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The RadioSirens have a smooth, distinctive sound, look and message that is catching on! Based in Ottawa, Canada, the "pop cerebral" sound ranges from blues/R&B thru M.O.R. thru bubblegum pop.


"The RadioSirens" features three strong female vocalists singing originals composed and produced out of Dr L's Music studio of Ottawa, Canada. 

Enjoy the sweet yet strong pop stylings (think Mariah Carey), supported by strong, full piano-based arrangements (think Elton John). Every song has a story and a message, integrated through the lyrics and music (think Vanessa Carlton).  Also, think Anita Baker, the Supremes and even William Shakespeare.

Each singer is lead-vocal-capable. Selected credits: Brianna Szarka was a Canadian Idol finalist, and won the Trillium Kiwanis Club award for pop vocals, as adjudicated by Trish Colter, vocal department head, Humber University, 2004. All three vocalists have won at the Kiwanis Music Festival.

The creative team is a family collaboration.  The composer/pianist (Larry "Dr L" Tarof) is a fixture on the Ottawa music scene (selected credits: appeared on CJOH & CHRO television, audition accompanist for Mirvish Productions casting of Mamma Mia, "Cupid 911").  Jenny Tarof has won academic awards and scholarships.

Larry and Brianna were previous collaborators on "Cupid 911", released 2004, which has been warmly received in Ottawa.

The songs speak.  The singers captivate.  The backup isn't mere backup.  Close your eyes and you can see.  Have a listen!  We hope you feel it's worth the time!


"fearless" -- released Apr, 2005

"Cupid 911" -- a "pop epic". Produced at National Arts Centre 4th Stage, 2004. (Larry composed/performed/produced, Brianna sang)

Streaming airplay:
Dr L's Music Live 365 station
Rocking Chicks Radio Live 365 station (Editor's pick)

Set List

Originals, mostly off the "Fearless" and "Cupid 911" CDs.

RadioSirens teams with Becky Abbott & Larry Tarof, with their own original material. Becky was a Canadian Idol Top 32 finalist in 2004. With this teaming, more than 2 hours of performance featuring original material and a few jazz covers.