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Band Latin Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Radio Revolucion,what a name eh?"

Latin wrap-up "We dedicated the morning to publish the many pictures that my friend the photographer had taken, of course together with the text drafted by Eleuterio and others. It is my task to translate it! Well, for now you can enjoy the pictures here. I took some pictures myself, but they look so crap compared to Guy's, it would be shameful to publish them together. From there, I went to rampart. Some one was giving a workshop on how to write articles and ended up teaching us how to manipulate pictures. That is what I call professionalism... After that, there were films and documentaries downstairs. I really wanted to see the documentary about this hip-hop group from Colombia, Zona Marginal, because I had seen them singing once and they really are worth it. But the documentary itself was not that great. In any case, the night ended with live music, and it was the best live music I can remember. We were all asking for more, until we realised that they really did not have any more pieces to play. Apparently it was the first time they played together. Radio RevoluciĆ³n. What a name, eh? One guy didn't fit in the stage so he just sang down, next to us. The girl playing the bass was simply beautiful, and for some reason she had her blonde hair covered. It is possibly the first band I see that does not use the only female component as a sexual attraction, or even as the voice! The singer had so little ego he spent most of the gig with his face covered with his hair. And then there were the guys playing maracas, drums, trumpets, the flout... the lot." From an article writen in Indymedia last year - Indymedia,UK


A demo edited 2005 called Radio Revolucion


Feeling a bit camera shy


Radio Revolucion is a born project in the skuats (okupas) of London by the 2003. With the intention to survive in this hard city we get to work in a manufactures busy preparing the first fear of cut but well reggae-punk for asi to give the first concert in happiness manufactures al which friends of the band approached and skuatters from the zone.the center It was tambien witness of one of the first tokatas and in which we put to the people to dance as lokos.that same summer we touch in the Carnival of the Town in the latin american but important event in the city. Moving us under the presion ke supposes to survive in a way alternative in the city, but either for the north we reach to establish us in Camden Town and he is alla in the little house of the channel where I exploit the creativity of the band; we record our first one demo, we gave concerts but regularly and himself establecio a collective one with the I encourage of creating culture autogestionada in the December from the 2005 the collective one channel cultivate colective) he was invited to participate in the Congress of the NGO echo' n' action in the city of Berlin where tambien we had the pleasure to give an impressive one tokata in front of activists arrived from everyone the band to had always a caracter supportive and of social conscience, passed through aki musicos of so different places as England ,Italia,Colombia,Bolivia,Mexico,El Congo, Catalunia and Basque Country.
Radio Revolucion es un proyecto nacido en los skuats(okupas) de Londres alla por el 2003.Con la intencion de salir adelante en una ciudad tan dificil nos pusimos manos a la obra en una fabrica ocupada preparando los primeros temas de corte mas bien reggae-punk para asi dar el primer concierto en dicha fabrica al cual se acercaron amigos de la banda y skuatters de la zona.El centro social de Rampart Street fue tambien testigo de una de las primeras tokatas y en la cual pusimos a la gente a bailar como lokos.Ese mismo verano tocamos en el Carnaval del Pueblo en el evento latino mas importante en la ciudad. Moviendonos bajo la presion ke supone sobrevivir de una manera alternativa en la ciudad, mas bien por el norte alcanzamos a establecernos en Camden Town y es alla en la casita del canal donde exploto la creatividad de la banda ; grabamos nuestra primera demo , dimos conciertos mas regularmente y se establecio un colectivo con el animo de crear cultura autogestionada en el barrio.En diciembre del 2005 el colectivo (the canal culture colective) fue invitado a participar en el congreso de la ONG eco'n'action en la ciudad de Berlin donde tambien tuvimos el placer de dar una impresionante tokata delante de activistas llegados de todo el mundo.La banda a tenido siempre un caracter solidario y de conciencia social, habiendo pasado por aki musicos de tan diferentes lugares como Inglaterra ,Italia,Colombia,Bolivia,Mexico,El Congo,Catalunia y Pais Vasco