Radio Rebels

Radio Rebels


And now for something completely different.

Beautiful female velvet husky voice melted in Rolling Stones vs. Cranberries' rock sugar.

This is how late night vision absinth sounds.
Pure high impact music, no bullshit guitar solos.



Radio Rebels, a late night absinth vision, is a band founded in Prague in the summer of 2008, by the writer / punk rock singer Tigeree and electornic/rock music producer Sandozz. Their punk rock past melted into absinth sound vision of Rolling Stones vs. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; the unique husky voice of Tigeree adds almost surreal diension to the music based on detetive stories by Ed McBain and Baudelaire's flowers.

It was not only music love at first sight when they met in May 2006 in Prague and in pursue of their music career they moved together to London, played numerous gigs around bars and the old continent and in collaboration with Ivan Kral (Patti Smith, Iggy Pop) worked on their debut album, All About You. Kral contributed guitars to the song Try To Sleep, but the song did not make it to the debut album and is set to be released in the second album Radio Rebels are now working on. Debut All About You was recorded and mastered by fantastic sound engineer Milan Cimfe (David Bowie, Living Colors) on original 1960‘s mixpult from Abbey Road studios.


All About You (to be released October 2012 by Revolter Records)