Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

We are a group of friends who love playing and writing music together. There isn't a weak song when it comes to us, we take pride in great music! We combine cool guitar riffs, crazy drum fills and slick bass lines to give you Radiosilence, a Unique and up-and-coming Rock band from Hamilton, ON.


Radiosilence is a Hamilton born band that came together in the summer of 2009 to create "Nerd Rock" - as said by Much Music Judge Chase Parsons. Radiosilence is made up of 4 glorious people: Scott Marsh (Lead Vocals/Guitar) Shawna Picard (Lead Guitar/Back Vocals) Jake Waddleton (Bass/ Back Vocals) and Adam Cannon (INTERIM Drummer).

Radiosilence has their own unique rock sound while combining techniques taken from various other genres. Radiosilence competed in the 2010 Fanshawe College Battle of the Bands and placed 1st. The competition was collaborated with Much Music, where the Final round was Judged by the Much Music Disband Judges.

Recently they welcomed Adam Cannon to the family, where he is temporarily playing for the band with his wonderful drum skills and crazy antics, until a new drummer is found! They are currently recording their first full album, while rockin in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.


"Out of the Framework" (Fall 2011)
1. Before the World Ends
2. Homewrecker
3. You Can't be in Love
4. Waited
5. Pull These Hooks
6. Late Night Out
7. Night in Day
8. Losing's Half the Fun
(Track listings not final order)

Set List

Originals - You Can't Be in love, Night in Day, Clint Westwood, Late night out, Before the World Ends, Waited, Homewrecker, Pull these Hooks, Losings Half the Fun, Enterlude, Mean's to our Ends.

Cover songs - Long road to ruin, Wheels, Big Me, Rope, My Hero (Foo Fighters). All these things that I've done (Killers). The door, Blind (Silverchair). Trouble Maker (Weezer). Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon). Uno (Muse). In Bloom (Nirvana). Jungle Boogie (Kool & the Gang)