevé

So, tu dis qu’ej j'su sassy
Ej me trouve plutôt classy
Come to Wong Foo
Merci beaucoup Julie Newmar
Si c’est ça qu’il me faut
J'su un ignorant prick
C’est mon meilleur défaut

C’est pas ton attitude
C’est mes habitudes
C’est ma collection de souliers
C’est mes habitudes
Metro retro sexuelle
Hair dresser
J’ai un peigne dans mon dresser
J'sais pas quoi j'vas faire avec
So, conjointement obligué
À casser avec ma blonde
I guess j'peux dire j'su gay
Guess what on est

Quand j'watch un movie
Y'a n’bonne chance
J’vas brailler
Mes boys baillent des kleenexs
Pour me consoler
T'as vu la way qu'ej danse
La way qu’mes hanches sway
J’ai checké l’dictionnaire
Ça veut dire que j'su gay

Y'a pu de pression
Demande-moi pu des questions
Ma première impression de ceci
Guess what on est

So guess what?
Grousse surprise
Même avec les gars
Ej fais la bise
So guess what?
Ej m'en fuck
J'ai une grousse sailboat
Pis un monster truck

So, check cecitte c’est ma pick-up line
À aller su’ne date tu peux dire qu’ej'su blind
J’ai trouvé quelque chose sur la party line
So, trans America
J’espère que t’es post op
Ej joue à Freaky Deaky
J’ai des jouets dans la shop so
Des jouets dans la shop so

Tout le monde ensemble célébrez

Guess what? Quoi c’qu’on est
Guess what? I guess qu’on est gay


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